Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years

by PinkieLunaShy

Chapter 1

Two weeks had passed since Celestia had signed the papers to adopt Angelina, Genievie, Ryan, Dominic, and Jamie, since there was a ton of paperwork that had to be processed Ms. Shieldheart had decided against telling them that they were being adopted by the Princess. Celestia came by almost every other day to talk with the kids and get to know them.

Jamie had on a Military green shirt with black jean shorts and black converse.He had also decided not to brush his curly blonde hair. Angelina had on a dark blue sleeveless tunic and white shorts with dark blue flats. Her dark blue hair was pulled into a right side ponytail, and her bangs swept to the right. Dominic and Genevieve were wearing matching outfits, black shorts and purple short sleeve shirts with purple sneakers. Genevieve had brushed her short shoulder length dark purple hair into a ponytail with her bangs hanging in her eyes, while Dominic let his go whichever way. Ryan had on a crimson shirt and brown shorts with red sneakers. His straight black hair hung in his eyes.

Today was one of they days that Celestia came to visit and the children had asked her about the guards who always stay outside by the chariot when she visits. Ryan had just asked what there names were. Since it was a rather warm day they had decided to go outside.

"There names are Wyatt Shield, Grant GoldenHeart, and GraceLynn StarDust."

"I only saw two guards not three. Where was the girl?" asked Ryan

"Well, she was inside of the carriage. She usually sits in there with me."

"Who's the red haired one?" asked Jamie

"His name is Jesse, Jesse Runner."

"Can we meet them?" asked Genievieve and Dominic together, "Can we? Can we? Can we?"

Celestia laughed lightly, "Of course we can."

"Did you hear about the Canterlot Craft update?" asked Grant Goldenheart, taking his white and golden helmet off to expose his black curly hair, standing on the step of the orphanage next to Wyatt

"Yeah. I haven't been playing it recently cause if you hadn't noticed we're always working." replied Wyatt Shield, fixing his helmet.

"Oh yeah totally!" said Jesse, jumping up in between Grant and Wyatt, his armor clanking.

"Shut up Jeff!" said Grant as he lightly pushed Jesse out of his personal space, causing Jesse to dramatically fall down, "You don't even know what your talking about!"

"C'mon guys!" said GraceLynn, hitting her boots together as she adjusted her seat on the front of the carriage, "Just because Celestia's not here doesn't mean we can goof off."

"Yeah guys!" said Jesse, sitting up

"Shut up Jeff!" Wyatt and Grant replied in unison

"Sheesh!" Jesse sat up quickly and turned his head towards the door, "Six people. Five children, one adult..... GUYS CELESTIA'S COMING!"

"Oh Shit!" Wyatt and Grant jumped of the step and jumped on to the seat on the front of the carriage as GraceLynn jumped off. While Jesse stepped on the back step and grabbed onto the handle as GraceLynn opened the carriage door right as Celestia came through the door.

"You Majesty." the guards said together, bowing.

"Rise. I would like you all to meet Genievieve, Dominic, Ryan, Angelina, and Jamie." said Celestia, as she pointed to each child.

"Hi." said GraceLynn, "My name's GraceLynn!"

"Jesse Runner! But you can call me Jes, Jeffery, Jeffy, or Jeff!" Jesse rambled with a silly grin. He took off his helmet and shook out his long, curly, crimson hair. "Hey, look Grant!" he chuckled warmly, jerking his head towards Grant "that kid looks like a blonde version of you!"

"No he doesn't stop jo-... He does.... Oh my goodness! That kid looks like me!" Grant leaned in close to Jamie's face causing the small boy to giggle, "Woah! Anyway! I'm Grant Goldenheart and that's Wyatt Shield."

"I don't do kids...." said Wyatt, crossing his arms and looking away from the children

"Oh Come on Wyatt!"

"No!" he turned toward Grant, "Everytime I see one they are covered in mud or sticky stuff and then they touch me and say, and I quote 'Hi Mister Guard Man!' I don't do kids...." said Wyatt, climbing back on the front of the carriage, "Now that I'm done with that. Greetings little children."

"Well Wyatt since you have issues with them could you get there luggage from their room?" asked Celestia.

"Yes your highness. I only have one question: where is there room?"

"First door on your right."

"Right on it.. Hehe see what I did there. Ahem, Thank you your majesty." Wyatt jumped off the seat and walked up the steps, through the door.

Angelina tugged on Princess Celestia's dress to get her attention, "Umm Princess?"

Celestia bent down to Angelina's height, "Yes Angelina?"

"Umm, why is Mr. Wyatt getting our lug- lu- umm what did you say?""



"Well, remember when I told you and your friends that Ms. Shieldheart said you could spend the night in the castle?"


"We decided that today would be a good day for you all to stay in the castle over night."

"But we have school tommorrow..."

"We can skip Angie!" said Jamie

"Yeah!" said Dominic, jumping up and down

"And I'd be the Princess would make sure that you still got to school tomorrow." said GraceLynn, bending down to the kids height

"She's very responsible." said Grant, pushing Jamie's glasses up for him

Just then there was a thud on the door followed by Wyatt sticking his head through the door, his helmet in his eye, "Hey! One of you bozos want to help me!! I may not be fond of kids but I don't want to step on one!"

"You didn't say please!" joked Grant


"Of course Wyatt! Since you asked so nicely!" laughed Jesse, walking up the steps to help Wyatt

"If you don't want to go today we can go to the castle another time." said Celestia, smiling warmly at Angelina, as Wyatt and Jesse loaded the luggage onto the carriage

"Well, if everyone else wants to go." said Angelina, looking at everyone else

"Well," said Wyatt, "Carriage is loaded and ready to roll!"

"Who's the first one who wants to get in?" asked GraceLynn, as she opened the carriage door.

"I guess we are going to the castle.."

"To the castle! To the Castle!" said Dominic and Genievieve as Grant and Jesse lifted them in to the carriage.

After the last child, and Princess Celestia, were in the carriage and the door was closed, Wyatt looked at his fellow guards, "This is gonna be fun."

"I think they are cute" said GraceLynn

"I have a blonde five year old look alike... he's cool.." said Grant

"I like 'em all!" said Jesse "POKE-!"



"Just shut up..."

"TO CANERLOT! Well, the Casle!" yelled Jamie as he jumped up and down while Angelina covered her ears, "Oops sorry 'Lina!"

"Its ok.." said Angelina as she uncovered her ears, "To the Castle!"