Small Stallion Is Small

by Fat1thatyoulove

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – What to do

The morning has rolled around as I expected, my head hurts and every quick turn of the head makes me want to throw up. However, there was one unexpected feeling that still tugs against my muscles, and that would be my lower body's soreness. My initial thoughts about last night's little encounter was that I had been dreaming...But waking up and having to clean my self and the couch assured me that everything that happened last night was real.

This however does not bring some stallion pride of getting with the mare I have admired from a far, instead my mind has not stop replying her actions when she left last night. And now I am wrapped in guilt and shame; the sound of her voice last night said everything. She may have remembered it, but from her point of view she took advantage of some small and helpless pony.

Worst still is that I do not have the courage to go and face her, seeing as how I would have no idea as to how to deal with that amount of akward silent. Especially to a mare who up until last night thought I was gay.

I push the thought out of my head as I instead turn my attention to the last little bit of of coffee in my cup.

As I take the final few sips of the warm and bitter liquid I turn my eyes towards the clock that continues to tick away.

A faint sigh comes from me as I stand up to ready myself to go to work. My horn sparks up as the saddle from yesterday floats over to me, it only takes me a moment to put the bag around me as I stretch my back legs out.

I give a little goran to the stretching as I roll my neck, "Now...Where did I put my tie?" I quickly turn my eyes around the room as I look for the light maroon red tie I thought I sat out. Turthfull a mortician is supposed to wear something more than just a tie, but seeing as how I am the head mortician I figure I should be given some slack.

My search comes to an thought as I hear something in another room crash to the ground. My ears go straight up as I just stare to the hallway that leads to three three other rooms in the house.

Strangely enough though the first thought that run through my mind is that Applejack has come back for seconds. Quickly though that thought is chased from my mind as I call back, "Spider Mane do you break something?"

I bring my trot up and into the hallway as I continues to speak up, "If you broke something important I will be putting you in a jar until I get back today. So you had better home you-..."

My sentence comes to an end as I now stare into the room, "The demon spawn!"

Sitting on my windowsill just a few hooves from the drawer that was pushed from the dresser sits a fluffy tailed white bunny, with a light maroon tie hanging in its mouth.

This bunny is no stranger to my, but at the sametime that does not make him a friend. I lower my head as I try to hold a smile, "We meet agian demon spawn, release my tie!"

Angel bunny brings his front paws to his mouth as he pull the tie from his mouth, and for a moment a smile crosses my face. But, my lapse in judgment is quickly lost as the bunny sticks it tounge out at me and in one motion kicks my window open and jumps outside.

"MY tie!" I charge forward into the room as I poke my head out of the window and towards the bunny that hops away.

Truthfully this one tie is meaningless seeing as how the drawer he knocked over has spilled out the almost pack rat amount of other ties and tops I have. But that fact this vermin just broke in my house and took the tie I had laid out has taken my attention.

I squint my eyes to the bunny as it continues to hop away as I smile, "Yes...Run little demon spawn...I know where you live." I turn my attention back to the cluttered floor as I float up another tie and quickly stuff it into my bag.

As my magic comes down I turn back into the hallway with my voice ringing out, "Spider Mane, I have to borrow some of your breakfast. Do not ask why just know you are helping the cause."

The words ring around the house as I quickly bring myself into the kitchen. As I reach the counter top I see the hairy brown spider out of the corner of my eye, I turn to the tight legged spider as I speak up, "You are not a very good watch spider do you know this?"

No answer comes up from the creature as its dark eight eyes just stare off into different directions.

"But I still like you..." I pat my hoof to the spider as I turn my attention to the black painted jar I have pushed up to the wall, "Ah here we go..."

I float the non transparent jar into a side pocket as I hold my devious smile, "Good bye Spider Mane."

With the jar now in place I start out of the door and into the early morning day. However, my quicker pace does not hold as my eyes set to one of the bright red apple trees that sit at the edge of the farm in front of my house.

I freeze as I feel my tongue slightly swell, my destination maybe faster down the path. But at the sametime I would most likely have to see Applejack. My shifty stance holds for a few moments as I try to build up the courage to travel down that path, however after a few good moments I turn my attention towards other path on my left.

I clear my throat as I start to bring my trot up agian, this path may have to go around the farm, but it is not like i'm going to be late to work or anything...As long as I do not waste time with my plan.

- - -
(A long and tiring walk later)

I hate that bunny...My head hangs low and my legs already have started to hurt, and the worst part is that even after this little stop I have to still take another ten minutes or so trot down the hill.

However, as the tree like cottage come into view my weakness starts to be pushed aside as the constant chatter of birds now ring to my ears. I turn my eyes towards the vast amount of bird houses that sit in the trees around the cottage, all the while as a thought comes to my head, who keeps birds as pets? They do not even do anything?

Luckily the trot up to the door is short as I knock my hoof to it.


The low voice from behind the door is almost impossible to hear over the birds, but I speak up as I wait, "It's Stony, your neighbor?"

"I'm sorry who?"

I clear my throat as I ring my voice out agian, "The stallion your rabbit always bothers."

The sound of the lock on the door coming undone ring out behind it as the mare's voice gets a little more audible, "Oh..."

Within a few moments the shy yellow mare with pink mane has opened the door, however with the door open her voice is still low, "...Sorry, its just the animals don't really like meeting new ponies when they are eating."

I cock an eye to the comment, but as I look around the room to all the different animals that gather around a few food dishes I nod my head, "Right..." It has always struck me as odd as to why this mare keeps so many animals around her house, but stranger still is how her house always smells fresh and clean.

"Um...What brings you by?"

The mare's voice nods my head as I straighten my posture, "It seems that your rabbit has taken one of my ties, and I would like to get it back."

"Well actually he's a bunny." Her voice picks back up from her correction as she contuines, "B-but i'm sure he didn't mean to take it."

"No he broke into my house got my tie and then kicked my window out." I hold my stance as the mare in front of me loses her firmness a little.

"T-that doesn't sound like Angle."

I shrug to the comment as I speak up, "Perhaps I could see him?"

Fluttershy gives a little smile to the comment as she shrugs, "Well he I suppose, but he really doesn't like to meet ponies before he's done with his breakfast."

"Okay..." I sway a little as I slowly bring my voice out, "Could you get him then?"

Fluttershy nods as she turns back into the house, "I'll see if he's done. Um, make sure you close the door please."

A slight smile comes to my face as I spark my horn up to close the door, "Yes, wouldn't want an animal to get out would we tierhorter."

The mare's ear flicks to the word as she cocks her head back to me, "What?"

I stutter a little as I clear my throat, "It means someone who really cares for animals." I hold my little smile as the mare shoot back her own little grin.

"Well thank you, oh and how is your tarantula?" The mare's trot has stopped and she now waits for a response.

"Spider Mane, he's fine. I stepped on yesterday but he's-..."

"Oh no!" The mare brings her hoof to her mouth as she takes a step back towards me, "Is he okay?"

I wave my hoof to the comment as I shake my head, "Nothing I could not fix."

Fluttershy cocks her head as her low voice comes up, "I didn't know you were good with animals."

A slight chuckle comes up from me as I nod, "I have my moments."

The words hold the mare's smile as she turns back to get the bunny. As she does I slowly starts to just look around the room, it is at this point I realize all the eating animals staring at me.

My eyes lock to a certain little group of black and gray ferrets whose wide black eyes just pierce through me. The unsettling feeling holds to me as I wiggle a hoof towards them to try and get them to stop looking. This however does not help as they stop eating now just stare to me.

Their dark eyes start to freak me out a little as I instead turn my eyes to another little group of animals, only this time I find three mice just staring at me.

I squint to them as I whisper a little sentence to them, "Spider Mane would suck you dry..."

"Come on Angel."

The voice quickly snaps my head forward as I stare to the yellow mare that trots back into the room with the white bunny riding on her back. However the sight of the bunny brings a wide smile to my face, "Hello Angel, remember me?"

Fluttershy brings a hoof to her back as she pulls the bunny from her and gently places him on the ground, "Angle, Stony says you took something that doesn't belong to you."

I look over his dirtied paws as I speak up, "And by the looks of your paws you ran pretty fast."

The bunny just cross his top paws as he closes his eyes.

Fluttershy however look over the dirty paws as her voice gets a little loud, "Angle, did you take something?"

The bunny just shrug as he continues to hold his shut eyes and crossed paws. His action holds my smile as I start to slowly dip my hoof into the side pocket on my saddle.

Fluttershy's voice comes up once more as she lowers her head to level with the bunny, "Angle if you tell me where it is I will fluff your tail later."

My ear flicks to the comment as I think to myself, he steals and gets rewarded? This is why he is demon spawn.

The bunny opens an eye as he nods.

"Now where is it?" The mare's voice holds a cheerful tone as she watches the bunny starting up in a few motions of his paws.

I on the other hoof just stare to the bunny's little jumps, however before I can think to much on it the mare's voice rings out, "Oh, I know where it is...I'll go get it."

I know to the comment as the mare starts to trot away agian. To the mare's turned eyes I bring my hoof out with the black jar firmly in my hold as I look to the little bunny, "Hello demon spawn, will you saw you are sorry?"

The bunny sticks his tongue out as he cross his top paw closes his eyes and looks away. This however, is exactly what I wanted him to do as I quickly spark my magic up to open the jar and pull out a large and very alive mealworm. I quickly drop the bug into the bunny's fluffy tail and watch as it buries into the soft plush.

Angel's eyes widen as he starts to quickly scurry away, all the while give a few hops not really knowing what is in his tail.

I hold my smile to the animal's reaction as I quickly cap the jar and float it back to my saddle.

All the animals in the room have stopped eating and now stare to me, almost with a slight smile to their faces.

"Um Stony..." The sound of the mare's hooves and voice returning to the room takes my attention as she trots over with the now ruined and dirty tie in her hold, "I'm really sorry but I think Angel ruined your tie."

I shrug to the comment as my magic comes to the tie and quickly stuffs it into my bag, "It's alright. At least you will have a talk with him."

"Oh I will, Angle knows not to take things." The mare immediately nods her head as she continues, "I could fix it if you want?"

I shake my head to the comment as I smile, "No need. Just knowing he will be dealt with is enough."

Fluttershy holds a little smile as she speaks up, "Okay, is there anything else?"

The comment flicks my ear as I slowly bring my voice out, " that you mention it, do you have any tips about Applejack?"

The words cock the mare's head as she speaks up, "Tips?"

I choose my words carefully as I continue, "I-I may have done something that has put us in a certain situation that is not really the best sort of thing. But I can't really apologize for it because it wasn't completely my fault." I nod to the words as I think to myself, perfect sentence.

Fluttershy just stare to me as she shrugs, "Um...Well maybe you should just wait a few days and then talk to her. Applejack is very honest so you apologizing would be important...i-if you did something."
I nod to the comment as I repeat her, "S-so wait a few days?"

The yellow mare nods as she gives a little smile, "Or I could tell her that-.."

"No no, that's fine." I wave my hoof to the comment as I speak up, "It's nothing that bad, just wondering is all."

"O-okay. Well, good bye then Stony."

The nod to the comment as I turn back towards the door, "Good Bye." As the words come to an end I bring myself out of the house and back into the bird chirping chatter of the outside world. I sparky my horn up as I bring out the other tie I grabbed before I left the house, my magic makes quick work of the tie as I start down the road for the rest of my day. All the while allowing Fluttershy's tip to roll in my head.

End of chapter 7