*Insert Apple Pun*

by Crescent Wrench

Chapter 2

*Insert Apple Pun*


        The sun was warm as it rose into the sky, shedding it's golden light over Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack stirred as a beam cast over her face. She yawned, pushing herself as she groggily blinked, looking around.

        Her face flushed pink as her eyes locked on the mass of red hide rising and falling right next to her.

        The events from the night before flashed through her mind, a guilty pleasure she couldn't help but giggle at.

        Laying back down, she crawled under Mac's hoof, wrapping him around her. The two were in the loft of the barn, a decent hiding spot for their... escapades, the night prior. Further away from the house, so there was a lot less chance of them getting caught in the act.

        She smiled as she felt Mac's warmth around her. Closing her eyes, the mare felt herself starting to drift back off.

        That was, until-


        Applejack's eyes went wide. Apple Bloom had apparently come out looking for them, having poked her head inside the barn.

        Applejack tried to control her breathing, but that only made it worse as she inhaled the scents that her and Mac had worked up. The barn was stale with the funk of spunk and sweat. It was undeniable.

        Apple Bloom took a quick whiff before grimacing, covering her nose with a hoof.

        “Ew, what's that smell?” she whispered as she pulled herself inside the barn.

        “C'mon Applejack, I know yer in here! I checked all over fer ya, ya gotta be here! Why're ya hiding!”

        Applejack swallowed hard. She and Mac weren't exactly shielded from view. If Apple Bloom were to simply look up-

        “Ah! There ya... are...”

        Apple Bloom had looked up. Of course.

        “Uh, sis?” she asked, looking with confusion at her two elder siblings.

        “Ya?” Applejack asked rather bluntly, wanting to work through this ordeal... however she could, really. She had no idea how to explain this to her little sister.

        “Why's big brother holdin ya like that?”

        Applejack cursed under her breath.

        “Well ya see-”

        She was interrupted by Macintosh snickering in his sleep, mumbling loudly.

        “AJ, ya silly pony... yer usin yer teeth too much...”

        Applejack flushed. She just hoped Apple Bloom wouldn't catch on to what he meant by-

        “That's better, AJ,” Mac chuckled, eyes still closed as he smiled all sorts of goofy. “Ya give amazing head, sis...”

        “Tarnations, Mac!” she screamed, bucking Mac hard in the chest. His eyes went wide as he let out a quite audible OOMF!

        “What the- Applejack! What was that fer!?”

        Applejack's face was red as she pointed at Apple Bloom.

        Their baby sister was petrified, looking at the two with a horrified expression. Macintosh sucked in sharply.

        “What did I jus say...?”

        “Ya just commented on my skills at playin the flute,” she grunted.

        Apple Bloom shook violently, tears springing into her eyes.

        “What're... Are ya... Why're...” she sputtered, trying to deny what she saw before her own eyes.

        “Now hold on, Bloom, we can explain!” Applejack tried to reason, but Apple Bloom would have none of it.

        “Explain what, that ya two are screwin off when there's work ta be had!” she screamed.

        Macintosh narrowed his eyes.

        “Now listen here, this has nothin to do with skippin out on the farm-”

        “Nah, brother!” Apple Bloom cried. “Ya'd just rather be foolin 'round in the barn with yer... Ah!”

        She turned and sprinted away.

        Applejack groaned, flopping onto her back.

        “That... went horribly.”

        “Eeyup,” Macintosh agreed.

        Meanwhile, Apple Bloom skittered out of the barn, racing back towards the house. Granny Smith was out on the porch already, rockin' away in her favourite chair.

        “Granny Smith!” Apple Bloom hollered. “Ya need ta hear this!”