Ethanol, Elements, and Estrogen

by KiltedKey

Chapter Twenty One: Ravenous Rutting Reflections

Rainbow Dash was on cloud nine, even though her mattress was nowhere near a cloud in terms of softness. She couldn't imagine herself not being in such a state of elation after what she had been through in the last twelve hours.

She didn't care that she was physically and mentally tired. She didn't care that a fatigue from more sources than she could count was going through her system. She didn't care that the weird state of numbness going through her body was nearly unexplainable, and how the cloudy fog inside of her head just didn't seem too keen on going away.

She felt so damn good.

She couldn't quite sleep, and yet she wasn't fully awake either. She didn't bother looking at the clock. Time was not important at the moment. The lovely pillow that her half wet mane and snout was pushed into was.

Her body was wet from her recent shower, and yet she struggled to remember exactly when that shower was. It was also not important. Her muscles and body relaxing across the mattress in an attempt to replenish her destroyed ATP reserves was.

The thought that her biology lessons had kicked in and that she suddenly remembered what ATP was pulled her from her sedated limbo. The Cloudsdale Flight School educational system had once again ruined a night of sleep for her. Its revenge on her for her behavior during her high school years was seemingly eternal.

"Buck you, Mr. Beak," Rainbow muffled into her pillow, her drool caking her chin. "I don't care that I'd totally ride your hot griffin ass now if I was drunk. You woke me up."

She nuzzled into her pillow, her hindquarters falling over onto its side as she dragged her snout into her pillow's wet surface. "Now... now let me sleep, and maybe you can do me after aerobics. I remember you checking me out after gym class."

She rumbled deeply, her tail lifting up to expose herself to the bathroom door. "Yeah... you like that view, don't you, Mr. Beak? All yours. Just... give me a few days, when my crotch doesn't burn." She giggled. "I'll give you crotch burn. Oww... my crotch burns."

"What in the bloody nine levels of Tartarus are you talking about?"

A small part of Rainbow's mind mentally tripped at the sudden voice beside her, until the rest of her mind reminded her of what had taken place recently. Her eyes shot open to stare at the being who spoke to her.

Rarity. The Rarity that Rainbow was relatively sure she was one of a few ponies in the world who had seen her in her current state.

All of her makeup was gone, and any attempt at organizing her mane had been thrown to the wind, leaving her with a voluminous storm of violet hair that rolled down to her back and left Rainbow envious at how thick the hair was. Her blue eyes were bloodshot, tired, and yet semi-focused onto Rainbow's. There was no anger on her face. Only confusion.

For now.

Rainbow rubbed her face into her pillow once more. It was supposed to have all of her answers. "Griffin penis. I'm talking about griffin penis."

"I see," Rarity said softly. "Are you an expert on the subject?"

"No." Rainbow sighed quietly, thudding her snout into her pillow. "Just ignore me. I'm kinda out of it right now. I'm most likely saying stupider things than I normally say. So really, this is lethal amounts of stupidity."

Rarity silently nodded, biting her bottom lip as she laid on her side, her tail resting on Rainbow's leg. Rainbow's barely open eyes watched Rarity's shuffling, waiting for some sort of shout, punch, or impalement from her horn at her realizing she had just had sex with her.

It was inevitable. It had to be coming. The sex after the contest. The morning sex. The shower sex. It was going to hit Rarity's mind that she had done it all. And Rainbow, tired, helpless, and uncaring due to her mostly sedated sex drive, was going to die from a horn going straight through her eye.

"W... what is it like?" Rarity whispered.

Rainbow blinked. "What is... 'what' like?"

Rarity squeaked. "E-e-erm... griffon...hood."

Rainbow's snout could not settle on a single expression. Shock, bewilderment, questioning her own sanity, and considering she had possible hearing damage due to listening to power metal. She mouthed Rarity's question to herself. "What is... griffin penis like?"

"N-n-not that I'm implying you've had any!" Rarity whimpered, her ears folding. "J-J-just thought that if any of my friends would have had it, it would be you! M-m-my apologies, Dash. Don't mind me. I'm just hungover, curious, tired, and-"

"The curves are interesting, and the knot feels fantastic, but since the tip is all weirdly shaped 'n stuff it feels kinda empty inside of you. They also have like, no load at all. So however big their balls look? Just hormones. Although it's really the prostate that holds sperm, not the testicles."

She winced. Her biology class had struck again, and the silence that filled the air was a double whammy.

Rarity and Dash looked at each other, slowly computing their recent erudite conversation. Their manes were in disarray - although thankfully clean - and their eyes spoke of only a fraction of the rolling waves of disharmony going through their brains' synapses.

"So... why the buck did you ask me that?" Rainbow said. It summed up her thoughts well.

"Well you were talking about it, and I... erm... may have a toy, and was wondering if the real thing felt any different." Rarity clopped her forehooves together shyly, a thick blush going across her muzzle. "I... erm... may be a bit looser with my tongue than I wish to be. I usually am given time to prepare myself in the morning after all, and with the current thrumming in my head I'm not exactly... myself."

Rolling over onto her back, Rainbow chuckled in amusement, pressing the back of her muzzle into her pillow. "I can't believe we are having this conversation. And when I mean me, as in that I'm talking about this with you."

"I can't believe I have said all of this!" Rarity cried meekly, burying her snout underneath her pillow. "And you thought I was a barbarian before? I-"

"Rarity, stop it."

Rarity poked her muzzle out from her pillow, looking up at Rainbow like a dog caught laying where it shouldn't. "But-"

"Seriously. Stop." Rainbow pulled the pillow away from Rarity's muzzle, prodding her on the nose. "Look at me. Do I look like I'm just about to fly around and crack jokes everywhere? So stop worrying about you needing to be all formal around me. You know I can't stand that stuff."

"W-well if I must be honest, yes to you and jokes. It is kind of who you are, sweetie."

"I'm trying to make a point," Rainbow grumbled, gritting her teeth. "I'm trying to say that you don't need to act like Fluttershy because you're talking about sex or swearing. Ever. And especially not after what we've done yesterday and today."

"Am I being as shy as Fluttershy?" Rarity lifted herself up, laying on her hip. "I haven't really studied myself in times like this. It's not exactly common for my more... erm... 'crude' side to come out. Yesterday was just too much for me to handle. And it... slipped."

Rainbow smirked, her wings spreading lazily. "Let's see: You're stuttering, whimpering, being way too cute for your own good, and doing it with a hot Lambdon college girl accent that makes my butt wiggle a bit every time I hear it. So yeah, you're being like Fluttershy, if she had an accent. And curved hips."

For the first time that morning, Rarity's eyes turned into a light scowl. "I thought you said you did not have the energy for being snide."

"Meh." Rainbow closed her eyes. "It's kinda natural for me to be snarky, and I'm even worse than I used to be, thanks to hanging around you and Twilight. It's-gah!"

The feeling that suddenly shot across Rainbow's rump was one she knew all to well, mostly from herself. The faint glow that clung to Rarity's horn only confirmed her suspicions.

Rarity was magically squeezing Rainbow's sore plot. Very, very hard.

"Oww!" Rainbow yelped, her cheeks and thighs tightening. "That hurts! Why are you pinching me? You did that enough today. Oww, don't pinch harder! Stop being a bitch."

"So says one herself," Rarity purred quietly, her eyelashes fluttering. "I can not stop being what I am naturally, as you just said. Generosity and bitchiness are two sides of the same coin, Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow winced in relief the moment the tension on her withers retracted, her rump thankful for the peace. "No! No they are not. Two sides of you maybe, but-"

Whatever sort of anger Rainbow was about to give Rarity melted as Rarity rolled over onto her stomach, her forehooves tenderly massaging up and down Rainbow's chest.

"Can't they be both?" Rarity whispered. She threw her mane behind herself with a toss of her snout, the lushly dense hair moving in a manner that would have made a shampoo commercial look like homemade pornography. The tips of her hooves dug into Rainbow's lithe chest and core as her tail and rear lifted up teasingly behind her. "Can't, they, be, both?"

If Rainbow was not currently distracted at watching Rarity's mane dance and sway far more beautifully than any mortal lock of hair should, she would have been complaining at the tender kneading that her chest was receiving. It had received enough of that recently as well, but that was moot compared to the radiant glow of Rarity's eyes that sucked in her soul like a seductive Stare. The alluring swaying of her unbrushed tail like a pendulum locked her in place, forcing her to focus only at Rarity's mane and eyes.

The curvature of Rarity's rump arching behind her was an added bonus. A very awesome added bonus.

"They can be both," Rainbow droned flatly. "They can be whatever they want to be."

The corners of Rarity's lips twitched as she did her best to repress her chuckles, but failed. Her tail flicked, her cheeks clenched, and her throat gave way. She fell over onto her side, cackling wildly as she slammed her forehooves onto the bed. "You... you should see yourself! Is this how you feel when you pull a prank on somepony? It's incredible! I just..."

Rainbow stared blankly at where Rarity once was, her intoxicated and brainwashed mind arguing with itself on how it had its fill on Rarity's body, and then on how such a fill wasn't really possible, considering such body couldn't easily be described with how physically beautiful it was.

Rarity was content to have her tears drip down her face as she laughed herself hoarse. "I will abuse this in the future. Oh Rainbow Dash, how you have fallen under my hoof and spell. My little pet pegasus. I... I can't breathe."

Breathing. It was a relatively important thing for a pony to do. Rainbow remembered to do it. She turned her snout quickly toward Rarity, her ears flicking at the tittering squeals that poured from her mouth. "Hu-hey! You are making fun of me!"

"I was 'seducing' you," Rarity giggled, burying her snout into her pillow. "It was the perfect moment. I had to get my revenge, and oh did I get it. Your face... it's..."

Sitting herself up to perk her head at the mirror on the dresser, Rainbow Dash was not amused with what she saw.

Her entire face was beet red from blushing. She had never seen her own muzzle as bright red as it currently was.

"I hate you. So much," Rainbow growled. "Rarity, just pulled a me, on me. Wow. Wow."

Breathing. It was a relatively important thing for a pony to do, and Rarity had forgotten how to do it. She had given up on laughing, and simply laid on her back, panting and mumbling incoherent praise to herself as gibberish poured from her muzzle.

Rainbow snarled, turning around to leap on top of Rarity, her forehooves scratching underneath her armpits. "That's it. I'm really going to make you not be able to breathe! I-"

Rarity's vocal chords were capable of producing many sounds of varying degrees of annoyance, cuteness, and beauty, depending on both the pony and the circumstance. The cry from her sore throat at being tickled would have been somewhere along those lines, except that it happened to have been at a pitch that Rainbow's dizzy mind found to be akin to sawing off her wings with a rusty razor.

She screamed in agony as Rarity's playful cry cut through her eardrums. She rolled onto her back, covering her ears. "My head! I can't hear anything! I... I feel sick. I think I'm gonna puke. I..."

And then, relief.

Her ears perked up as they were massaged in a manner she didn't even think was possible. The insides of her ears were being gently pulled open, the ringing and vertigo melting into the air. She didn't complain about the faint tickling that the edges were receiving either, sending a twitch down her shoulders at the unique sensation.

"Just relax," Rarity cooed, straddling Rainbow's stomach. Her horn gently pulsated as wisps of her magic massaged the tips of Rainbow's ears. "I'm sorry, sweetie. It's my fault."

"It's okay, as long as you do this more often. You are totally doing this more often. I just have to remember to not tickle you if I'm hungover."

"A decent bit of advice period. Be thankful I have... erm... 'voided' myself when you were sleeping this morning."

"Horrible phrasing, so I'll focus on the ear massage." Rainbow shivered, letting forth a faint gasp from her lips. "Oh, my gosh, this is... Are you sure you aren't a massage therapist?"

"I am positive. I just happen to be a mare of many talents when it comes to being sensual and motherly." Rarity's forehooves flicked through Rainbow's mane. "Are you sure you aren't hiding something from us, Rainbow Dash? Unless my ears are failing me I do believe I heard a faint lisp when you said 'oh my gosh'. Of course, I am not a Pegasus, so-"

"Oh for Pete's sake, I can't help it sometimes, alright?" Rainbow sat up on her forehooves, her left wing extending to prod Rarity's muzzle. "Sheesh. Can't a girl be a lesbian every once in awhile?"

"You know, I've always wondered where that phrase 'for Pete's sake' came from." Rarity laid down on her side, letting out a quiet sigh as she rested a forehoof on Rainbow's chest. "Haven't you? I have."

Rainbow mouthed Rarity's question on her lips, her snout shaking gently from side to side. She attempted to contemplate the sudden subject change, but the logic behind it was simple: A hangover. It explained everything.

"I... what? How the Hell did we start talking about this?"

"I'm just curious, and perhaps the hangover is effecting my attention span. And maybe all of the early morning drama."

Rarity slid forward, her hoof tracing up Rainbow's neck. Her ears folded, her bottom lip pouting. "Can't I be curious?" she whispered. "And second only to Pinkie Pie you aren't exactly known for your attention span."

"Don't be cute!" Rainbow whimpered. "Please don't be cute. Please don't try to seduce me with cuteness. It... it hurts my soul."

Rarity hummed contently, resting her snout gently on Rainbow's chest. "One night of sex and now you find my pouting and whining cute? I could have solved so many years of hardship and anger at you just by sleeping with you after enough shots of rum. Not that the quality of the sex was a disappointment. Far from it."

Rainbow looked down at Rarity resting her muzzle on top of her chest, a part of her mind still reeling at the thought of Rarity laying on top of her at all that didn't involve Rainbow getting a tooth knocked out.

The compliment about Rainbow being good between the sheets? An expected and normal response. She wasn't the LGBT pride of Equestria for nothing.

She folded her forehooves behind her muzzle. "What can I say? It's like flying to me: A lot of practice, effort, training, and conditioning."

Rarity grinned. "I knew you had a whoring side of you other than your glory seeking side, Rainbow Dash. I'm glad to see that you have been... 'generous' to share in your training methods with others."

"Oh buck you and your pun, Rarelight." Rarity giggled as Rainbow shoved her shoulders.

"You trotted right into it." Rarity shoved Rainbow back. "You can 'take' the glory well from what I have heard," she tittered, clopping her forehooves together. "Oh I have no filter hungover and tired. This must be what you feel like letting loose all the time."

Rainbow snorted. "Haha. Very funny."

"And are you acting like me now in which you can not take a joke?" Rarity gasped, falling over onto her back, a hoof resting on her forehead. "Woe to the world, for our personalities have switched! Whatever will we do?"

"I'm so glad you aren't cranky in the morning after sex." Rainbow folded her forehooves across her chest, scowling at Rarity in a manner Rarity scowled at others. "That would suck. You being a drama queen is... normal, really."

Sitting herself up, Rarity smiled gently, brushing a lock of her mane from her eyes. "Oh I have my hangovers and days when I act like a mare with PMS and ESP."


Rarity ignored the comment. "Thankfully they are few and far between. But if you think I can be awful going months without sex-"

"It's been months? That explains everything."

"-then you should be prepared for those mornings that Sweetie Belle knows not to disturb me. Or whole days for that matter."

Prepared. It struck a chord with Rainbow.

Rarity tilted her muzzle to the side. "Dash? Are you... alright? You look like you're... scared."

She sat up, her wings twitching nervously. "So... about last night. Are... are we... a thing now? After all of that? Now that all of the emotional stuff is... umm... mostly gone? If not, are you going to kill me once you sober up?"

"I..." Rarity stared at the mattress, her unkept mane rolling down her shoulders and back. "I don't know on the first bit, Dash. The hangover isn't helping."

"But we're still friends? R-right?" Rainbow's ears folded meekly. "I-I mean-"

Her thoughts melted at the sudden tight hug that squeezed her toward Rarity's chest. Having the oxygen squeezed out of her was a good way to stop her brain from thinking. "Oww. Lungs. Hurt. Can't breathe."

"I will not stand a depressed drunk or hangover," Rarity said, wrapping her forehooves around Rainbow's neck. "An angry one? Absolutely! A tired, or filled with regrets, or stressed one is fine too, but you will not be a downtrodden drunkard around me."

"When did you get such strong arms?" Rainbow croaked. "I'm into a lot of things, but choking isn't one of them."

"You get a good grip sewing a lot, but that is neither here nor there."

Rarity pressed her hooves gently into Rainbow's side, ruffling through her soft fur as a loving smile spread over Rarity's lips. Her tail flicked around to slide over Rainbow's side, the smile of confidence never leaving her muzzle.

"The point is, sweetie, is that of course we are still friends. It was a fun night that we both needed. And no, I will not kill you, or maim you or do anything of the sort. I just don't know 'what' we are. Friends for sure. Always. You are silly to think otherwise."

"Even if you say later today or tomorrow you want to punch me for having sex with you?" Rainbow said nervously.

"Even if I punch you. Even if-my gods of the Summer Lands, now that I am more coherent your fur is so soft!"

Whatever moral Rarity was going to make was lost as she nuzzled her snout into Rainbow's thick and gentle coat, her quiet and happy cries of delight followed by the wild swishes of her tail.

Despite the lean muscles that defined Rainbow's body, her blue coat was a soft and squishy wall of semi-thick fur. She wasn't the curly poodle puff of Pinkie, but she was close.

She hated it. Very, very much. It went against the walking tower of badassery that she was.

Rainbow stared dejectedly at the bathroom door that was not pleased it no longer was able to get a clear view of her groin. "Note to self: If Rarity's ever high or drunk again, just make her nuzzle me to make her not yell at ponies."

"I love that idea!" Rarity chittered, burying her snout into Rainbow's neck and upper chest. "This is so soft. And with the firmness of your muscles underneath? It's almost as good as a cloud pillow."

"Yeah... the movies don't really capture how awkward waking up after sex and hungover conversations can be well."

"But does it matter? Considering we are happy?"

Rarity's eyes met with Rainbow's own. "What? Yes the headache is awful, and I got far too drunk for my own good. Oh and must I mention my thighs are killing me, and I feel like my ovaries have completely run dry? I'm also quite thirsty, and need to go to the bathroom. But that all doesn't matter right now."

Rainbow opened her mouth. "Well-"

Rarity sat up quickly. "If you are going to say what I think you are going to say-"

"What? No! I was just gonna say I don't think we did any eating out last night, so that'd explain why you're thirsty." Rainbow's cheeks turned red. "I-I-I... uhh... if you haven't noticed might-"

"Oh." Rarity clicked her tongue between her teeth, averting her gaze. "I... erm... right. I must admit that you... have a lot in you. I didn't know a mare could have so much... erm..."

"Yeah..." Dash swallowed down the saliva in her muzzle. "I'm normally not this shy about that. But I guess since it's you and... uhh..."

Rarity nodded politely. "Indeed, Dash. I can understand. A lot has happened."

Their conversation had faltered into an awkward silence. They refused to make eye contact with each other, their cheeks a burning red at the taboo subject that was taboo despite everything they had done the night before. They scoffed at their matress shyly, doing everything they could to find the rest of the room more interesting.

In other words, they were being adorable.

"So is what you say about yourself and what I've heard in the gossip mill true?" Rarity whispered, glancing at Rainbow.

"If it's about what I think it is about, then yes, they aren't lying." Rainbow's hoof gently prodded Rarity's side. "N-not that I'd force you to taste it or anything!"

"But of course," Rarity added quickly, fluffing up the nearest blanket. "I just wanted to know if the rumors of you having flavored-"

"But you don't have to try it if you don't want to." Rainbow looked at Rarity's neck, unable to look at her in the muzzle.

Rarity simply found Rainbow's right wing fascinating. "But I might."

"It's on the table if you wanna try it in a few days."

"But I might not."

"But you might."

"Mayhap. The option is clearly open."

"Where's Pinkie Pie?"

"But for now I think we've had enough-"

Rarity blinked rapidly, shaking her muzzle to make sure she heard Rainbow's recent sentence correctly. "I... erm... would assume she's safe somewhere? I never knew one could link Pinkie Pie with vaginal secretions, but your mind is a perverted one, Rainbow Dash, and you did date her once."

"No no no," Rainbow shook her head, "I don't think you're getting what I'm saying. She's the kind of mare to jump in on an awkward conversation and make it even more awkward. Like... this one. Or the last ten that we've had."

"Ahh. I understand." Rarity stroked her chin. "I can't see her barging in here after we've had sex and commenting on it. I can't see her being that crude."

Rainbow snorted loudly. "You never know with Pinkie, and after everything we've been through last night? Hungover and tired like that? She might just do anything. She-"

The sudden force of Rarity's laughing body falling on top of her forced out a quiet squeak from the back of Rainbow's throat. "How in the bloody Tartarus have we talked about all of this? Or more accurately why have we? Have you been listening to us? We sound ridiculous! We've covered everything under Celestia's sun."

"We... we kinda do, don't we?" Rainbow giggled. "We sound like idiots. No offense."

"Absolutely none taken." Rarity pressed her snout into Rainbow's neck, sighing tiredly. "I've been saying far too many vulgar things for my own good, and am exposing a side of myself I never wanted exposed at all."

Rainbow raised an eyebrow. "And yet... you seem kinda happy about it. A lot less stressed."

Rarity rested a hoof on Rainbow's stomach, dragging it gently through her coat. "And yet I am happy."

She smiled. As her hoof danced through Rainbow's thick coat, she smiled. Her mane rolled down her shoulders and neck haphazardly, her inner thighs twitched faintly from the soreness going through her body, and her sapphire colored eyes were filled with red veins spreading across their edges.

But Rarity's gentle, content, peaceful smile never faded, and Rainbow could not help but smile back.

"I'm sure the massive release of all of those pent up hormones inside of me and letting myself loose among many other things might be the reason," Rarity said, "but damn it, I don't care why or how right now, because I am happy. I don't need a reason to be happy if I want to be. And if it's from the shagging, or just yesterday and all of its stress being over with, or the fun I've had with you, or I'm too mentally hungover to care, I don't give a shit. I don't. I really don't. I'm going to enjoy the moment until something comes trotting our way to blow it all to pieces and makes me cranky again. But that moment isn't the present. It isn't now, and I won't let it be now."

"And when those times come, Rares, you just gotta laugh it off and keep your chin up," Rainbow said, prodding Rarity's nose gently. "And I'm here for that. All of the gals are."

Rarity's smile grew. "Thank you, Rainbow Dash, and I really mean that." She gently lifted up Rainbow's right arm, pressing her left forehoof into Dash's own. "I really, really mean that."

"And I mean it when I say that was a really awesome Twilight like speech, Rarity. And have I told you how hot you are when you swear? I think I have like five times before, but I'll just mention it again."

"Oh shut up," Rarity growled playfully, shoving Rainbow. "You just find it dirty because you know I am much more composed than this. I must admit though, that being able to relax around you like this is very stress relieving."

Rainbow rolled her eyes. "And I have a thing for smart ponies swearing, alright? Don't you remember me talking about this? And you do have a stick up-"

Rarity shoved Rainbow harder, glaring at her giggling. "Relaxed does not mean insulting me, Rainbow Dash. And if we are speaking about past discussions we know full well of your rectal enjoyments. If I wish to pursue that matter later I'll-"

"Hey! Y-y-you shut up." Despite her mind screaming at her not to Rainbow Dash whimpered and blushed at the same time, losing many coolness points to the mists of time.

Rarity adjusted herself as she laid gently on top of Rainbow, her eyes glowing demonically. "Oh? Have I pinched a soft spot? A puffy, dark blue soft spot?" Her tail moved seductively behind her as she leaned forward, her lips inches from Rainbow's own. "You poor creature. Look at you, all blushing and on the defensive!"

"I-I am not."

"Oh I am very positive that you are," Rarity purred, stroking through Rainbow's mane. "And until you hush up yourself and admit I am right I am going to keep on abusing this. Just the way I-"

It was hard for Rarity to flirt with Rainbow with Rainbow's tongue in her mouth. And so she stopped attempting to do such after several seconds of gurgling on her own words and saliva. Instead, she did what came naturally to her fatigued mind.

She kissed back. The fluffy coat was very convincing to her on wanting to lay on it and make out with Rainbow instead of punching her in the eye.

Her posture slouched quickly as she laid down on top of Rainbow completely, her forehooves sensually digging into Rainbow's mane as her snout tilted to the side. She didn't even think about why she was doing it. She just was, and that was all there was too it. The rubbing of her muzzle into Rainbow's own was delightful.

The feeling of Rainbow's powerful and feathery wings wrapping around her back was sinful. She arched into Rainbow's body at the wings gently squeezing her back, her curved thighs and rump stroked and squeezed by Dash's hooves. The grunting moan she made as her withers were held was brutish, and yet she did not care. She dug into the back of Rainbow's neck and damned the universe and everything that was in it. It was passionate fun with a close friend; why should she think about it? And she was half stoned from so many chemicals that had entered and exited her mind anyways.

Nothing else mattered other than Rainbow's thick coat and firm body underneath her supporting Rarity. She hadn't even realized her tail had intimately twirled around Rainbow's several times over as they suckled onto each other's lips. It was an expression saved for two lovers, not friendship with benefits, and yet the moral lines of her relationship didn't even enter her mind.

She just kissed Dash, moaned blissfully into her mouth, and-

"I'm glad you two are enjoying each other this morning."

Whatever meager physical lock the connecting suite door had was ripped asunder by Twilight's magic. It stood no chance, and if Twilight was not subconsciously concerned about a repair bill, she would have ripped the door clean off.

She stood in the doorway, her mane and tail as ruined as Rarity's own, turning her once flat mane into a semi-curled wasteland of dark purple hair.

She was also very, very pissed.