SOTP (Seat of the Pants) Collection

by Gylden Glor

Mad Libs (SOTP Story 5)

---------------The (A) of (B)--------------

The (C) arrived upon the (D)
His steel wings (E) the (F) of his (G),
His ebony horn (H).

The (I) opened his (J). Discord was (K) his (L), as well as (M)... For one year, he had (N) Discord (O) Celestia and Luna again, and again, and again.
Now the Draconequus was (P), slowly (Q).
The zebra stood, his ebony horn (R), his wings of metal (S), (T) as they did. He (U) the (V); the (W). He (X) them (Y) him (Z).

Note from the (AA)

Yeah, I might have to make at least twenty of these for ONE FUCKING CHAPTER to be mad-libbed...
Anyway, enjoy!
I suggest you write down your choices on a piece of paper first.