by twilight517828

the note

in the hole Mabel woke her head was sore and her back was bleeding a little as she sat up she noticed the note.
as she read she started to cry a little on the note read.
dear mabel
I have given my self up to save you
find the portal and go home with or
without me don't turn back just run.
from Dipper
at that she tried to get up only for pain to shoot through her as she got to her feet. She looked under her sweeter when a question rose ‘when did I put this on?’ but as she lifted it she saw a pussy red and yellow sore that was when she remembered she had to heal it.
“I’ll came back for you” she said as she ran to the field.
After she got there she didn't care if she got caught she ran from the bush screaming and grabbed as many berries as she could before running away leaving behind her a group of confused ponies. Soon she was in the cave she and Dipper had found once there she started to separate the berries in half she then went out to grab some wet moss and carefully started to scrub the puss off it hurt a lot but she continued till it was all gone. After she spread the crushed berries on making sure not to leave any of the wound showing that was when she heard a noise which left her hiding at the back of the cave when it suddenly started to pour down little to her knowledge right outside was a group of guards and a very mad blue alicorn.
*at the bottomless pit*
Wendy had fallen only for it to spit her out at that she froze she was home that meant that ‘if Dipper and Mabel had fallen they should be here which meant...’ she thought as she started to cry she had failed.
When she entered the shack Stan was on the phone.
“well you see..” Stan was saying “no..no..they sort of...ran away” at that the phone buzzed from the angry yells on the other end well Stan stood there staring at Wendy.
“here you take it” he said as he through it at Wendy and ran.
“hello” Wendy started.
“hey this is Dipper and Mabel’s mom.” she said calming down.
“hey this is Wendy I work for the Shack” she said already seeing where this was going.
“do you know where Stan Pines is?” she asked.
“he just left” Wendy said looking out the window.
“well is it true Dipper and Mabel have run away?” she asked in a cold voice.
“yes it is” Wend replied trying to stay strong.
“we are coming over right away” at that Wendy put the phone down sighing.
“game over” she whispered as she sat down to continue her work.
*at the castle”
Dipper was sitting in a high security cell with a collar on.
“hey I went from a cell to this in a few seconds wow you must really suck at your job” Dipper said mocking them.
“grr I outta” the unicorn guard said when a group of fillies came in he left only stopping for a second to brohoof the guard tore giver as he walked past.
“and here is the most rare creature ever caught there was two of them there gender unknown”the guard said at that all the fillies ran up to the bars to get a good look.
“I am a boy”Dipper yelled which made all the fillies to run behind the guard.
soon they were off.
“psst hey Apple Bloom Sweetie why don’t we go say hi?” Scootaloo said as they stopped.
“ooh ya that sounds fun” sweetie said.
“ah guess it wouldn't hurt” Apple Bloom said as they ran into the air vent.
soon they had broken in with the dangerous monster.
“um hi?” Sweetie said as they got close.
“hi” Dipper said as they jumped back.
“will ya hurt us if we let you out of that thing?”
“or run away”Scootaloo added as Dipper looked up.
“no” he said at that soon he was out of the uncomfortable collar.
“ohh your mane is so..so...fluffy” Sweetie said.
“um may I get your names please?” Dipper asked.
“Nope” they yelled before running away.
Dipper scratched his head before shrugging it away and going into the air vent at that he heard a blood cold cry for help. Dipper turned away before flinching before he knew it he was running towards the sound.
“Don't worry I’m coming” Dipper yelled as he burst through the air vent there was a huge wolf made of wood.
“you've been a bad little doggie” Dipper yelled as all the fillies ran around screaming.
“HELP” they yelled.
“get behind me now” he growled as they did as told the wolf charged at Dipper in which Dipper grabbed its ears and pulled them down which made the wolf fell to the ground he grabbed the neck and snapped it the wolf fell apart and explode in a way.
“wow” was all the kids say as they surrounded Dipper as a white alicorn he had heard them call her Celestia ‘princess’ Celestia. She walked right up to Dipper locking eyes she flattened her ears before making her horn glow as Dipper started to blackout.