AAG - That's Some Service!

by NachoTheBrony

Excerpts from "The Gentlestallion Digest", March 2035 Edition

Letters to TGD:

MareLover4729 wrote:
Fifteen years following this magazine, and first time I have something worth telling you about!
Working on the construction of the spa for the Ritz Charlton Hotel in Canterlot, I found the ULTIMATE service rooms ever: all the white-on-white minimalistic design and smell of just-cleaned makes You feel dirty, rather than that subtle feeling of dirty that service rooms usually have. The coffin too is just like a white igloo rather than some usual wooden box, and has a soft, cushiony skin over a perfectly smooth frame that feels some sort of good weird. Then, when you mount the coffin, the skin of the coffin under your stomach begins undulating, and something rises from the floor and begins kneading your testes... Frankly, I never knew, or cared, if there actually was a mare inside the coffin.
A day-pass to this spa will be worth more than I make per week, but I think it would be worth it.

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