by FlutterSparkle96

Chapter 1: Your Most Faithful Student

The elder sister took on responsibility of both sun and moon and harmony has been maintained for generations since. Night Spell closed her huge book, The Unabridged History of Equestria.
"I think that's enough history for one afternoon." She said to herself as she stood up and stretched from under the tree she was reading by. With one quick swish of her horn, she shut the book and placed it in her side bag. The young, iris coated, cobalt maned filly took a deep breath of fresh summer air. The smell of fresh lavender and lily tickled her nose as she walked through the Canterlot gardens. She loved it here at the castle. She loved being in Princess Twilight's School for Gifted Unicorns. She was astonished when the princess herself asked her to be her personal protégé at the school. She loved the princess. Ever since her mom died Princess Twilight had been a second mother to her.
"Good afternoon Night Spell!" one of the castle gardeners greeted.
"Good afternoon Tiger Lily." she replied. Night Spell had been here long enough that she knew all the castle staff by name. She felt at home. She knew everypony and everypony knew her. As she walked into the grand hall, she stopped to gaze at the huge stained glass windows lining the walls. Each of the huge windows showed a picture of equestrian history from the regal sisters defeating Discord to when the Great Equine War ended. Night Spell could sit there for hours and imagine how it would be at that time.
"Day dreaming at the windows again are we?" a soothing voice asked. Embarrassed, Night Spell sheepishly turned around to face the smiling Princess Twilight. "You certainly love your history don't you?"
"Yes Princess." Night Spell nodded. "I really do." Princess Twilight smiled. She turned and began to walk towards the end of the hall. Like a small child, Night Spell scurried to catch up with her. Twilight silently chuckled to herself. Night Spell reminded her so much of herself at her age studying under Princess Celestia. Except for her sister, Princess Luna, Twilight was the closest to Celestia. Even after Twilight's coronation she was still very close to her. It was Celestia's influence that convinced Twilight to open her school for gifted unicorns. "What was it like back then?" Night Spell asked.
"Many things have happened during my time." Twilight explained. "And many lasting friendships I have made." Twilight paused to look at the window of when she and the rest of the mane six defeated Nightmare Moon. Twilight's eyes began to fill with tears. The concerned and confused Night Spell wondered why she was crying at something so wonderful. Twilight placed her hoof against the window as if she were trapped behind the glass. "I miss them..." It had been over a century since Applejack passed away; the last of her friends to do so. Twilight, being an alicorn, would never naturally die.
"Princess?" Night Spell asked, "Are you okay?" Twilight had completely forgotten that she was there with her. Wiping away her tears she nodded.
"I'm fine little one." She answered, "Just a little lonely." All of Twilight's closest friends, except for Spike who had become one of the greatest elders in Equestria, had died some time ago. Even Celestia, Luna and Cadence had tragically passed on during the Great Equine War. She wished more than anything to see them again.
"But I'm here aren't I?" Night Spell exclaimed. Twilight smiled.
"Yes you are and I'm very happy you are." Twilight bent down and hugged her student. "We better get moving along." She said "We've got some spells to work on." Night Spell nodded and the two, teacher and student, walk out of the room together.


As much as Night Spell loved studying under Princess Twilight, the droning lectures that Twilight gave about every spell bored her out of her mind. Every hour-long lesson it was the same thing. Ten minutes of actually practicing the spell and fifty minutes of listening to Twilight babble on about how her favorite unicorn, Star Swirl the Bearded, discovered the spell. As much as Night Spell loved history, Twilight's lectures could bored any student to sleep.
"Alright, are you ready to try the rejuvenation spell?" Twilight asked rather loudly completely knowing that she had made her pupil dose off. Night Spell shot up in her seat frightened and a little confused. She got up and walked over to a dead, potted plant next to Twilight. "Since this is your first time doing this spell, I want you to cast it out loud." Twilight explained. Night Spell nodded. She steadied her stance and focused on the dead plant. She concentrated her energy and her horn began to glow a deep violet. The dead plant began to shimmer as a magical link between Night Spell and the plant was formed. With a little resistance, she flicked her horn at the plant.
"Recreantur" she commanded. The dead plant suddenly began to bend and twist as if time itself was being reversed. The petals regrew and the green pigment returned to the blossom. Night Spell relaxed and in front of her was a vibrant, blooming chrysanthemum.
"Well done! You did it!" Twilight praised. Night Spell beamed. She enjoyed receiving compliments from her teacher. "Now practice makes perfect. Do it again." Twilight flicked her horn at the flower and muttered, "Mortuus" The plant instantly shriveled and died again. Night Spell once again readied herself in front of the plant.
"Recrenter" she blurted out. A bolt of magic shot from Night Spell's horn knocking her over. It ricocheted around the room and bounced off the wall until finally, it smack Twilight square in the face bursting in a shower of sparks and smoke. "Princess!" she screamed in concern. "Princess are you alright?" The smoke cleared and a shocked and hair singed Twilight stood in front of her. Looking at the damage, Twilight weakly grinned. "Princess, I'm so sorry,"
"Well," Twilight whimpered, "It could have been worse." Suddenly, in a minute of inspiration, Twilight had an idea. "Hey! This is the perfect chance to fix the problem!" She exclaimed, "Do the spell again and it should fix it." Scared and shaking from adrenaline, Night Spell got up an stood in front of Princess Twilight. "Now remember to pronounce the entire spell this time." Night Spell, still shaking, readied herself one last time.
With the flick of her horn, "Recreantur" she commanded. Twilight winced as the spell began to take effect. Her soot and flash burns disappeared and her mane regrew to its former glory. As if time had once again been reversed, Twilight blemishes disappeared. Night Spell relaxed, now physically drained from spell casting.
Magic is not easy for any unicorn. It is extremely demanding of body and mind. Do one spell that is to straining or too many times and even the strongest can die. Only through practice and training can a unicorn reach there full potential.
"Good work." Twilight complimented admiring her, now shimmering, hair. Night Spell weakly smiled. "The spell of rejuvenation. Repairs damaged or destroyed objects, and is a great body cleanser." She joked. Night Spell couldn't help but burst out laughing. The two fell on the ground laughing. In the commotion two of the castle's royal guards walked in completely confused.
"Your Highness, is everything alright?" The confused captain asked. Embarrassed, Twilight quickly stood back up.
"Yes everything is fine," She replied, "What is the problem?" The captain snapped out of his confusion.
"Dinner has been prepared." He informed.
"Oh gosh is it that late already?" She exclaimed. Night Spell got up from the floor and followed the guards and the princess out the door.
After dinner, Night Spell was free for the rest of the evening which meant one of two things: that she was heading to the library, or she was going to the rooftop observatory to read. On that night she had some reading to do. "Now where was I?" she asked as she open up her huge history book under the star covered night sky. She found where she left off and continued to read.