Mega Mare Zero

by Shazam 25

Mission One

Applejack, Rarity and Zerofire appear in Canterlot and Zerofire look around feeling that she been there before. She walk on without notices that Applejack and Rarity were speaking to a guard. Zerofire walk up to a glass window and saw six mares shooting a beam at an Alicorn. As she look at them she could tell two if them were the mares she save, two she didn't know and two more that look familiar. Try as she might, she couldn't remember. Zerofire then heard some hoof steps behind her and turn. Princess Luna was quiet surprise to see the mare face and thought it was Twilight before noticing there was no horn.

"Are you one of the Princesses?" She ask not moving.

"Yes, I'm Princess Luna, the moon princess. I take you're Zerofire?" She said the ask back.

"I don't know if I'm the Zerofire you're looking for, but for now, that my name." Zerofire said and turn back to the window with the six mares.

"I see you are looking at the time the Mane Six free me from the darkness in my heart." Luna said walking next to her.

"That you?" Zerofire ask.

"Yes, It a past that I do not want to relive. But you might know them, you met them before." Luna said.

"I have?" Zerofire ask confuse.

"You don't remember, odd." Luna said thinking about it.

"Ah think she lost her memories. She didn't even know if Zerofire was her name or not." Applejack said as she and Rarity walk up to them.

Zerofire turn back to the window and look at the six mares. That when Rarity notices what she was looking at.

"That me and my friends freeing Luna.", Rarity said then pointed to all six mares, "That me, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Twilight and Rainbow Dash."

"Rainbow Dash? That name sounds familiar." Zerofire said once she heard Rainbow's name.

"Yeah, you and Rainbow Dash were great partners. Rainbow Dash was know as Mega Mare Dash that fought in a war with you 16 years ago." Rarity said.

"War? The Chaos War?" Zerofire ask remembering the name of that same war.

"Why yes! You and Rainbow Dash, along with Scootaloo, were a great team and the three of you were unstoppable." Rarity said surprise.

Zerofire look at the blue pegasus in the window for a second longer before turning to the purple unicorn that look like her.

"Who that and why does she look like me with a horn?" She ask.

"Dat Twilight Sparkle. She our friend and Princess Celestia student. She disappear around the same time as you did." Applejack answer.

And those things you're wearing?" She ask again.

"Those are the Elements of Harmony. Together the six of us are protectors of Equestria before you and Mega Mare Dash show up." Rarity told her.

"Where are the others?" Zerofire ask.

"Pinkie and Fluttershy are helping any ponies that escape from Neo Ponyville, Rainbow Dash is the ruler there and is 'cleaning' any pony to make sure Chaos Soldiers doesn't come back and Twilight, as we said before, went missing with you." Applejack said.

"Cleaning? Why would Rainbow Dash do that?" Zerofire ask.

"We don't know, but we think somepony or something lead Rainbow to do shush a thing." Rarity said.

Zerofire close her eyes, thinking about it. She didn't get far when they heard one of the alarms go off.

"Uh, oh! Trouble, let move!" Applejack shouted and they ran off. Zerofire turn back to the window and look at the two mares she was familiar with.

"Twilight and Rainbow Dash." She said before rushing after them as a blue spark floated down.

Everypony ran into the Throne Room as Applejack ask, "What the problem?"

"We have found one of our own. However he about to be 'clean' in a factory not too far from Canterlot." Celestia said.

"Any idea who it is?" Rarity ask as she hop in a chair and started typing on her desk.

That what we are trying to find out, I do hope he be ok." a yellow pegasus said that Zerofire guess was Fluttershy.

"Of course, silly filly!", said a pink pony that Zerofire also guess was Pinkie, "All we got to do is send somepony to rescue him."

"Pinkie, you know that factory, it impossible for us to even get close without have to fight our way in." Applejack said as she look over Rarity's shoulder to help out.

"Then send me." Zerofire spoke up.

Celestia, Pinkie, and Fluttershy turn and saw Zerofire. They couldn't help but to gasp when they saw her. Like with Luna, Applejack, and Rarity, they thought she was Twilight before noticing there was no horn.

"Are you sure?" Luna ask.

"Yes, I still don't know if I'm the Zerofire you are looking for, but I will help in anyway I can." She said.

"Very well, Me and my sister will send you as close as we can get you." Luna said knowing that they would have to trust her.

"What do you mean you may not be the Zerofire we know?" Pinkie ask

"And you look familiar." Fluttershy added.

"There no time, send me to the factory." Zerofire said.

"Very well, come sister. We must send her there." Luna said to Celestia.

Celestia didn't heard Luna at first. She was too busy looking at Zerofire and picturing Twilight in her place. It confuse her a lot, She knew Zerofire was really Spitfire, but she look like Twilight and it was hurting her head just thinking about it.

"Sister?" Luna ask.

Celestia shook her head to clear it before nodding.

"Zerofire do be careful, we don't know what lies ahead of you." She said.

Zerofire nod and was teleported to the factory.

Zerofire appear near the walls of Canterlot, ever since this war started Celestia and Luna had a wall build that it cover Canterlot so no pony could get in, not ever the train. Zerofire look around, It was clearly cloudy, while Canterlot was sunny. She guess once Rainbow took over, Celestia and Luna couldn't bring out the sun and the moon because no one could see them. Still she decide to focuses on her mission.

"Zerofire, This is Rarity. The Factory is straight ahead of you, but there are Dash Droids and Mechroids that will try to stop you, please hurry." Rarity voice come through her helmet.

"Understood." Zerofire said.

"Zerofire, This is Princess Celestia. I wanted to tell you something imported." Celestia said.

"I'm afraid it will have to wait. If one of your own is in danger, then I need to move as quickly as I can." Zerofire said knowing there isn't time.

"...Very well, Be careful." Celestia said.

Zerofire dash forward slashing down Dash Droids that came near her. She jump over some and slash some Mechroids that where in the air. Even though Zerofire just woke up, she was unstoppable. Any Droid or Mechroid met it end at her Saber or blaster. As Zerofire fought, her body started to remember more and more moves she had learn. She soon was able to do a triple slash and charge up both her Saber and her blaster. Zerofire felt like the Zerofire that all ponies knew. She reach the factory pretty quickly and look over it.

It look to be really old and most of it was cover in rust. She didn't understand why other Ponies hard a hard time getting there. After all, she got there in no time.

"Zerofire!", Rarity voice came though her helmet, "You got to hurry! The ones inside are about to be 'clean'!"

"I just reach the factory." Zerofire said.

"Zerofire, you might be surprise at something, but I need to tell you this now." Celestia voice came through.

"Make it quick." Zerofire said knowing time was short.

"Rainbow has not just decide that all Ponies can become Chaos Soldiers, but all creatures of Equestria can become Chaos Soldiers." Celestia told her.

"What?" Zerofire ask.

"Inside that factory is a creature we know as a dragon. His name is Spike, he apart of us. Hurry, you must save him." Celestia said.

"Understood." Zerofire said thinking on the name.

"There also a huge reading inside as well, be careful." Rarity warn her.

Zerofire cut the contention and think on the name.

"Spike...For some reason, I know that name." She said before dashing inside the factory.

Zerofire ran through a hallway and soon step into a room that look to be block off. At first she thought she hit an dead end before hearing something belong the floor.

"Hey! Is anyone up there?, Help! There spikes on the ceiling!" A male voice call out.

Zerofire look up but didn't see any spikes then realizes that the ceiling the voice was talking to was below her! That when Zerofire knew what the others meant by 'clean', Rainbow Dash was killing them! She growl, somewhere deep in her mind, she heard two more growls that match hers. Zerofire may not remember much about her past, but she did know Rainbow never kills. She was about the slash the floor in half when she spotted something land on the same floor.

"Hm? What this?", A Falcon Mechroid ask, "more trash to dispose of?"

"You must be the one in charge here." Zerofire said ready for anything.

"Yes, I'm Aztec Falcon, Harpuia, the Guardian, had sent me here to 'clean' the Chaos Soldiers here." It said.

"What you're doing is wrong! The ones done there haven't done anything." Zerofire said.

"What?! You're stand for the Chaos Soldiers?! Then you must be a Chaos Soldier as well."

"No, I'm a Harmony Protector." Zerofire said

She didn't know why, but she felt those were the right words to use.

"Harmony Protector?", Aztec Falcon ask, "They disappear 16 years ago!"

"Then I guess not all of them have!" Zerofire said and drew her Z-saber.

Aztec Falcon raise one if his wings and shot electric arrows at her, first high then low. Zerofire dodge the attack by wall jumping over it and release a charge slash on him. Aztec Falcon jump to the wall and fire three electric arrows. Zerofire dash away from her spot and started to notices that the floor was lowering.

"What?" She ask.

"Heh, hee, You can't wait around too long! In a few minutes the floor will crash the ones below." Aztec Falcon laugh.

"What?!" Zerofire said shock.

Then some where in the back of her mind she could hear a voice saying, 'hurry and save Spike!'. Zerofire didn't know who it was, but she decide to listen to it. Zerofire charge her blaster and waited for Aztec Falcon to attack again. He did but this time he dash right at her. Zerofire fire her blaster at point blank range casing Aztec Falcon to flinch back and Zerofire quickly triple slash him. After the last slash Aztec Falcon was cut into two and blew up.

Zerofire notices that the floor was destroy and landed on the floor below. She look up to see a purple dragon with green spikes and purple wings and green inside the wings.

"I take it you must be Spike?" Zerofire ask.

"Y...yes! But who are you?" Spike ask.

"I'm Zerofire. Princess Celestia has send me here to save you." Zerofire said.

"Wait, your Zerofire?!", Spike ask shock, "but I heard that Zerofire was a pegasus, not an earth pony."

Zerofire just close her eyes, she was just as confuse as Spike. Still she felt the name Zerofire was hers. She open her eyes to see that Spike was looking over her body.

"What are you doing?" She ask a bit annoy.

"It just that you look like somepony I know." Spike answer.

"Zerofire, are you ok?" Rarity voice came through her helmet.

"Yeah, I save Spike." She said.

"Good, We await your safe return with him." Rarity said.

Zerofire started to walk away and Spike rush to keep up with her. They didn't get far when Zerofire spotted something on the ground. She pick it up and saw it was a chip with a thunderbolt on it. She look it over and then took out her blaster. She found a slot and place the chip in. She put the blaster away and walk into a room that was clear of enemies and contention Celestia.

"This is Zerofire, we are ready to be back." She said.

"Very Well, stand by." Celestia said.

Soon Zerofire and Spike were teleport to Canterlot.