A Surprisingly Wonderful Storm

by Crystal Bombshell

A Surprisingly Wonderful Storm

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Rainbow Dash thought as she flew through the storm that was raging around her. Why couldn't I have told Twi before this storm had to be set up? Is it because I’m chicken? She kept wondering to herself, so lost in thought that she didn't take any notice of the changing ozone levels she had been trained to look for when dealing with storm clouds. With a loud CRASH! she was thrown violently to the ground as the lightning bolt struck her. Her last thought before she was knocked unconscious by the impact was How could I be so stupid?


Twilight Sparkle was reading a book when a loud THUD! was heard upstairs by her bedroom. As she went to investigate, she wondered what could have made a noise like that in this kind of storm. When she reached her door, she could hear the wind howling loudly, indicating to her analytical mind that a window was broken. As she cracked the door with a firm grip in her magic, so as not to let it get ripped from her grip by the wind, she saw what had caused the noise. Laying in a sopping heap on her floor, next to a rather large pile of books, was none other than Rainbow Dash. Her heart nearly stopped when she saw the cyan pegasus’s condition. There was blood running in rivulets down the side of her face, there was a large gash down her side, and at least half of the feathers on her wings were missing. Door forgotten, Twilight rushed to the pegasus’s side to see if she was hurt any worse than what she had already seen. To her dismay, she could hear Dash’s labored breathing, coupled with a dreadful wheezing noise, indicating a broken rib or two. Twilight quickly but carefully swept Dash up in her magic, trying to get the cyan mare downstairs without hitting any walls and get her some medical attention. Good thing I have so many medical references in the library. This will help me alot. Twilight got to thinking as she gently set the pegasus down on a pile of her best pillows by the fireplace, which she lit with a small spark from her horn. As she gathered the required materials, she came across a spell in one of the medical books she was using that had a way to heal a broken bone at an increased speed, based on how much power was put into the spell when it was being cast. She prepared the spell, and cast it as an purple glow filled the room, making the light from the fireplace look like a lonely lantern that was almost burned out. When she was done, there was sweat running down her face, more so than after she tried keeping up the year following her first Running of the Leaves. When the glow had finally faded, Dash sat up stock straight in a heart beat, and stared straight at Twilight with a flat expression.

“Dash?” she asked, concerned.

“Twi?” Dash asked, seemingly uncomprehendingly.

“Oh my gosh! Are you OK? What were you doing out in that miserable storm?” Twilight rattled off in a matter of seconds.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was actually on my way here. I really needed to talk to you about something important.”

Is this finally it? Twilight thought as she replied “Oh? About what? Anything that I can help with?”

“I just wanted to, well, er…” Dash started, then with a sigh of resignation, she finally said “Twi, You’re always going to be my friend, right?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?” Asked Twilight, with a hint of curiosity creeping into her voice as she finished cleaning and patching up the athletic pegasus.

“Twi, I can’t put into words what I want to say, so…, um…” Dash said, trailing off again.

Oh, buck it thought Twilight as she pressed her lips against Dash’s. Dash’s magenta eyes shot wide open, then closed as she melted into the kiss. This was more than either of them had ever dreamed, just them, together. When Twilight finally pulled away, Dash just stared. It was at that moment that Twilight unconsciously decided to burst into tears.

“Twilight!” screamed Dash as she tried to figure out what had caused her lavender friend to start bawling.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry! I shouldn’t have done that! Now you’re all going to hate me, and I’m going to have to move back to Canterlot, and I’m never going to see any of you girls again!” Twilight said as she sobbed into her hooves.

“Twi, you know that I could never hate you. You’re my best friend.” Dash said as she tried to console her.

“But Dash, how can you say that after what I just did?” Twilight screamed as she cried.

'Cause it’s exactly what I wanted to do Dash thought with a bemused expression. Then inspiration struck as to how she could console Twilight. With a gentle pressure on her chin, Dash got Twilight to look at her, into her eyes. When magenta met violet, Dash leaned forward, slowly pressing their muzzles together in a gentle yet passionate kiss. When Twilight realized what was happening, her heart melted to her hooves. She became putty in a cyan pegasus’ hooves.

When they pulled away, Dash said “Because I feel the same way. So, Twi, would you like to be my special somepony?”

Twilight nearly fainted before replying “Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!” over and over, like when she had gotten her cutie mark. When she finally calmed down, Dash pulled her in for another kiss. Twilight maneuvered them over to the cushions in front of the now dwindling fire, and as they lay down and curled up in each other’s hooves, Dash said “I love you, Miss Twilight Sparkle.”

“I love you too, Miss Rainbow Dash.”