Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years

by PinkieLunaShy

Chapter 3

After Celestia put Angelina in the room she had set up for the children, she took them on a tour of the castle. About five minutes into the tour, Genivieve tugged on the Sun Princess dress, causing her to stop walking and bend down to Genvieve's height.

"Um, I'm hungry." said Genivieve, pushing her bangs out of her eyes, her big purple eyes shining in the brightly lit hallway.

"Me too!!" agreed Jamie, looking like he was trying to plan a suprise jump attack on the princess

"YEAH YEAH!! I WANT FOOD!!" yelled Dominic, jumping up and down as he pushed on Ryan's back

"Stop shoving me! Gosh!" sighed Ryan

Celestia looked at the children there, they were close to the castle kitchens. But she was so close to the room she wanted to show them, taking one last longing look down the hall she sighed, "Ok. The kitchen is around the corner." Standing up she led the children to the kitchen were all the chefs and there assistants were running around.

"GUYS! WE ONLY HAVE TEN MINUTES BEFORE TH- Princess!" said Daniel Blade, dropping his knife before bowing deeply at the waist, as the other chefs and assistants mimicked his gesture.

Seth Cresent slid across the floor on his back stopping right before the feet of Celestia. Looking up he grinned at the Sun Monarch, before launching himself to his feet and running back into a far corner of the kitchen. Not even a moment later, Kailie Heart, a Earth Royal guard slid across the floor into a set of ovens. Sitting up, she glared into the corner that Seth had just run into. Realizing the Princess was standing there, she hopped to her feet and straightened her armor. Giving a salute she headed back towards the corner of the kitchen.


"Um! NO!" replied Seth

"That's why I don't love you!" said Leslee Shaker, his face hidden behind a rack of pots.

Kailie whimpered, her hazel eyes shimmering with hurt, "Aw, Leslee! THAT'S WHY I DON'T LOVE YOU EITHER!"


As Kailie stepped into the corner the sounds of a scuffle began. Leslee yelled something about pot and chicken, while Seth said something about talking rabbits and cows, and Kailie yelled how they shouldn't be yelling. Daniel walked up to the Princess.

"I'm sorry Princess. Sometimes it's like we're still in high school." Daniel shook his head, chuckling softly to himself, "Now what can I do for you?"

"I need something that will appeal to five, well at the moment four, young children." replied Celestia, as Genvieve, Ryan, Dominic and Jamie stuck there heads out from there hiding place behind the monarch's dress, causing Daniel's eyebrow's too shoot up, nearly touching his hairline.

"Well... That's gonna be a challenge. But I'm sure we can figure out something. Seth, Les, Kailie, Avery, T.J., and Ricky!"

"WHAT?!?" replied Seth and Kailie

"CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!" yelled Leslee, as he grabbed a big pot of the rack above him

"See thats how you open that door!" said Avery Charger, leaning against the stove as T.J. tapped away on his phone

"Huh... Never knew that." replied T.J. Boulder, turning his phone off and putting it in his jacket

"Whatever." said Ricky Coronet, setting his filleting knife on the counter.

Daniel ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair before sticking his fingers in his mouth and letting out a piercing whistle, causing everyone to jump, "HEY! SHUT UP AND LISTEN!! Now! I need four lunch ideas! For four kids and I really don't think that they're all gonna want sandwiches, Seth." Seth lowered his hand that he had raised with an idea

"Soup.... Chicken noodle soup." said Leslee, as he grabbed some pasta out of a cabinet

"Why are you asking me? I'm not even supposed to be in here. I gotta go find GraceLynn anyway." said Kailie, holding her hands up when Daniel looked at her, "Bye!", she ran out the back door of the kitchen, her armor clanking loudly with each step.

"When I was there age all I wanted to eat was pizza and ice cream. But I just carry the food out... I don't make it." said Avery, shrugging before he pulled on edge of his white dress shirt

"Same here," said T.J. running his hand through his messy light brown hair, while using his other hand to slip his phone into his pocket

Just then the back door burst open, and a young man with black hair came rolling in on a service table. Jumping off to stop the cart, he slipped and fell on his back, causing the cart to run into the wall. He sat up pulling on his black shirt and red tie, before standing up and tugging on his black pants and red shoes.

"Nathaniel. How many times have I told you not to ride on those?" asked Daniel, as he folded his arms across his chest.

"I dunno. Alot.. But its so much fun! C'mon Dan lighten up!" said Nathaniel Bow-tie, running his hand through his short black hair.

"SON OF A- GAHHHH!!" yelled Avery, holding his hand as blood started to pool on the floor.

"Dude! That is one sick cut!" Nathaniel got close to Avery to look at the slice that ran along the palm of Avery's hand

"Shut the heck up before I kill you!" Avery grabbed Nathaniel's collar, causing blood to soak through it. Snapping his fingers Nathaniel teleported out of Avery's reach, smirking before walking out of the kitchen to get another shirt. Daniel walked over to Avery and inspected the wound before sending Avery to the infirmary. Thrusting a mop in to T.J.'s hands he turned back to the Princess, weariness showing on his features.

"I'm sorry Princess. We'll get right on the food. Maybe it would be best if you wait in the dining room."

"Of course Daniel." said Celestia, smiling warmly to the weary chef, as she ushered the children out of the kitchen. As soon as they had left the kitchen Daniel turned towards the kitchen staff, who were all staring at him with blank expressions.

"Well? What are you waiting for! Get cooking!!"