My Little Lucifer

by pinkshadow369

Chapter 1 An unexpected twist

[No matter what strange situation happens in life the solution is always the same. Act like nothing happened and eliminate anything that would say otherwise.] A look inside Lucifer's head

“What the fuck just happened? Where am I?” He said to himself as he awoke from his restless slumber. He was confused as he found himself in a dense and dark forest. “Why am I in a forest?” He looked around slightly as he still lay there on the ground. “Huh, this is the first time I've ever been in a forest.” He lay there pondering his feelings about his new experience. “This is kinda...boring. I better leave before any animals come my way.”

He began to stand but immediately fell hitting his head hard against a rock. “Ouch!” He began rubbing his head and instantly knew something was wrong and looked at his fingers. “Where are my fingers!? Where are my hands?! What's going on?!” He screamed to himself. He began looking over his body, noticing several changes.

His fingers had seemed to disappear along with his hands, and feet. He looked around frantically for a mirror but remembered he was in a forest. But then as he stood up to the best of his ability, he saw a small pond and ran to it, falling and tripping several times. Upon inspection, he saw that he had transformed into what appeared to be a small horse with wings and a horn. He had an all silver coat with a crimson red mane and tail that when he moved them around gave the illusion of an actual moving flame. It was like a dark and mystical fire. His wings matched his coat, but the end feathers were red like his tail and mane. His horn was also red like his mane and tail. It was while he was expecting his horn he noticed he was bleeding due to the rock.

“W-wh-what happened to me?” He stared in the ponds reflection looking over his new body. He began slowly breathing to try and calm down. And upon relaxing he noticed the smaller details. His eyes were now red as well, and his shackles remained burned to his body. The last thing he noticed was the only thing to make him slightly happy. His cross remained dangling around his neck where it rightfully belonged. But once he calmed down all his other emotions came back to his mind.

“What the fuck is this bullshit!” He screamed in protest. “I'm a fucking horse! The anti-Christ, the one that prophecies spoke of being the harbinger of chaos and destruction, has been demoted to a miserable horse!” He screamed in anger at his situation. Only by looking at his cross managed to calm him down. That is until he remembered his shackles. “And it looks like I still have these fucking things.” He mumbled bitterly.

It was time to take them off. He began to try and force them off, but that proved completely and utterly useless. He tried for around ten minutes but nothing could make them budge. Silence took him as he realized what that meant.

“I'm still a slave. And worse of all, five people died just so that I could become a-a-a fucking horse! What am I supposed to do with this body? Kick people to death until they except me as there supreme overlord!” He roared and screamed in rage at his predicament. But there was something that made him think even more than his new body. He began to think about those five people and his situation.

“I owe those people their lives. But I can't fix what's already done.” He began thinking about what he could do to repay his newfound debt. “I'll just have to save five other people's lives. Then I’ll be even.” He was snapped out of his contemplation when he began to smell smoke.

He looked around to find that the forest was on fire all around him. “How'd that happen?” He looked back down to the pond and saw that he was on fire. “Are, are my powers back?” He looked around and saw the rock that he fell on and decided to test his theory. He began concentrating on the rock and it began to levitate near him. Then he remembered the pain he felt from that rock and used his powers to crush it leaving nothing but pieces left. “It's nice to know I haven't forgotten anything. And if that's the case, than it looks like I caused this fire when I got angry. Looks like I'm going to have to watch my emotions carefully.”

Even though now he had to control his emotions with extreme care, he couldn’t help but smile for having his powers back. “How I’ve missed these. I need to celebrate.”

He began blasting trees with balls of fire all around the forest as he began to walk out of it. But before he did he stopped to observe his surroundings. He was in a small clearing with the pond being the center. If he had to guess he would say that it was probably a hundred feet in length and width. He incinerated trees, crushed rocks and boulders, and slaughtered any and all animals that got in his way. It was while he was walking he noticed more details about his new body. He had a wider field of vision because his eyes were now much bigger. His ears could swivel around and pick up more sound.

That's how he found more animals to incinerate. He paid attention to his new body as he continued his destructive stroll through the woods, ready to learn anymore secrets of being a small horse. For him, destroying something with no negative effect or worry was, in a word, therapeutical. He did this for well over an hour and a half until he exited the forest and entered a large clearing of land and could see a town far out in the distance.

”Looks like I know where I’m headed." He stopped his destructive celebration to concentrate on the town that lied ahead. And doing this he began to think of other things. “How did I get in this body anyway? Does it have something to do with that portal? And if that's the case, how can I become human again?”

This was all he could think about during his walk. The walk was long and uneventful. As he walked he began to really notice his surroundings. The trees in the clearing were different from the ones in the forest. They were smaller and much more colorful. Everything was much more colorful. And this troubled Lucifer to no end.

“Everything looks like a cartoon.” He thought to himself as he continued his walk in silence until he heard a scream coming from the distance near the edge of town. It sounded like that of little girls. Normally he would never help anyone unless he could get something out of it. But he had a debt to repay. And for him, repaying that debt was even more important than becoming human again.

“Looks like I’ll repay that debt sooner than I thought” He said as he ran towards the scream to investigate. As he ran, the screams continued to get louder, followed by more voices that weren't screaming, but were barking and growling. He arrived to see a small unicorn with a light purple, almost gray coat, and a blond mane and tail cowering next to a unconscious Pegasus with a grey coat and blond mane and tail underneath a tree. They were surrounded by three human sized dogs that were growling and wearing armor. They looked like bulldogs.

The small unicorn shouted at them, “Get away from my mom!”

The dogs began to get closer and she took a defensive stance in front of her mother and gave a look of extreme constipation. They began to laugh until they noticed her horn began to glow a faint blond light. Sensing a threat they stopped there laughing to look as her horn began to glow more fiercely, and finally sending a small blast at one of the dogs. Unfortunately it did nothing except make them laugh some more as the attack had no effect on their armor.

They were laughing so hard that they didn't even notice when they began to slowly lift off the ground, and finally reached ten feet in the air. That’s when he walked into view of the little unicorn.

“Mister Mister you got to help my mom, sh-she got hurt really bad trying to protect me from those diamond dogs. Please mister you gotta help.” She had tears in her eyes as she pleaded to him for help. By now the dogs were fully aware that they were floating and began to panic. They started flailing their arms around as if they were trying to grab onto the very air itself. He used his powers and slammed them into the ground. He then forced them closer to him so he could get a better look at them.

There armor was silver plated and surprisingly they all looked the same. The middle one trembled as he spoke.

“Wh-who are you?” He asked. Lucifer looked each of them in the eyes for a few short moments until he spoke in a hushed tone.

“Pathetic mutts”

They put up one final struggle to escape his telekinetic grasp. It was short lived as a low crack sound came from all three of them simultaneously as they were released from his grasp and fell to the ground. Their bodies lay limp as rag dolls. The little unicorn screamed.

“Ahh! What did you do?!” He said nothing as he used his powers to lift the unicorn onto his back and her mother slightly into the air.

“That's what happens to bad people kid, remember that. Also, I’m new here so you’re going to have to point me to the hospital. So let's move, and fast.” And with that he began running as fast as he could to the town he saw in the distance. Luckily for him he learned fast and walking and running in his new body were no longer a problem. Once he got to the town the unicorn began giving directions.

“Left, right, left, no your other left, now you’re right again.” These helpful instructions lasted for several minutes until they finally saw the hospital.

He made a mad dash to the hospital bursting through the doors screaming, “Get this women to the emergency room now!” The nurse at the front desk called for more staff, and out came two nurses and one doctor. The regular pony was a stallion with a light brown coat and a dirty blond mane and tail. The two unicorns were both mares with white coats but had different manes and tails. The first was bright pink and the second was blond. The unicorn’s horns began glowing encasing the unconscious mare dangling in the air and moving her onto a stretcher and leaving the room as quick as they came. The nurse at the front desk began to speak to them.

“I'm sorry, but you two have to stay here while the doctors operate. But you’re more than welcome to wait in the waiting room.” He only nodded but the small unicorn was less calm then he was.

“But I want to see my mom. I got to see her!” The nurse looked at the child apologetically.

“I'm sorry dearie, but you can't go in there while the doctors are operating. But I assure you, they'll do everything in their power to make sure your mother is as good as new.” The child turned away from the nurse and looked at him with watery eyes.

“And what about you mister? Do you think she'll be okay?” He only shrugged his shoulders as he took a seat next to the desk and motioned for her to do the same. This only caused her to panic. “Mister please, you’re an alicorn for celestia's sake, surely you know something.” He could only think of this for a moment.

“An alicorn. Is that what I am? I haven't seen any others like me.” And then he replied in a uncaring voice. “I'm sure she'll be fine. The doctors are no doubt trained for this type of stuff.” This helped calm her down as she took a seat next to him.

“Thank you mister, that means a lot coming from an alicorn. Hey, I never did get your name.”

He replied coldly, “Lucifer.” She tilted her head in confusion.

“Lucifer? That's a weird name. My names Dinky doo.” This caused an angry glare from him.

“Your name is Dinky doo, and I’m the one with the weird name?” Dinky looked apologetically as she spoke.

“I'm sorry Lucifer, I didn't mean to offend you, I’m just saying I’ve never met anypony with that name before.” He sighed as he began to speak.

“That's fine kid, let's just sit and wait for the doctors to come and tell us how your mother is doing. In silence.” The way he said silence had a commanding tone that felt so cold it would appear to be wrapped in ice. This caused her to slouch a bit due to her nerves. They waited in silence noticing and observing everything about the waiting room.

It had white walls and white marbled floors. The furniture consisted of multiple seats that were all a light blue color. The nurse at the desk was coated pink with a blue tail and mane. They were the only ones in there. The time when they arrived was 1:35 pm. And he took this time to do some research.

Because if there was a universal rule out there, it would be as followed. Every hospital has some magazine to read. And he was right. He quickly found a pile of magazines stacked on a nearby table. He began to read a magazine titled, “Canterlot society.” Through it he learned about the capital city of Equestria, Which apparently is the country he now found himself in.

It talked about what he figured it would talk about. Bachelors, luxurious houses for sale, great places to go for vacation, how wonderful it was to be rich.

It was disgusting. This was as if someone took the sin greed and made it into a magazine. It did however contain something that caught his new overly sized eye. An article about someone called Princess Celestia. And through it he learned that she and her younger sister Luna were the co rulers of the entire country. But even more amazing were these two things about them.

They were immortal. And they could move the sun and moon. He knew through watching the doctor’s use there spells that this world had magic. Or at least what they called magic. But to use magic so powerful you could live forever and move celestial bodies. That was something even he gave a shocked expression about. While he was content with reading a magazine until they were called upon by the doctors, he noticed his company was not.

While he was completely calm and collected, she was a mess. Her eyes were filled with worry as she starred at the door they sent her mother through on the stretcher. He floated a magazine in front of her to distract her from this grave news. And after a while, she hesitantly took it and began to read.

“What's this mean?” She asked as she handed him the magazine. Unfortunately for him, he gave her what was the pony version of Victoria's Secret. He found out when she showed him a picture of a mare in black stockings laying across a rug behind a fireplace.

Apparently it was trying to sell clothes that would get a stallions "stallion" running. He quickly took the magazine and burned it in front of her.

“It was nothing!” He said quickly as he carefully selected a new magazine for her to read. This time flipping through the pages first to make sure nothing to mature was there for her to read. After she began reading he started to think about his current situation.

"What is this place? There's no way this is a dream. Its to realistic. And yet here I am sitting next to a horse that can talk in a horse ruled world apparently. Could I be in some sort of state that forces me to see reality in a different way?"

He thought of this while she read until 7:50 pm in complete silence until the same doctor as before came out wearing a rather grim look on his face. He was immediately greeted by a distraught Dinky and a calm Lucifer.

“How is she? Is she ok? Is my mom gonna be alright? Please tell me.” The doctor looked at Lucifer very seriously as he spoke.

“Sir, are you her father?” He only shook his head as she replied for him.

“My dads dead.” The doctor looked upset as he asked him a question.

“Then who are you?”

“Lucifer, and the one who got them both here.” And with that answer he looked satisfied as he looked down to her with a serious expression.

“Dinky, I’m afraid to tell you that there have been some complications in regards to your mother’s health. She suffered extreme skull and brain injuries. She also appears to have lost a lot of blood in the time it took you to get her here. I'm afraid...that if she lives.” He stopped as he took a moment to find the words. “She might be nothing more than a vegetable.” She stood there in silence, completely dumbstruck at the terrible news. And it was Lucifer who broke that silence.

“Fuck that! No one’s becoming a vegetable on my watch as long as I have a debt to repay.” He began marching through the door to enter the medical rooms of the hospital only to be stopped by the doctor.

“What are you doing? You can't go in there.” This only caused the doctor to levitate off the ground and be brought close to his face as he spoke.

“Someone’s got to do your job.” He said with hate as he threw him into the wall and continued walking into the hall opening every door until he found his patient. He only stopped when he was confronted by security who demanded him to leave. They did not stop him for long as he rendered them unconscious with his telekinetic powers and a nearby chair. He continued walking until he finally found her. He walked up to her bed and noticed a clipboard on a table next to her bed.

“Name Ditsy Doo. Sex female. Blood type A. Employment mailmare. Huh, so that's her name. It's as weird as her daughters.” He walked up to her side and looked her over. She had bloodied bandages all around her skull, and minor cuts and bruises all around her body. Her breathing was slow as was her heartbeat on the monitors. “Now or never Lucifer” he said to himself as he began to concentrate.

He stood there concentrating on his power for several minutes, until something started to happen. His body began to become covered in steam. He concentrated even harder until the steam disappeared and was replaced with a black aura of energy covering his body. He took his energy and formed it in front of his body near his chest as he began molding all of it into a small sphere. He did this for several seconds until the sphere was as small as a gum ball and began floating towards her. That is when the doctor arrived to watch the spectacle unfold. The sphere phased right into her head and her entire body began to glow black.

The doctor could only say four words as to what he just saw, “What did you do?” He was answered by a beeping monitor as her heartbeat began going up along with her brainwaves that was presented on a machine to her side. He began walking out of the room and back to where Dinky was. As he walked out he saw the doctor and two more nurses’ rush into the room, no doubt checking on ditsy. When he arrived back in the waiting room he saw a crying Dinky doo being hugged by the nurse at the desk doing her best to comfort her. The nurses embrace was short lived as she began floating away from dinky, forcefully out of the way as he walked up to Dinky.

“Your mother is going to be alright now. I healed her and she should wake up in a day or two.” She couldn't even force herself to look him in the eyes as she began to speak through sobs.

“Ho-how do y-you know that? The doctor said she was going to-to-to be a vegetable!” She sobbed out, now crying on the floor in a fetal position. That's when the doctor walked in with his clipboard and a shocked expression on his face.

“Mr. Lucifer! I don't know what it is that you did. But whatever you did appears to have worked wonders!” This caused her to look up slightly and postpone the waterworks as he continued to speak. “It's truly remarkable! Her head wounds have already begun to heal and repair themselves. I've never in all my years seen such an act of medical magic!” he said that last line like a schoolgirl meeting her celebrity crush. This only caused him to roll his eyes in agitation while Dinky suddenly found that spring in her step to reappear.

“Does that mean my mom’s gonna be alright doctor?” The doctor smiled at the little filly as he spoke with much enthusiasm.

“Yes child, your mother is going to be alright, thanks to Mr. Lucifer here. Why, I’d be willing to bet that if she keeps healing at this rate, she'll be out of this hospital in two days’ time.” This caused her to practically throw herself around Lucifer’s neck in a death grip of a hug.

“Oh thank you thank you thank you Lucifer! How could I ever repay you?” This got his attention quickly as he began to list out his demands.

“First, get off of me." He said plainly. She complied quickly and they separated. "Second, I want a temporary means of stay at your home until I am financially able to afford a home of my own.” This caused her smile to waver slightly but was quickly brought back as she spoke.

“Well, I’d have to ask my mom whether or not you could stay with us. But for the time being she's in the hospital you’re more than welcome to stay with me on the couch at home.” He gave a half smile of his own as he reached out his hoof to meet hers.

“Deal.” He said to her as he glanced his neck sideways to the left, only to notice the doctor was still there waiting patiently. “What do you want?” The doctor walked up to him and quickly closing the short gap between them as he spoke.

“I'd like to ask what it is that you did to heal Mrs. Doo so quickly. As I said earlier, I’ve never seen an act of medical magic so powerful in all my years as a doctor. And I also noticed that even though there was a clear aura of magic, it was not directed anywhere near your horn. All of what you just did should be impossible. And so I’m asking you, Lucifer, what did you do to Mrs. Doo?” He only let out a loud groan of protest as he gestured for him and Dinky to take a seat.

“Alright, so the first place to begin is to answer your question about what exactly I did to heal Mrs. Doo. First and foremost, I did not use any type of magic on Mrs. Doo.” This resulted in a series of confused looks from Dinky, the doctor, and the nurse who by now was let go and was silently listening from her desk.

“But how is it possible to not have used magic? I saw your entire body engulfed in a black aura that reeked of power only a alicorn could use.” The doctor said.

“While that may be true, did you actually sense any, "magical" power coming from me at all during my charge up time?” He rebutted. The doctor only looked shocked as he shacked his head realizing he did not sense any magical power coming from him at the time. What he sensed was something else. Something dark, and evil.

“To continue what I was previously saying, I did not use any magic what so ever on Mrs. Doo. The reason why I did not use magic is because I don't know how.” Another set of confused looks from everypony in the room. “Now before you interrupt me again let me finish. I may be what you call an alicorn, but I was not always this way. I don't know how to use magic or fly for that matter. I won't go into exact details as to what happened to transform me into an this. But I will tell you that I’ve never been in this town or in this body a single day in my life, but back to Mrs. Doo. Even though I cannot use magic, I’ve always possessed a power that was connected to."

He paused in order to think of something similar yet lie to avoid revealing the truth.

"My emotions. I gave Mrs. Doo a part of my power. I gave her the part that allows me to heal and regenerate. And when she wakes up, I’ll be able to take it back and regain my healing abilities. And if you ever begin to wonder why I would reveal such a secret, the reason is if you actually believe what I said is true, know that I only tell you the truth because no one will ever believe a word of what either of you will say. Now I understand that there will be a lot of questions. But I don't care if you go home disappointed. So I’ll leave it currently where it's at and be done.” He waited for a response from the ponies that all had a look of extreme shock and confusion written all across there muzzles. Than the silence was broken as the doctor began to speak.

“Well Mr. Lucifer, you are most certainly right. I don't believe I’ll be able to understand any of that. Using your emotions as a power source, or maybe reverse that, suddenly becoming an alicorn, giving part of your power or emotions to somepony to heal them. It should all be impossible.” He looked down to Dinky to see her stare back at him. “Not that I'm not happy this all happened mind you. But I do know this. You'll want to meet Twilight sparkle. She's the local princess and librarian of Ponyville, and not to mention the wielder of magic to the elements of harmony, and Princess Celestia's formal personal student. She'll no doubt be able to help you get your original body back. That is, if you want it back. Also, she'll no doubt want to ask you all about your special abilities. If anypony can understand what you were talking about, it'll be her.”

He snorted in response at what the doctor said.

"A princess Librarian. Damn I wonder what she rules over. What's the penalty for an over due book?" He thought to himself. And with that he turned around and walked back down the halls. That's when he looked at the clock to check the time. It was 8:25 pm. He let out a sigh as he spoke to Dinky.

“Come on kid, it's past visiting hours and I want to get some sleep. Let's go to your place.” She only nodded as she was still trying to figure out what exactly he said about his powers.

Elsewhere in Ponyville

“Twilight!” Spike screamed as he ran through the library. “Twilight where are you? Twilight!” He continued to scream as he searched the library in a panic. “Oh where is she?”

“Where's who spike?” Asked Twilight as she walked through the door entering the library.

“Oh Twilight, thank goodness your here. Princess Celestia just sent you a letter and it looks urgent.” He said as he handed her the parchment.

“Thank you spike, what would I do without my number one assistant?” She said as she levitated the scroll in her magic and began to read.

“Dear Twilight sparkle, It is with great concern that I send you this letter. I have felt a magical force that is unfamiliar suddenly appear in the Everfree forest. I sent out a Pegasus guard to investigate. What he found was most...disturbing. He reported that the forest was severely burned. He also reported finding several dead animals. So I sent out a patrol to investigate the forest further. They found nothing. But just a few moments ago I felt that same force again in Ponyville. I do not know what this force is, or what caused it. But I do know that it is unlike anything I have ever seen or felt in all my years. I can feel it. And it is very troubling. It is a dark power similar to king Sombras. Only it feels much worse. To say that this is troubling would be an understatement. I want you and the rest of the elements to investigate this strange force and report back to me if you find anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. Good luck.

"Princess Celestia.”