Rosie and the Doctor adventures: The Truth??

by Rosie and the Doctor

Chapter 7: So It Begins

Rosie's POV
Present Day- The TARDIS

We finally made it to our destination, the TARDIS, and I sat on the floor as soon as the Doctor shut the doors. I was a bit winded from all the running. I looked around the console room and smiled as I noticed Jack and the Doctor were winded as well. 'It's obviously been a while since we've done this.'

"Just like old times, huh? The three of us running for our lives!" I said beaming.

"Well mostly your life but, yea. It sure does bring back memories!" Jack said,

"It sure does!"

The Doctor took his tan trench coat off and threw it onto one of the oddly shaped columns. I noticed then that he wasn't smiling. He walked over to the console and loosened his tie. 'Uh oh. He only does that if there's something really wrong, and doesn't know what to do. I better cheer him up.' I got up off the floor and as I walked towards the Doctor I saw him run a hoof through his mane. I put on a small smile and lightly tapped him on the shoulder.

"You okay? Anything I can do to help?" He turned to look at me and I saw he had a sad worried face. Even his his aura felt sad and gloomy. He stared at me and just examined my face, as if he thought he'd forget. For a split second I could have sworn I saw a tear threaten to fall. But I couldn't tell. He looked away too quickly for me to know for sure.

"Yea. Could you press that blue-green button and flip the wibbly lever?" He said without looking at me.

"Uh, sure," I replied as I moved to the opposite side of the console and did as he asked. "What will that do?"

"It'll put the shields up and tell the TARDIS to be on high alert."

"Just for that freaky stallion? Pfft! Don't you think that's a little overboard Do-"

"No. No I don't think it's a little overboard. Either way he's going to find a way to get in or get us out so he can strike. Right now, we are exactly where he wants us to be. We're cornered and unprepared and completely open and defenseless. No matter what I do or where I go he always finds me," He turned to look at me with fear and sadness in his eyes. "Rosie he wants you for some reason and I already know it's nothing good. It never is. I'm sorry but I may not be able to protect you."

"Why won't you be able to, and why would you need to?"

"Because he is capable of just as much as I am only worse because he has no rules or limits! He could kill you, me, and every creature on this planet just out of boredom! And he obviously understands this world as much, or more, as I do! I-I just don't know what to do..." He stood on his hindlegs putting his front hooves on the console and hung his head. "I just don't know anymore..."

Have you ever seen your hero fall? The one person you thought was perfect and indestructible and just plain brilliant fall? Have you ever seen them at their lowest? On their knees begging? Not knowing what to do? Well, that was how I felt at that moment. I had never seen him like this. Beaten before the battle even started. I've always known him to head into adventure head-on. But... But, never had I seen him like this...

"But, Doctor, you can't just give up like that. We may not know his entire plan but we at least have an idea." He didn't move or say anything.

"Yea Doc, he mentioned a bit of it to us. He said something about Rosie being the only unicorn powerful enough to fix the universe or somethin' like that." Jack stated as he joined me and the Doctor at the console.

"That's right! He did say that. But, how could the universe be broken?"

"Yes it's broken but it's only a small break. Like a uh hair-line fracture, if you will." Me and Jack both looked at each other and back at the Doctor.

"Doc? You mean to tell us that you knew about this?"

"Yes it's been like that since you came into this universe Jack. That's how everything from our dimension has been getting to Rosie's. And how we managed to go through to Earth. All our travels and thing that have popped through never affected it, it stayed small. Until the other day. It grew. I don't know what the Master wants to do with Rosie's magic, but I know for sure that it's not to fix the break. He doesn't save universes. He destroys them." He never once turned to face either me nor Jack.

Now I knew why he was so afraid of this Master guy. He had to be pretty bad to scare the Doctor. 'I've never seen him so scared!'

Doctor's POV
Present Day

I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. I just can't lose him. He always finds me. And now he wants Rosie! I just can't do it. I can't fight him again. I barely did it the last time we met! And look what happened. Because of him I regenerated. I thought he was lost with the rest of the Time Lords last we met. How could he be here? I was avoiding eye contact with my companions as I slumped over my console. I needed to speak to Jack and explain to him a few things, but, I needed Rosie to leave first. 'Yea. Like she'll just walk away after all that just happened.' Then I was rescued by Jack. Thank Celestia!

"Hey, Kiddo. I need to talk to the Doc real quick."

"Okay." She didn't budge.

"Alone." I heard her grumble and walk away. Neither me nor Jack spoke til we heard her bedroom door shut.

"You gonna explain or what? I know there's more that you weren't saying 'cause Rosie was here. So what is it?"

"What the Master said is true. About 'Rosie being the only being powerful enough to shut the break' thing. I already knew this. I've tried to fix it myself using energy from the TARDIS but, the tear wasn't having it. For some reason the tear itself was affected by this universes strange magical touch and only magic can shut it. The reason it appeared here is because something from another universe sensed the strange energy of the magic coming from this universe and wanted some of said magic..."

"So the only thing to mend it is magic. But not just any magic, it has to be from-"

"A very powerful Unicorn. Yes. I know..."

"Then what's wrong with that? I'll get the Kiddo and we can shut this ba-"

"It's not that easy Jack! It never is! If she uses her magic to try and shut up the tear, the tear will suck all her magic from her before it closes up."

"So she won't have magic for a while. I don't see what the prob-"

"If all her magic is taken from her she will die! Well brain dead at least. It would be like she were in a permanent comatose state with no hope of ever waking up! I can't do that to her Jack! I just can't... It's just... I've lost so many, Jack. I don't, no, I can't lose another... I don't think my hearts can take it..."

That's when I broke down. I had never done that in front of Jack before. I felt him put a foreleg around me as I cried into his chest. I just didn't care anymore. I didn't know what to do! 'If I make her fix it she'll die! If I leave it, this whole planet, or even dimension could die if that tear got too big.' I don't know how long I cried into his chest for but I was just pleading Rosie didn't come down and see me like this. I was her hero, she had told me that since I 'adopted' her. I just couldn't do that to her, after all this, I just couldn't. And I do believe Jack understood.

Suddenly I heard the front doors of the TARDIS open and standing there was the last pony I expected to see! Me and Jack both looked towards our impossible visitor. I was stumped. Absolutely. Positively. Completely. Stumped! This mare just couldn't be here! It was just impossible!

She said with a smile.

??? POV
Present Day-A Few Minutes Earlier

I slowly opened my eyes only to be blinded by the sun in the bright blue sky. 'Wait. Bright blue sky!?' I stood up quickly only to be greeted by a sharp pain in my skull. I looked around and saw nopony around. Then I saw him! 'Doctor!?' He was running, no surprise, with two other ponies: A blue stallion with a light blue mane and tail and a long navy blue trench coat similar to the Doctor's. The other, a beautiful young mare. She was a light pink with a curly silver and lavender streaked mane and tail.

"She looks awfully familiar." I muttered to myself.

I decided to follow them, from a distance. I couldn't remember much before I blacked out. Except for seeing a crack in the sky then a bright flash of blue lightning! After that it's a bit fuzzy. I don't even remember where I was heading before this all happened, but something told me this was much better. After I followed them longer I got another pain in my head. When it passed I had lost them. I wandered a bit more before seeing the TARDIS in the middle of what looked to be a town square. I walked out into the open, looking all around myself for any threats. It was instinct now. I made it to the front doors and stood there for a moment while reminiscing old memories of traveling in that impossible box with that impossible stallion. I finally told myself to enter but realized it was locked.
"Good thing I have my own." I always wore my TARDIS key around my neck. I picked it up, praying to Luna it still worked and that he hadn't changed the lock. I slowly put the key in the lock, smiling to myself as I realized it still fit. Finally, I turned the key and opened the doors and just stood in the doorway in surprise at what I was seeing: The Doctor crying into the chest of that blue stallion. They both looked at me, confused. I didn't see that pink mare. Nopony said anything, that is, until the Doctor spoke.

"What...? What? But... How co-? What!?" He said with a dumbfounded look upon his face.

"Hello Doctor. Long time, no see." I said with a smile.