The Princess and Her Guards

by PinkieLunaShy

Chapter 2

"It would be best if you just quit now. I'm sure our Mistress would have something for you to do, even if that is just court jesters." said Blitz, as she kicked fallen Genevieve in the side.

The fight was in full swing. Blitz was squaring off against Genevieve, Dominic was against Darkstar, Orion vs. Ryan, Firestorm vs. Jamie, and Angelina was against Starry. The Shadowbolts were trained, professional fighters and former guards. Dominic and his friends where just kids. Sure they had practice some hands on combat against one another but every punch and kick they did was neatly blocked and/or returned by their Shadowbolt opponent. Genevieve tried to get up, but fell back down when Blitz kicked her again before placing her foot on Vee's back.

"Oh don't tell me your done? I was just warming up." giggled Blitz, when Vee stopped struggling against her foot.

"Not done....just waiting." answered Vee before using her magic to throw Blitz across the clearing and into a tree, snapping it in half. Shakily getting to her feet, Vee readied her magic. Blitz pulled herself out of the rubble of the broken tree. Cracking her neck, she walked back toward Genevieve.

"Good, because I'm all warmed up." said Blitz.

Dominic felt Darkstar catch his foot in mid-kick before flipping him on his side. Scrambling to get back up, he looked up to see Blitz fly across the clearing and into a tree. He looked in the direction she flew from and saw Vee getting to her feet. After standing back up, he ran toward Darkstar, only to get punched in the gut.

"Are you done?" asked Darkstar, rolling his eyes.

Dominic coughed up a little blood, "Nah, just getting my a feel for how you fight." Rising to he feet, Dominic's eyes glowed bight purple. Darkstar looked at him, slightly confused. This makes no sense! What is he doing? Why are his eyes glowing!?

Silence. a voice replied, He's just using this to scare you. Its a simple light spell, but in this case his outlet is his eyes.

Darkstar smiled, Thank you Luna. "Really? Using simple light spell to scare me! You are pathetic!"

Dominic's face fell, How did he know? "Well then," he created a magical sword, "Since you saw through that I guess I'm gonna have to use this!"

"How did you know that I talked to him?" asked Luna, interrupting the story.

"Princess Celestia told us." replied Dominic, "Anyway."

Darkstar created a replica of Dominic's sword except it was black and thrust it at Dominic. It cut through Dominic's middle, before slowly pulling it out of his stomach. He grinned as he saw Dominic fall to the ground. His grin faltered as Dominic rose to his feet, and his middle was unscathed.

"Dude!! You are stupid!" Dominic laughed as he saw the look on Darkstar's face

"What? How are you? YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!!" yelled Darkstar

"You can recognize a light spell but you can't recognize a copy spell?"

"Once I find you I will cut you slowly and let you bleed out. I will keep you alive long enough for you to see each and every one of your friends die!"

"Graphic! but here's the thing IF you find me, which you won't, I'll join you of my own freewill."

"How dare you mock me, you worthless welp! You aren't even worthy to serve my Mistress."

"What is with you and the word 'mistress'? Anyway you gotta find me and then beat me first!" said the Dominic clone before making more clones, "Come at me bro!"

As Angelina took to the air she saw Dominic get puctured in the stomach. Before she could try and get to him a rope caught around her middle, she looked back to see Starry putting on her best pouty face.

"Aww! You thought you could leave before the show even started good!" Exclaimed Starry, "That make me sad! And I hate
being sad!"

Angelina struggled against the rope, "Nngh! Let me go!"

"NO! Your not leaving until you see the show!"

Angelina flapped faster and harder against Starry but Starry held her ground and slowly but surely brought Angelina closer to the ground. Once Starry had gotten her on the ground she tied Angelina to a tree and pulled out a portable stage. The curtain raised and Starry had dawned a Magicians outfit.

"Ladies and well Ladies! Welcome to the Great and Awesome Starshine MAGIC SHOW!! My fist trick is to saw someone in half! I need a volunteer! Who would like to volunteer?" asked Starry as she scanned the crowd, a.k.a Angelina, "AH yes how about you young lady?", she untied Angelina, who had started whimpering.

Placing Angelina in a wooden case she grabbed her saw, "And now I will saw her in half! Hehe! Now don't move! I don't want to accidentally kill you. Or do I? Tehehehehe!"

Angelina felt her tears run down the sides of her face. She knew that one day she would die but she didn't think it would be so soon. Closing her eyes she waited for her death, but it never came. She heard the saw fall to the floor and opened her eyes to see Starry staring straight ahead like she had seen a ghost. Following her gaze she saw the one thing that hid Princess Celestia from the Summer Sun Celebration. The thing that set them into this hunt, that caused this fight, that chilled her to her very core.

"Nightmare Moon."