The Child of Technology

by White Dragon

Chapter 3: Dinner with Blood (Fixed)

The Child of Technology

By: White Dragon



Chapter 3: Dinner with Blood

(3rd person POV)

        In the evening, as the sky changed from blue to orange and pink, The Canterlot Castle was quiet, except for the sound of 24 hooves, 8 tings of metal and 2 slaps of feet against the floor. As we zoom in-

Caboose what are you doing? Umm, writing the story? I thought we agreed that I would write and you would read? We did. So why are you writing? Because I wanted too? *RIspy grabs Caboose and tosses him out a window* There now back to the story.

We rejoin our main character and the rest as they enter the Great Dining Hall, with it’s hanging golden chandeliers casting a soft glow around the room. The torches on the walls and the tapestries hanging from the ceiling only making the room feel more and more like a part of a giant castle. We hear more hoof and foot steps before they stop and sit down on the pillows next to the thick gold ornate carved table.

(Tech’s POV)

I sit down crossed legged, as the kitchen doors open and waiter’s walk out and go to each individual. Except for me, as expected. Le sigh… I sit there waiting for one of the waiter’s to come and take my order, but none of them do. As I sit there and scan the table and ponies with my eyes,  I can see Luna’s eyes looking at me out of the corner of my eyes. Her eyes widen as she looks around me, and she calls a waiter over and whispers in his ear as she points to me. I raise my eyebrow, wondering what she is doing. The waiter goes back into the kitchen and comes back out with a menu. He is shaking in his vest as he comes near me, he sets the menu in front of me and runs back into the kitchen. I let out a small laugh at that.

I let out an even longer laugh as I look down at the menu, and the ridiculousness at some of the options. A Daffodil Sandwich, Daisy Soup, Hay Burger with Hay Fries, and even more pony food. Then I notice the last item on the menu that was stuck on with what seems as a post-it note. I raise my eyebrows in surprise. “Why do you have meat on the menu with a post-it note?” I ask Celestia and Luna.

“We have Foreign Diplomats from the Griffin Kingdom and other meat eating countries,” says Celestia, with a hint of disgust.

“Also… we don’t know what you eat,” Luna says with a shy smile. I let out a small laugh at that.

“We don’t know know much about you at all,” Celestia says her eyes wide in realization. I gulped as I saw the look in Celestia and Twilight’s eyes, they both wanted to know stuff, and I wanted food.

“No. No questions until we are done eating,” I say with a finalizing tone. They both give a quite awww, of sadness. Must resist, the adorableness, (Inside Tech’s mind, ‘IT’S TOO STRONG CAPTAIN, IT ILL PULL US DOWN’, Captain ‘HOLD ON LADS, WE GOT TO HOLD ON!’) I hold on just long enough for them to stop. The a single unicorn waiter comes back to take our orders and our menus. When he gets to me, i'm surprised that he is standing tall and not showing a sign of fear. “What’s your name?” I ask him.

“Um why might I ask? he asks confused.

“I should get to know more ponies and you can be my second friend,” I say as if it was a fact. Everyone looks at me,

“Who is your first friend? asks Luna.

“Why you of course, that is if you want too,” I say to her. Everyone turns to Luna.

“I would love to be your first friend,” Luna says with a slight blush.

“Well my name is Silver Platter,” he says with a small smile.

“Tech if you would order so we could get our food, please?”  asks Celestia.

“Ah, of course, I will have a salad with some apple slices tossed in and a small steak,” I say as I hand the menu back to him. As I look back to the table I see all of them staring at me. “What?” I ask. Then I remember ponies are herbivores, and they don’t know that.. “Ok first off, I am an omnivore, which means I eat both greens and meat, and secondly I don't eat ponies.” I say with a ticked off tone. I move my lips out of the way to show them my teeth. We all sit there in a weird silence as we wait for our food to come, so we can eat. After about 24 minutes of waiting the kitchen doors open and nine servers come out with dome covered plates. Each one of the servers goes too each pony, when two come up to me and place the covered dishes on the table. All at once the covers are lifted and I see a VERY big salad, and small steak.

“Before we eat can you please remove your cloak, Tech?” asks Luna. I look up at Luna in surprise.

“Um, it’s not a nice sight and I don’t want to make anyone sick,” I say with a concerned look around.

“We'll be fine, Tech,” Luna says with a smile.

(Luna’s POV)

As I see Tech take off his cloak, my body heats up a tad. As he takes it off I can see a mess of black hair atop his head. As I follow it down I see light brown skin and then his eyes. By my sister’s beard. They are like the eyes of a hero and a devil, while most eyes are blue or green, his eyes… they are black and white, not like they are mixed, they are definitely contrasted. (Ok, so you guys know the Ying-Yang symbol, it looks like that, it might be cheesy but I don't care ). My eyes continue down as I get to his neck. That's were the burn marks begin, they cover his body, and not like, ‘oh a small burn here or there’ more like there was a small patch of not burnt skin here or there. It was everywhere on his neck, on his muscular chest, on his strong right arm, on his left ar-...

        “What happened to your left arm?” I ask Tech trying to stop myself from drooling. He looks down to his left arm lets out a small sigh.

        “Not everything escaped the fire,” he says with a small frown and a hint of sadness. I tilt my head in confusion, until my eyes widen in realization. I lift my hoof up to my mouth to try to cover my gasp.

        “D-did you lose anything else?” I ask him hoping the answer is no.

        “I lost my right leg also,” he says bringing up his leg to show them.

        “What is it made out of?” asks Twilight.

        “It’s made of a metal called Adamantium, it is stronger than diamonds,” he said with a matter of fact tone. Twilight looked at him in disbelief,

        “That's impossible, nothing is stronger than diamonds!” Tech lifts his metal arm 2 hoofs above and lets it drop onto the gold table. We were all wondering what that was to prove, when he lifts his arm and we all see the huge dent that, that left in the table.

        “Can we please eat now?” asks Tech.

        “Yes! Let us eat,” I say my mouth slightly drooling. I have been wanting this sandwich all day. I notice Tech brings his robot hand up to his necklace and grabs the left hand thing from his necklace and crushes it. The glove then materializes on his arm first as metal then it shrinks down and looks like leather. I look at him in surprise.

        “I can still use it as a weapon, but I just haven't gotten used to the whole arm being gone thing,” he says. I give a quiet ‘ah’ of understanding. They others had already started eating when me and Tech were talking. We both settled down and started eating our respected food.

        “This is great, Discords back in stone, Tech’s not evil anymore, we have good food,and good friends. This day couldn't get better,” says Celestia with a smile. I see Tech put his head in hands and mutter something about Murphy. I don't understand what that's supposed to mean, but I know what the next thing does.

        “AUNTIES!!!!” yells the most annoying voice in the universe.

        “Guards! Quickly get the Extra Strength Advil!” yells Celestia. Tech starts laughing at that. I poke a hoof at him,

        “Stop laughing, you would need it too, if you had to deal with him every day.” He holds up his gloved hand,

        “You know I could always just…” He waves his hand around and makes a shooting  motion with it.

        “No you may not shoot him.” I say with a demanding tone. He gives a quiet ‘aw’ and crosses his arms. The Dining Room doors burst open.

        “Aunties!!!” yells Blueblood. Everyone in the room groans.

        “What is it Blueblood?” asks Celestia trying to be nice.

        “A mare on the street bumped into me and pushed me into a puddle, a PUDDLE! When I asked the guards to put her in jail, they said it was probably an accident and left! I demand that you throw that mare and those guards in jail!” complained Blueblood. I see Tech raising his hand to shoot Blueblood. I quickly use my magic to push it down. Blueblood quickly looks around the room, “Aunties why are there commoners in the Dining Room, is it another one of those charities going around, I swear they are always wanting money.” My mouth hangs open in disbelief,

“Blueblood do you know what the Elements of  Harmony are?”

“No, why should I there not as important as me,” Blueblood says with a smug smile. He stands there one second and then next second, he is thrown out a window with a blue ball of energy, the glass shatters. I look over at Tech and his left arm is steaming slightly and he is whistling, while eating his food.

“Tech…” I say facehoofing. He looks at me in surprise.

“What? I didn't do anything, my arm cannon just happened to go off while it was pointed at him,” he says still eating his food while whistling slightly. Celestia facehoofs and I giggle with the rest of the girls. We all finish eating soon after, that… event.

“So we still have to decide, where you will sleep Tech,” says Celestia. My eyes light up,

“He can sleep with me!” Everyone in the room stops and stares at me, I then realize what I said. Tech is slightly blushing, and has a sexy grin on his toned and- BAD Luna he might not even think of you that way. “What I meant to say was he can sleep in the room next to me.” I lightly cough.

 “Sure…” I hear Tech mutter. I blush even harder at that, thank the maker that I have a dark blue coat. Tech is still smiling at me.

“So, now that we have that settled, I think we should retire for the night,” suggests Celestia with a small yawn.

“Well as Princess of the Night, I will watch over your dreams,” I say with a small laugh.

“You, guys go ahead, I have to do… something,” says Tech with a small frown. I levitate a small disc over to him that has the sun on one side and the moon on the other. He looks at me in confusion.

“This is a Royal Pass, when you wear this the guards won’t bother you,” I say giving him a small smile.

“Thanks,” he says heading for the main doors.