by Ryan Shine

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Everything is blurry. I try to open my eyes, but when I do... I can't see anything. All I feel is pain... Struggling to sit up, a wave of pain flows through my back. I fall back on something hard, metal... I strain to hear the faintest of sound, but all I hear is ringing and muffled voices.
The pain eventually dies down and I feel the rumbling of a engine on the hard, metallic surface beneath me... I relax, letting a peaceful feeling overtake my body and allow me to rest...


The slow beeping of a nearby heart monitor nearby is the only sound reverberating through the silent hospital room. I slowly wake up. I try to open my eyes, but I see nothing. I try to speak out and try to communicate to anybody near by, but all that comes out is a low groan. I hear a stir of movement to my right.
"R-Ryan...? Ryan!" I cringe a bit, cause of the headache, but mostly because of the mare with that voice...
"Princess Luna... Why..." In a hushed tone, "Don't call me that Ryan... You know that. You don't need to be so formal..." I rest my head against a Pillow. At least I think it was a pillow... "Where am I? Where's the rest of the squad?" "Your friends? Oh, they came by earlier... You're in the royal Canterlot hospital..." "But... I was just in..." She cut me off, "Ryan, that was 4 months ago..."
I sat up immediately, ignoring the pain flowing through my back. "4 months?! You mean I've been lying here for 4 months?!" "Ryan calm down!" I feel her hoof gently placed on my right shoulder. "Just... Calm down... You're in no condition to exert and stress yourself out..." Her voice calms be down and lay back. "So... What's up with my eyes...? Has anypony told you anything...?" She lets out a sigh. Oh boy... This'll be good. "Ryan... He... He said that your eyes were damaged. I don't remember what exactly he said, but you had a surgery to repair the damage from... Whatever happened to you..." My ears begin to twitch. Her voice is wavering, "I thought you were dead.... When they brought you home, they refused to let me see you and...." She begins to cry. I can feel her rest her head against my chest, her tears rolling down onto my fur. "I was so scared I would lose the only friend that loves me for who I am!" Okay, I've seen her cry and seen her hurt, but hearing her cry over me... It was too much. I've never broken down and cried, but my "eyes" were tearing up. I let a few tears roll down my partially bandaged face, "Don't worry Luna... I'm alive and here..."