An article of blood

by Death Moon

Cap 1. Mercenaries depart

The night was calm and quiet in the city of Canterlot and Shining Armor was watching the sky from his room along with the princess Cadance .

"Ah tonight the stars are so beautiful you do not find my love? "

" It is my lady, but no matter how beautiful and shiny will never be beautiful and bright as you! "

" Flatterer ! "

Suddenly, a scream of anger crossed the sky throwing off the bed the entire city.

"What the ......! "

"This is Princess Luna , what can have happened ? "

" I'm going to expect to see you here safe! "

Said the chief of the guard when a dark song start to resonate in the air:

" Gira la cote , turn, turn ! Turn, turn , turn !
Oil it, grind it , the blade glide
flame and blood .
The work is never dull , never slackens .
Never dull ... ...
Princes Moon reigns ...
Princes Moon reigns ...
Oil it ! Grind !
Fire and blood!
Sweet lovers , forward, forward !
Seize hooks and knives ...
, We are ready to embroider your skins !
Sweet lovers , forward, forward !
We are ... ready to embroider !
Who will strike the gong will appear .
Black as coal
cold as that sword ... is the beautiful Princes Moon !
Sweet lovers , forward, forward !
When the gong gloats the Executioner .
Compartment is love if there is no luck.
The riddles are three, death is one!
Death is a ! Oil it, grind !
The riddles are three, death is one!
Let the blade glide through the blood.
Who will strike the gong ?
Death ! Death !
Ha, ha ! Ha, ha !
Princes ... where reigns the Moon! "

At the sound of his head began to sweat look

" Glum ! I was hoping to not have to ever suffer ! "

" You know what ? "

"This is the song that precedes the appearance of Iacopo! "

" One who was born from the union of samples from the four tribes that lived in the lands of Equine Darkness , battling for the few resources exist , and these lands are placed over the Happy Valley where once lived the mini pony from which the our races ! "

" It is the same as that now has command of the last wendom living in the city / state / Helgedad fortress guarding the northern borders ! "

At that moment the door of the house opened and a seemingly endless array of mysterious shadows came out to march step following a winged unicorn with eight legs.

" Gulp! Those are The Immortals , the elite guard of wendom ! "

" If the moon has unleashed it means that a serious threat Equestria ! "

The two lovers could not notice that his head he wore a newspaper.