Sleepovers And Such

by Sunset-Chan

Step 1 ~ Mommy And Daddy, Making The Worst Decision

Step 1
~Mommy And Daddy, Making The Worst Decision~

Finally stepping out of the bathroom was a relief, like it was every morning. Diamond Tiara especially enjoyed the feeling of a thoroughly soaked mane. The way it hung straight down amused her deeply, and the way it would stick to her coat looked funny in the mirror, too. Sadly, unlike a poor pony, she couldn’t just walk around any way she wanted. No; Diamond Tiara was a pony of high society, a pony with money, and therefore had to be presentable when she walked around. So she wrapped the towel around her head as best as she could, though the product of her labor collapsed in on itself almost immediately. Why couldn’t the towel come with tapes, too? If it worked for her diapers then it should work for terry cloth.

She tried to readjust the towel, and failed miserably, leaving her to grumble quietly as she moved herself down the hall of the place she called her home, her mane unkempt and damp.

The villa had hundreds of rooms, most of which were often occupied by guests of the house, though the ones on the ground level sometimes housed ponies who had yet to find themselves homes they could call their own. They and a few of the servants. Charity was the word her father used to describe why he kept strangers around. A pony of status was expected to treat those less fortunate with respect.

This day, however, the only ponies inside the house were she and her parents. Most ponies were off vacationing, enjoying the summer elsewhere. They were with families on their own, Diamond Tiara had been told, and she was kind of glad. Of all the things in life, having ponies around her, constantly nagging her about everything was about the most annoying. They should only nag her when she wanted to be the center of attention. Which was almost always anyways, but that didn't really matter. Still, there was one more reason why she thought it good to have nopony around.

As she walked past the doors towards the stairway, she took the feeling of the diaper against her thighs in. Annoying and embarrassing was how she'd usually describe it. Today, the soft padding was only going to be a major annoyance.

Diamond Tiara had been in diapers since her birth, as far she knew. Most of her lifetime she had spent thinking that she would just someday stop needing to wear them all the time. However, the day she got her cutie mark her parents had told her that it was a permanent thing. Not the best way to start her cute-ceañera, but at least Apple Bloom had been there to take some of the stress off her.

Thank Celestia for poor, dirty peasant blank flanks.

So, yes, she was a pony of high society and had taken the revelation with grace. Also, nopony had ever found out about it, except Silver Spoon, and she had been nice about it. As awful as that pony could be to those she didn’t like, as awesome she was to have as a friend.

Busts of old family members flanked the hallway leading to the stairway in the center of the corridor. She knew the names of all of them, but didn’t bother reciting them in her head as she passed them by. They were all old ponies with incredibly grim looks on their faces and beards styled in the most outrageous styles. The colors on them had recently been renewed, and their eyes stared with ferocity at the wall on the other side. Diamond Tiara liked the lightish blue tone it had, but the busts sure didn’t.

She walked down the green carpeted stairs, her eyes on the marble floor that awaited her below. It was the single best thing in the house. Everytime she stepped on it, the sound would echo through the entire house. One of the things she never tired of was jumping from one tile to another, letting the sound shatter everybody’s nerves around her. Why she did that? The answer to that was simple: Because she was rich and within their home, rich ponies could do whatever they wanted.

Today though, she didn’t feel like jumping the tiles, as there was nopony around to notice her and when she was alone with her parents, she’d rather be a good filly. They noticed her more when she behaved, Diamond had long since learned.

Quickly she turned, and moved through another door. Her steps still echoed, and the rustling of her padded garment was a constant companion on her way, much like the smell of the powder still lingered in her nose. It was one of the many reasons why she liked mornings. The smell of talcum powder added to the feeling of a day diaper. With what little enjoyment she got out of her ailment, Diamond Tiara had long since decided that a fresh diaper was first thing she could find positive every morning. Be it the lighter feeling compared to what she wore at night, or the smell, even the soft crinkling sounded pleasant when there was nopony else around to hear it.

The second thing, as stated before, was the sound of her hooves against the marble floor. She decided to later just dance right back across it. All in good fun.

And the third thing came after she passed through another door, another room, another hallway. The walls were painted in many colors and pictures of happy ponies grinned down upon her. She and her parents, all the servants, some of the ponies who had stayed here for longer times, teachers, friends of the family, extended family. There were more busts with more fancy beards too. This time it seemed like each and every one of them tried to outdo the other. Just the whole progression made her much, much more happy. The last bust on the right of the hallway then had the most exquisite beard, with Diamond Tiara stopping before and looking at it.

This was the fourth thing she enjoyed every morning: The beard. Sometimes, she and Silver Spoon would just sit in front of it for hours and stare into the endless abyss of its complexity. The very notion of its existence always sent shivers down her spine and every single day it looked like the beard had changed, some detail, only miniscule yesterday, now a primary sight. Sometimes, she tried to find the pony behind the beard, but only found it to be more. It was an endless spiral, a void that left her mind whirling around in the darkness, unable to comprehend the truth behind it. The beard was beyond Diamond Tiara’s understanding. The beard was above the gods themselves.

Even today she stared at it for what must have been a few minutes, discovering new hairs, new details, and something she presumed to be a tiny railway for beard people. Diamond Tiara took that as a good omen and turned around, to the final door. This one was one of the smaller ones in the house, but made up for it with golden vines stretching across it and a door latch made out of a diamond that fell from the heavens themselves. She pulled its brilliant blue down and opened the gateway to a large room, with a table that stretched from one end of it to the other.

Diamond Tiara went past it to a second, much smaller round table, where her parents sat. The big one was for feasts and when a lot of ponies were in the room, using it for only the three of them would have been too excessive.

Her father looked his usual self, his black hair drawn back with the help of wax, his eyes droopy from pulling another all-nighter. And her mother? The pale lime green unicorn with the brown and amber mane was laughing at the cartoon at the end of the newspaper. That, or the obituary. Either usually made her day.

Banner Bright let out another giggle as Filthy Rich – who, for the sake of his dignity, shall henceforth only be referred to as Rich – sipped on his cup of coffee, his eyes slowly wandering over to his daughter, who gave him the brightest smile she could muster.

“Hey, princess,” he said, sounding like he hadn’t slept in two days.

By now, Diamond Tiara could measure how long it had been since he last slept. “Hey dad.”

Her mother looked up, spotting the diaper. “Judging from your attire, I presume you had, for once, no problem dressing yourself?” She asked with a playful smile.

Diamond Tiara blushed. She had messed up diapering quite a few times back when she didn’t have her cutie mark, but that had been back then, not now, not recently. “I’m already close to being fully grown up, of course I can dress myself,” she said defiantly as she put her rump down by the table.

Her mother smiled and ruffled Diamond Tiara’s hair. “Don’t go full-grown up, kiddo. You’ll only end up like a certain zombie.”

Rich sighed. “Darling, I told you, brains are a very healthy diet. And, unlike you, I, as a zombie, apparently don’t need to check my weight every half-a-day.”

“Zing!” Banner exclaimed. “Low blow, Filth~y, hurting an innocent filly like that.”

“Sorry to say, but you’re a mother, you’ve been for so long that your daughter grew out of two different kinds of diapers already, and is apparently big enough a filly to change them herself,” now he was ruffling her mane. "Whatever innocence remains, I've not seen it, ever."

All that attention made her blush more and more, but she tried to divert her attention to the cocoa, the bread, and the glass of chocolate on the table. While her parents playfully bickered on, she started her day in a way that would make most dentists cry. Though she was pretty much an adult already, she still tried to dig up as much chocolate as possible from the glass and spread it across a loaf of bread in a way that it dripped from the sides.

Every meal in the family went down prim and proper, except for breakfast. When her dad had slept he formed smiley faces out of the fruits on the table, and her mom would often ball up some tissues and throw them at the backs of some servants. It was the one meal where everypony took some pleasure out. It had been her mother’s ideology to start a day with as much fun as possible, lest they all become stale and boring. That was a philosophy the filly could get behind.

Taking a bite out of her bread, Diamond knew she didn’t look proper now, but as long as she managed to keep the food close to her mouth and would not spread it across her torso everything would be just fine. Despite everything, she was always intent to be at her best. Her parents liked that, and they were paying so little attention to her that impressing them at every occasion was the most surefire way to have them be all over her.

It went on like every other morning for a bit, with her parents teasing each other while Diamond Tiara enjoyed her meal. In her opinion, every morning could go like this, really. A look to the diaper ruined the mood for her a bit, though.

She had grown up with this, so it wasn’t like she couldn’t deal with the problem, but the solutions were rather problematic. At least under normal circumstances. Diamond Tiara looked up again. “It’s friday, right?”

Her mother, chewing and then swallowing a blade of grass, nodded. “Yes, sweetie.”

“That means you’ll be leaving today, right?”

“Yup, so it seems,” her father said. “Sorry to leave you alone again. Business tends to be busy around this time of year.”

Diamond Tiara shook her head. “It’s no problem.”

And it wasn’t. Her parents often left her alone, or rather they let Silver Spoon’s parents play housekeepers. Having her friend stay over was always the best of times, since she could run around the house the whole day and never needed to don that blasted tiara. It never made her feel right, even though her parents had said that it was the best solution money could buy.

“So,” she asked, smiling, “when’s Silver Spoon coming over?”

Banner Bright tilted her head slightly. “Kiddo, we talked about this, Spoony and her family are out of town.”

Oh, that’s right, Diamond Tiara thought, a frown appearing for a second as she thought of what could be done instead. An imaginary light bulb went on above her head as the infinite truth of the cosmos spread itself out before her and the vast darkness of nescience dispersed. There was but one answer for this sort of situation, since she had a cute mark now and all.

Her parents had finally decided that she was old enough to stay alone at home. Diamond Tiara struck a winning pose. “Yeah!

Giving her another look of confusion, her parents simply stared as the girl silently congratulated herself on conquering time itself and defeating the beast that was “being the child in the house”. Finally, ponies would acknowledge her opinions on all matters, she could open, like, a hundred bank accounts, and not only that, no, she could buy all the cake she wanted and nopony had any authority to stop her from it. No wait, she could buy herself a whole bakery, and then she could just eat the cake right after it was done. Clearly, there existed no better thing an adult could do, and she was proud of herself to be the first to come up with that.

Immediately, she jumped up from the table did a small victory dance in celebration. The plan had been that, when the day would come, she and Silver Spoon would do it, since the entire choreography was based around a partner. Well, they couldn’t all be winners.

“Sweetie, aren’t you a bit too happy about your friend not being here?” Rich asked deadpan.

Diamond Tiara simply moonwalked on the spot. “I’m finally staying here home alone. This is the best day ever.”

“But you’re not,” Banner said, a sly smile on her face.

Diamond Tiara stopped immediately, looking at the two of them, her look as blank as her mind. “Wha?”

“Don’t stop your dance, sweetie, it’s adorable, though you could use a partner for that choreography,” Diamond’s mother told her before she put a flower in her mouth.

“You’re not old enough that we could leave you here alone,” her father said, almost amused at the thought, though Diamond Tiara only saw the image of a mountain of cakes. And it was running away.

“B-but …”

Her father laughed. “Oh don’t worry, princess, we’ve asked some old friends of the family and they thought it quite the nice idea to have you over. They even got a daughter that’s in your class.”

Diamond Tiara’s thoughts ran wild at that moment. Who could they be talking about? Twist’s family? She didn’t want to stay with Twist, that filly spoke funny and wasn’t cool like DT was. Dinky? Her mother had the same reputation as a wrecking ball, and the filly herself had delusions of grandeur that scared Diamond Tiara.

“You’re going to stay with the Apples over the weekend,” her father said with a sagely nod.

And for a moment, deep in her mind, Diamond Tiara found herself on a marble floor, dancing in whirling twirls, every step echoing across the hall. For one second she was a dancer, alone in a hallway. A tango was playing in the background, and the emotions were running wild. She danced, she pranced, she was elegant and everything was wonderful. Everything was perfectly fine, there, in the depths of Diamond Tiara’s mind.

What?” she screamed out.