Lone Princess

by InkRose


Princess Cadance sipped her tea, the warm liquid making her tastebuds tingle.

“Where in Equestria are Luna and Celestia?” Shining Armor wondered aloud, staring at his untouched food with desire.

“I have no idea, they couldn’t have wandered far,” Cadance said, setting her teacup down.

“Well we can’t eat without them,” Shining Armor said, sighing.

Cadance stood up. “I’ll go look for them,” she said simply.

“I’ll go with you,” Shining Armor said, standing up and hooking his front leg around Cadance’s neck, giving her a peck on the cheek “Can’t let my darling princess wander into danger!”

Cadance smiled and kissed him back.

The couple searched the castle high and low, finally coming upon the throne room.

“Ach! There you two are! We’ve been looking for ages!” Cadance tutted, gazing at Princess Celestia and Luna, who were standing near the throne, The large crystal that usually sat at the top of the throne was in the grasp of Luna’s magic.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, Cadance,” Celestia apologized with a smile. “There have been some very grave matters we have been attending to.”

“What kind of matters?” Cadance asked, curious.

Celestia glanced at Luna and nodded.

Together, the sisters used their magic on the large crystal, breaking it into pieces.

Cadance gasped. “What in the world did you do that for?!” she cried.

Luna smiled. “Perhaps we could tell you at lunch,” she said. “The food must be cold by now!”

Shining Armor raised an eyebrow. “Well... alright then.”

All four ponies trotted out of the throne room, their bellies rumbling in anticipation of a delicious meal.

Luna stopped, looking back at the small space of the floor where the trapdoor to the cavern was hidden. She hoped dearly that nopony would ever find that place again. The crystal key to unveil it was broken, and that would most likely prevent others from gaining entrance into the place.

Luna turned her head back around, gazing at her sister and the other two walking toward the dining hall. She smiled.

It was good to have a sister.