In The Shadows Of Peace

by Veyron

Drawing a line in the sand.

Luna arrived at the meeting hall to find Cadence and Twilight already waiting for her. However, both failed to notice Luna’s arrival as they were in the middle of a very heated debate.

“But I do not think that is the right course of action, Twilight” Cadence said.

“Why not? I mean, we solved the changeling problem with diplomacy, why not do the same now?”

“Twi, that was different. The Changelings were starving and sick and they needed a helping hoof. The Diamond Dogs however are not sick and dying, in fact I would say that they are in pretty good shape. So what makes you think they need any helps from us?”

Luna had heard enough of the argument to know that neither side would back down, so in the interest of showing a united front to the rest of the diplomats, Luna decided to interrupt.

“While both of thee have outstanding points we must insist on haste as we do believe we are expected.”

Both Cadence and Twilight gave a start and turned to face Luna, who happened to have a faint smile on her face.

“Now shall we?”

The meeting hall was a fine example of Equestrian architecture; from it’s large marble columns to its vaulted ceiling and large stained glass windows. The hall had a very intimidating quality to it and Princess Celestia stood in the center of the room, surrounded by a half circle of six diplomats from six nations. Luna took note that the Zebrican diplomat and the Griffin and Buffalo diplomats were all in close proximity to each other while the diplomats for the Dragonians and Minotaur Republic had distanced themselves from the rest of the group.

So the lines have already been drawn. Luna thought to herself while she trotted to her seat with Cadence and Twilight.

“Ah good, you’re here, now we can begin.” Celestia said in a hushed voice to Luna. Clearing her throat and waiting for those assembled to direct their attention to her, Celestia began the addressing the assembled delegates. “ I, Princess Celestia of Equestria, do hereby call this emergency meeting of nations to order. Ambassador Thunderhooves, you have the floor.”

The Buffalo diplomat that had been sitting quietly to Luna’s left rose to his hooves. He was average for a Buffalo; a tan hide, black horns and a bit of body jewelry.

“Thank you, Celestia. My fellow ambassadors, I come before you to ask for your assistance in a matter most grave. I am speaking of the assault on my people perpetrated by none other than the Diamond Dogs.” Hearing his species mentioned, the Diamond Dog ambassador looked up and gave a toothy grin as Thunderhooves continued. “Even now, as we speak, my people live in fear; in fear of who will taken next, in fear of who will not come home and in fear of being left to die.” Finally finished, Thunderhooves sat back down.

Standing again, Celestia gave her attention to Thunderhooves. “Thank you ambassador, do you have any more news on the welfare of your nation?”

“I do milady. Last night another raid happened, many of our warriors were killed and Little Strongheart was taken from us.”

Well, that certainly complicates things. Luna mused and looking over, she noticed that the Griffin and Zebra ambassadors were quietly conversing before the Griffin stood up.

“I, Ironbeak, will speak for my people as well as for the Zebrican people. We hereby pledge our support monetarily and militarily till the end of this crisis or till such time as assistance is no longer needed.”

“Thank you Ironbeak, you may be seated” Celestia turned to the Dragon and Minotaur ambassadors. “Surely one of you has something to say.”

“I do my lady.” Came the deep voice of the Dragon. “The Minotaur ambassador and I have come to an agreement; we will remain neutral. This is not our fight and nor is it yours. While we feel sympathy for our Buffalo friends we can not in good conscious get involved.”

“Very well. Ambassador Blackpaw, do you have anything to say?”

The Diamond Dog ambassador stood, showing off his dark brown fur and black paws. “The land that the Buffalo tribes currently reside on belong to the Diamond Dog nation, they have been ours since the time of King Artemis.”

“Very well. I will now give Equestria’s position on this matter. While we do not condone the actions that the Diamond Dogs have taken, we can not offer our full support militarily… however, we are willing to offer aid financially and we are willing to take your refugees into our borders for protection.” Looking around, Celestia decided to call the meeting to a close. “I hereby adjourn this meeting, may each of you have a safe trip home.”

As the last ambassador left, Celestia turned to the three other Princesses. “Let’s hope that this situation does not get any worse.”

“Yes dear sister, let’s hope.”

Somewhere in the Red Stone mountain range

“My liege, Ambassador Blackpaw is back and brings news that the Zebras, Griffins and Equestrians have sided with the Buffalo.”

“And what of the Minotaurs and Dragons?”

“They wish to remain neutral.”

“Leave me.”

“Yes my master.”

“So they think they can beat me? Fools. Every one of them in this world belongs to us and they are only meant to be slaves. We will burn their cities till they are nothing but ash, we will hunt down and publicly execute their heroes and we will make their leaders watch as the ones they swore to protect scream out in agony while they themselves are bound and forced to realize that they have failed.”The large bipedal figure stalked towards a lone crimson throne.

“... Only then will we offer them death. Once they are gone, the Diamond Dog nation will reign supreme. Now it is time to sound the drums of war, now is the hour that this world will fall to its knees and beg for mercy… mercy that will never come, just as it never had for me, just as it never had for many.”