Classical Wub

by Melanie Scratch

Dj's crush

Octavia was a beautiful mare. I’ve never felt this way about anypony before.
Oh let me introduce myself I am vinyl scratch I live with Octavia as a roommate minded you just my luck she is so beautiful.
“Vinyl I’m home!” oh my, her voice is so silky.
“Hay Octavia how are you,” pleases keep talking
“Just grate, I got a solo today and it sounds so beautiful maybe I could play it for you tomorrow.” I love you
“Oh, that would be cool.” The way she plays her cello is so unique. The only earth pony who could play the cello “oh, Octavia I have a gig tonight so you will have the house to yourself.”
“Where is it?”
”Club Canterlot as always.”
”Well maybe me and Eight Note will stop by later.” I would love for that to happen
“That would be cool.” Octavia always try to come to my gigs but sometimes she is bizzy
“Well I will be on my way to Club Canterlot can’t wait.”
“Ok, well good luck,”
“Don’t need it but thanks.”

Club Canterlot was my domain. The one place I could be myself the loud proud DJ Know well as DJ-Pon-3.It was a hour in till the club opened the doors so I grabbed a soda and went to set up the place was still trashed from last night glow sticks and cups all over the floor. I help by picking up everything and putting it in a black garbage bag. ‘Now what am I going to play tonight?’

“Yo DJ-Pon-3 in the house.” The crowd went wild. ’Good thing I wore ear plugs.’ I stared with some dub step and worked my way throw my regular set throwing in some new tweaks. I had something for if Octavia comes.
“Hey Vinyl.”
“Oh, hi Octavia. What one minute. ”I put in a classical remix and trotted back to Octavia.”You like my set?”
“Wait is that my compassion?”
“Yeah I hope you don’t mind. When you were practicing last time I kind recorded it.”
“No it is fine it so sounds amazing.” She likes it I could just squeal. But I won’t.
“Hey how is my girl,” and here comes Eight Note to steal her away.
“Vinyl you remember Eight Note?”
“Vinyl would never forget me Octy.”Of cores I come up with the nickname Octy and he just stalls it. Well I mean when he stared dating her. Besides that Octy seams tense
“Eight Note we need to talk,”I went on my way back to my gig
“What is up Octy?”
“I don’t know how to say this but I am braking up with you”
‘Take that’
“You are what?”
“I am braking up with you.” The next thing that happened was in slow motion he slapped her across her face.
I at that very minute ran in front of her as she clutched her cheek. “Dud if you want another shot you have to get passed me.”
“Vinyl don’t,” he then proceeded to try to beat me up as punched him.

When Octavia and I got home I got the lector “Vinyl you didn’t have to do that in was irrational.”
“He hit you and he hand it coming.”
“You bit him twice.”
“Well he had me in a headlock.” I am still surprised that she didn’t ask why I did it.
“I can take care of myself.”
“No you can’t if I didn’t step in you’d look like Eight Note.” Eight Note had a mean right hook but I had my bass cannon.
I win.
“You didn’t have to take out you basses cannon.”
“I didn’t aim it at him you are being over dramatic.” She is so hot when she is mad.
“I am being over dramatic the other reason I brock up with him is because you didn’t like him.”
The room went silent well it makes sense because it was just me and her n the room. ”You did that for me?”
She had calmed down now “well you are my friend and I want you to be happ...”I cut her off with a kiss. She didn’t try to pull away. Well this is awkward my friend from Middle School that I live with and I just kissed her what is wrong with this picture. I pulled away slowly.
“I am sorry Octavia I... I just have to go.” I ran straight out the door.
“Vinyl wait.” I didn’t stop running

You might wonder where I ran, I ran to Neon Lights house. “Yo Vinyl Scratch what is up.”By the time I got to his house I was in tears “Vinyl what is wrong.” He let me in I felt so meak. I explain what happen with exquisite detail. “Then what happen after she told you she brock up with him for you.”
“I kissed her but the weird thing is she didn’t pull away after that I ran out.”Meon at that point facehoof at the same time there was a knock on the door>
“Vinyl it is Octavia.”
“I am not here.” Flipped on my shades and stumbled under the couch.
“Ok then.” He opened the door slowly “hey Octavia what’s up.”
“I was wondering if you’ve seen Vinyl.” Octavia eyes lighted up with hope then dulled with his response.
“No I haven’t.” Then came the tears “Octavia what is wrong
“Can I tell you inside Canterlot is not ready to hear this.”
“Sure come in.”
“Well you know how Vinyl got into a bar fight with Eight Note and how me and Eight note brock up.”
“Well when we got home I gave her a lector and the she kissed me.”
“Was that a bad thing to happen?”
At that minute she smiled “No it was wonderful the reason why I brock up with Eight Note is because I love her.” As Octavia covered her face with her hoofs I teleported right outside the door .I can’t just leave her like that so I knocked on the door.
“I have to get the door but I will be right back.” He opened the door much faster. “Oh,Vinyl it you.”
“Vinyl!” Octavia saw me and immediately ran over and gave me a kiss. I am pretty sure it lasted three minute.
“Octavia what are you doing here?”
“Looking for you. You silly filly.” We both blushed at that very moment
“And Vinyl,”
“Yes Octavia,”
“Call me Octy you came up with it.”
We both thanked Neon and then went home.