A Change of Pace

by Discord_Nations

Alliances and Questions

Talking with the Apple family I learned a few things. The big red stallion known as Big Mac is not much one for words in normal situations. Mostly sticking to a simple "eeyup" or "nope". That and granny smith knows how to make one mean apple pie.
"I can't thank you enough Mrs. Smith for allowing me to have some of your delicious food." I said through a mouthful of pie.
"Oh aren't you polite." Granny Smith replied. "Just call me granny. No need for formalities here." Applebloom was helping her clean up the last bit from making the pies.
"Ah just wouldn't feel right not to apologize in some way for mah rude behavior. Not everyday a new creature comes to town. Not usually ah good thing when it does happen." Granny said after taking a seat at the table.
"Well I won't argue with that. But I think I've had enough apple pie for one day." I said as I started to stand up. I said my good byes to the Apple family as I went out.
The next couple hours went by without many events. Walking around, ponies avoiding me, sometimes they even just stared at me. As if I would do anything. I even managed to find a nice secluded place to practice my fighting. Not that intense of training yet. Dont need to rip open my shoulder again. But training, even a little, helps.
As I sheathed my sword I heard some branches on the ground snap. I turned to see a pony standing there. She had a purple mane with a white streak going through it with a pink coat. She wore a little tiara on her head and looked at me with fright. She backed up a bit when I glanced over at her.
“Hi there, what brings you out here?” I said with my friendliest grin I could put on. She just stood there for a few seconds before running off with a scream. Well that was weird. Ponies have been insecure around me sure, but never really freaked out like that. I didn’t dwell on it too much. I looked at where the sun was in the sky. It looked to be about 5:30. “I should probably head to Twilight’s before the meeting.”
Twilight’s House 6:05pm
I finally reached Twilight’s house after another long walk of ponies being nervous around me. Though a few that I had seen earlier in the day didn’t look very nervous, though still not confident enough for them to come up to me. At least a little progress was being made. ‘I wonder if I will actually ever really talk to any of these ponies?’
I reached Twilight’s house and knocked on the door. I was met at the door by none other than Twilight who didn’t look too pleased with me. What the hell just happened? I was let into the library without so much as a hello.
“So what’s up Twilight?” I asked, unsure if I should have even said anything.
“Don’t talk.” She said in a rough tone. “Do you know what time it is?” I looked at the clock and read that it was 6:06pm. I gave a slight nod. “Then why are you late? The princesses could be here any minute, or worse, they could have been here by now! You want to make a good impression don’t you?”
Ok, this I wasn’t ready to deal with. “Twilight, I. Will. NOT.” I stamp my foot for emphasis, “Be treated like a child. I definitely will not stand here and get scolded by a 4 foot tall brightly colored talking pony either! I don’t think your Princesses would care if I was a few minutes late, even if they got here at 6 o’clock.” I think my voice was a bit too harsh because she had taken quite a few steps back. I just took a deep breathe and let it out.
I finally went to look about the room and saw everyone room earlier today. They all had a bit nervous look to them, other than Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, the first of which looked absolutely terrified and the second trying to hold back some laughter at Twilight’s expense. I just pinched the bridge of my nose and hung my head.
We sat there in relative silence until we heard the beating of wings outside the library. Guessing it was the ponies who I had been expecting I opened the door and stepped outside before anyone could say otherwise. I prefered everything outside. The others had followed me outside. I was kind of dumbfounded when I stepped out and saw two ponies that almost matched me in height. and had both wings and a horn. One was a brilliant white with a multi hued ethereal mane. The other being a dark blue with a dark ethereal mane that looked like the night sky.
“Welcome Princesses,” I heard from Twilight behind me. I looked at them and saw they were all bowing to the two beings in front of me. I didn’t budge an inch downwards. I just stood there analyzing the Princesses. One had a sun tattoo on her backside while the other had a crescent moon on hers. Twilight quickly got up from the ground and ran up to the white princess and gave her some type of hug that she returned.
“WHY DOTH THOU NOT BOW TO US?” The dark blue one said with an extremely loud voice. How a creature could produce such a loud noise is beyond me. Must be some sort of magic that I’ve been seeing from the unicorns.
“Luna!” The white Princess said to the other. “Please calm your voice! We are all right in front of you.” She stated while rubbing the assaulted ear on the right side of her head.
“We apologize sister. I am only inquiring as to why this creature doth not bow and show us respect.” Luna said giving me an annoyed look.
“Well I don’t know how it’s done around here. But from where I’m from, respect is earned, not given. You may be a princess to these ponies, but not to me.” I deadpan at the princess in question. I swear I saw her eye twitch. This should be interesting.
The white one just stood there for a bit, just looking at me. She finally spoke after about a minute. “Well allow me to introduce ourselves. I am Princess Celestia, I raise and lower the sun. And this is my sister, Princess Luna, she raises and lowers the moon. May I ask what your name is?”
“I am Alex Silver, former warrior of the Silver Blade Clan.” I stated as I detached my greatsword. I heard quiet gasps from the ponies behind me. I slowly raised it above my head, but I felt something grab hold of it. I looked to see Twilight’s aura around it. I just started to laugh at her. I quickly rammed the sword straight down.
“ALEX NO!” I heard Twilight scream. It was too late, the sword had met my intended target and was buried deep within. I just started laughing to no end at Twilight’s look of horror. Luna giving me an equally surprised look. I saw anger build in Twilight’s eyes and she saw the sword standing straight up.
“Now Twilight, I had a very good reason for doing that.” She started to say something as I took a step to the side. The sword was standing tall and proud, lunged deep into the earth. Not a drop of blood to be found. She just started to open and close her mouth like a fish out of water.
I just continued from where I left off and unhitched the belt holding my longsword onto me and clicked it back together away from me, and placed it on the hilt of the greatsword until it reached the handguard. I took my shield off my back and did the same with the arm loops.
“As a symbol of peace among my people, I give up my weapons and shield.” I said to them, bringing my fist to my chest in a salute.
“But… We thought that thou hast no respect for us.” Luna said, almost at a loss or words. Celestia just stood there and gave me a warm smile, almost motherly.
“I never said I had no respect for you. You just haven’t earned the respect of me bowing to you is all.” I said with a mischievous grin, “A leader of a country in a magical world? I’m not exactly smart, but I have common sense. I know who I want as an ally and who I can bear to have as a foe. Flying and magical ponies is not on the list of them.”
Celestia giggled at my remark. “Well Alex, the proper term or us is Alicorns. And you are wise to not have us as foes. We possess the most magical power in Equestria.”
“Well I’m certainly not going to test myself again you. Not yet at least.” I said with a chuckle. Celestia gave me a confused look. “It’s just a joke. Where I’m from, those who didn’t like the leadership they were under could challenge their superiors to a fight. The one who won took the role of leadership. So basically if i challenged you, I would be challenging your leadership.” I gave her a little smirk.
“Well I hope you see our leadership as just and fair. I would hate to harm anypony.” Celestia said. “Shall we proceed inside? I would like to ask you some questions, as well as my sister I’m sure.”
“Yay…” I said in a lame tone. “More questions.” Twilight and Celestia gave some laughs from my statement.
I let the others go inside first. I quickly gathered my gear from outside, the greatsword being almost stuck, and followed the others inside.
I took off my armor once I was inside and sat down. I took a seat closer to the door while the princesses took seats right in front of me and the others off to my left.
“So Alex, do you know how you got here?” Celestia asked.
“Well I was shot at, and the force of it pushed me into a deep fissure in the ground and I woke up in the Everfree. If I remember the name correctly. So I know what lead to me being me here, but not exactly sure how I got here.”
“Interesting. Now I think you’ll be happy to know that given some time, I may be able to come up with a way to send you back-” Celestia stated but I cut her off in the middle of it.
“No thanks.” I said without any hesitation. “I don’t want to go back. I’m perfectly fine with staying here.”
Celestia just gave me a dumbfounded look. She was obviously highly confused. “B-but what about your home? Your family, friends? What about your entire life? Surely there must be something for you to go back.”
“Nope, nope, and I don’t care about the life I lived there. I was banished from my home, I’m never able to go back, and I have a much better chance at living here and making a new life.” I explained. “I would probably be dead with a few weeks in my world if I went back. Not to mention someone wants me dead.”
“But, what doth thou expect to find in our land?” Luna said.
“Well, I’m hoping a peaceful life.”
“Didn’t thou hast a peaceful life from where thou hast come from?”
“This looks like it could take a while. Make yourselves comfortable.” I said.