An In-depth Study of the Origins of the Changeling Race

by Crystal Static

Chapter 3: The Initial Changes

The Initial Changes

In the Royal Archives, Trixie and Twilight are continuing their research. After reading more of the journal, Twilight finds and interesting reference to a 'Hyacinthus Lulamoon'.

"Trixie, can you go into some of your familial records for a specific name? I think I may have found something"

"Trix-I mean- I can look, just give me a second to finish this section."

"Okay, but hurry up, I am pretty sure that I found the name of the original changeling queen before she was a changeling."

"Okay, who is this mystery ancestor of mine? I just hope it isn't another false lead."

"Hyacinthus Lulamoon, and this name was in the StarSwirl Journal itself, so I am pretty sure it is not a dead end."

"Hmmm… It says here that Hyacinthus Lulamoon was a potions master, who used a lot of controversial techniques in potion making. She died in an accident involving an explosion. The report says that there was dark magic energies at the scene of the blast."

"Is there any reports on what she was doing during the blast?"

"Apparently she was trying to create a potion that allows somepony to receive nourishment from ambient magical fields."

"If that is the case, it could help explain how changelings feed on emotions. Is there any source material for those reports?"

"Apparently they found a journal describing her experiments at the scene, they apparently put it in the potions section of the restricted wing."


After finding the journal, they immediately went to the last section with writing in it. Finding information that explained a great deal about how changelings came to be, they turned to the last chapter of the section…

The experiment worked, to a degree. My body was reduced to basic particles, but after a day, it was reconstructed into this new form. My appearance is shocking, but at the shock of seeing my new form in the mirror, I was engulfed in a burst of fire, and my appearance changed to look like what I was before. As to why this journal is currently where you have found it, I wanted to finalize my work here, then let the other enlightened minds discover what I have accomplished.

I am no longer 'Hyacinthus Lulamoon', as that was my pony name. From now on, I am Monarch. A fitting name, for one who appears insectoid in their natural form.

I have laid what appears to be a clutch of eggs, and I am hungry. I tried to eat normal pony food, but it wasn't sating my hunger. After leaving my house, I decided to take a short stroll in the nearby park, where I noticed something. I could see a faint aura around everypony. The aura was weakest around the ponies who were alone, and strongest around couples. I inferred that the aura was in fact a naturally occurring  magical field, and that the field fluctuates and changes with emotions. When I walked close to a field, I could tell what emotions the pony was feeling. Positive emotions had a sweet 'taste', while negative emotions were bitter. I know you cannot actually 'taste' emotional fields, but it is easier to say 'taste' than 'experience a sensory reaction to contacting an emotional field'. And the sensory reaction has remarkable similarities to the sensory reactions your tongue has when you eat something.

After some discreet investigation, I discovered that, when near an emotional field, I could, for lack of a better term, 'will' the field to release energy into my body. After 'feeding' for a some time, the pony that was releasing the field started to feel weakened. I stopped 'feeding' when the pony developed a nosebleed. I need to experiment more with 'feeding', but I know that excessive 'feeding' can be detrimental to the health of the 'host'. I realize that there are moral implications with overfeeding, and I would rather not have to explain why a pony dropped into a coma just because he or she was standing near me.

The eggs started to hatch! The 'nymphs' are small, about the size of a cupcake, and almost like puppies. They follow me around and feed on the emotional field I generate. My emotional field has become noticeably stronger after I feed on ponies, and weaker when the 'nymphs' feed on me. As to why I am calling them 'nymphs', their insectoid appearance, and how they came to be, inspired me to research on bee hive structure and development.

It has been a few weeks, and the nymphs have grown noticeably larger; they are currently the size of pony foals after a year. They have started to develop personalities and can communicate with me and each other telepathically. They (attempt to) do everything I tell them to do, and they have a surprising amount of initiative to complete given tasks. When they are not tasked to do anything, they tend to act more like pony foals. They are able to change form, and they can perceive each other through the disguises. They learned how to fly and use basic magic quite easily, but after using magic, they need to feed. I have also noticed that the capacity of my magical strength depends on how much I have fed.

I have determined a name for my new race, we are Changelings, and I am Queen Monarch of the Monarch Hive.

This is my last report in this journal, after this is written, I will be returning it to the Royal Archives where I retrieved it after the experiment. I have laid another clutch of eggs, but I decided to attempt to feed them some of my emotion field. When this clutch hatched, the nymphs surprising differences in form from the previous clutch. These nymphs appear to be more like my figure, and they are remarkably more intelligent. I have determined that they are almost identical to my form, so I can only assume that they are going to be hive queens of their own one day. I have named each of them: Liris, Polistes, Vespidae, Chrysalis, and Analis. They have a higher capacity for magic than 'drones', and they are much more physically adept as well.

I can only hope that my new race will grow strong and be able to peacefully co-exist with the other races of the world.


"Well that explains a bit, but it also creates more questions. Princess Celestia will want to see this right away."

"Twilight, it is almost midnight, do you really want to wake up the Princess to show her what we found? I am sure it could wait until morning. Besides, I need a shower and a good night's sleep."

"Okay Trixie, I guess we can wait until morning. I guess I will go to bed, see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight Twilight."

"Goodnight Trixie."


'We sure hit the jackpot today, and I am surprised that Twilight is this nice. I would've thought she would have been mad about the whole ursa incident.'

'Well, she did say that she feels we could be friends someday.'

'Yeah, I guess she did. I wonder how her friends would react though?'

'Regardless of how they react, I am sure Twi' could keep them from running me out of town again.'

'I just hope that we don't get into an argument about something, I really don't think I would be able to kick her adorable face in if it escalated to trading blows.'

'Wait, did I just think that her face was adorable?'

'Yes, but you already knew that.'

'Why would I think that? It isn't like I find her attractive.'

'I don't know why you would think that. Although she does have a nice figure.'

'Gah! Why am I even arguing with myself over me thinking she is attractive. I mean she is cute, but seriously, I am not a fillyfooler.'

'That's not what I think, but then again, I am you, so hah!'

'Ugh… I am just going to take a shower and go to sleep now.'

'Take your time in the shower. You know what I mean.'

'I seriously considered facehooving at that thought, the only reason why I didn't was because it would hurt... and I am kinda tempted...'