Blossomforth's Determination

by Goldenheart

Chapter 2: Phase 2- Misunderstandings

Hurricane Blossomforth

Chapter 2

-Next Morning: Manehattan Central Park-

It's morning in Manehattan as every single pegasus comes for morning practice. Every pegasi shows up in the middle of Central Park, with a running track to help practice. All of the pegasi are training or stretching to start participating in testing their wing power. Some pegasi are either lifting weights with their wings, or doing pushups with them. Spitfire asked Daring last night about anypony with scientific experience. Daring then asked Twilight to help her take notes and record everyponies progress over the course of the week. Twilight and Spike then show up with a miniature windmill with a meter attached to it. They both put the device near the track about a few meters ahead of the starting line. Daring and Spitfire are overseeing all of the pegasi training and seeing their overall progress. The rest of the recruits are spread about and overseeing some training as well. Blossomforth has shown for practice and is about to do her daily exercise stretches, like she normally does for weather duty. As she is about to start, Spitfire blows a whistle to get everypony's attenton.

"Alright everypony, line up!" shouts Spitfire.

All of the pegasi have gathered in a bunch in front of Spitfire and Daring. The recruits are on the sides of the group. Daring then goes up to speak.

"Alright since we're all here, it's time to begin our training," says Daring.

Daring looks at the huge turnout with an estimate of 200 pegasi showing up. Daring figured there had to be more pegasi in Manehattan, but thinks that some didn't show cause of other business or are not qualified.

"We'll be having all of you fly on the track to test your overall maximum wing power. Since all of us need to total 800 wing power, we'll add everypony's wing power. If you all train for a whole week with your group, you'll bring your maximum wing power up. We'll record your wing power today, then you'll be grouped up with one of the recruits accordingly, with Daring filling as the fifth leager. By next week, we'll record your wing power again and see if you're all ready to begin. We're on a tight schedule here, so I want everypony to bring their maximum wing power to at least two levels above their average, got it?" Daring says with a fierce tone.

Spitfire continues talking, "Now, who would like to go first so we can demonstrate how this will all work?"

"I'll go ma'am. That is if you think I'm not good enough?" questions Lightning Dust as if asking for a challenge.

Some ponies gasp at this rebellion and think that Spitfire may pass a punishment.

"Oh, trying to get on my bad side now are we? Well if you really want me to think you're bad, then you be the volunteer for us. Make me a fan of you," says Spitfire with a sly smile.

Lightning Dust has her chin held up high feeling proud of herself and walks right up to the track.

As she is about to get ready, she says under her breath, "Cakewalk."

While setting up, some pegasi go over to Twilight to see the device she brought with her. Confused on what it is, somepony asks her.

"So explain to us how this works?" asks a pegasus.

Before Twilight could speak up, Spike interfers and says, "I wouldn't ask. If you did, she's go on a lecture of who this will work in a storm for all you know.

The ponies turn away and go back to the track. "Spike, why did you do that?" asks an upset Twilight.

"We don't have time for long explanations on how your miniature windmill will work. Besides, we can't get distracted," says a rushed Spike.

Spike knew Twilight would talk in a manner nopony would understand, but this still upsetted Twilight. Lightning Dust gets ready to take off, and is waiting for a signal as she is inching very close to just taking off without a signal. Spitfire then blows the whistle and Lightning Dust takes off. She flies at her top speed and passes the anemometer and measures her speed.

Blossomforth is amazed at this speed at just normal power, "Is this the power of a Wonderbolt?"

Twilight sees the power as Spike writes down the wing power. "12.8 wing power. Not bad for an upcoming recruit," says Twilight.

"You mean upcoming Wonderbolt?" says a somewhat correcting Lightning Dust.

"Oh please, I'll show you how a real Wonderbolt does it," says Spitfire with a smug look.

Spitfire gets up to the starting line and gets ready to take off. She then takes off and passes by Twilight in what was like a second. The speed is so fast it created a wind current that almost flew everypony off their hooves.

Blossomforth then reassures herself afterward thinking, "Ok, nevermind. That's a Wonderbolt!"

"16 even wing power, my goodness!" says Twilight in shock and awe.

All of the pegasi cheer, even Daring is caught impressed. Everypony cheers at this amazing strength they all witnessed.

"Now that, Lightning Dust, is how fast a Wonderbolt can be. You've got a long way rookie," says a sly Spitfire

"Okay then, since we're showing off, let's see what I can do," says Daring, as if accepting a challenge.

Daring goes to the starting line and preps herself. Spitfire blows the whistle as Daring then takes off. Daring flies off and passes Twilight with a strong gust passing by.

"14.7 wing power! You could join the Wonderbolts if you wanted to!" says Twilight in a shock.

"Nah, I'm fine sticking to archaeology. These babies help me get out of any sticky situation when I need them most," says Daring in a chilled manner.

Everypony cheers in awe as they have seen the infamous Daring Do at her best flying speed. Blossomforth cheers as her friend is as impressive as they can come.

"How can you be faster than me?!" says an angry Lightning Dust.

Daring looks over to Lightning Dust and explains, "I'm just a natural fast flier. With all the other weather conditions I've been going in on my expeditions, this is smooth sailing."

Lightning Dust then walks up to her, and looks at her straight in the eye with full fury. Some ponies are even seeing this argument and are worried a fight may break out. Blossomforth is watching this is also hoping that her friend doesn't keep provoking her.
"No matter how impressive or how famous of a pegasus you are, I'm the one who'll steal the show," says an angry Lightning Dust.
"Alright that's enough! Stand down Lightning Dust, that's an order!" commands Spitfire.

Lightning Dust then steps away from Daring and goes back with the other recruits. Blossomforth goes by to talk to Daring.
"Are you sure that was a good idea to provoke her like that?" asks Blossomforth.

"Somepony needs to take her down a few notches. She's too arrogant and proud of herself. I noticed the moment I saw her," explains Daring.

"How can you tell that quick?" questions Blossomforth.

"I've a knack for reading ponies faces to determine their personality. Hers was easy cause it reminded me of somepony I used to know," says Daring.

"Who would that be?" asks Blossomforth

"Me. Before I met Sandy," says Daring in a dark tone.

Blossomforth stays away from asking anymore questions as to try and not prattle on Daring's personal life. Spitfire then calls out for Daring.

"Well anyway Daring, let's make room for everypony else to fly," says Spitfire.

Daring agrees to this and motions for more to come and record their wing power.

"Got to go. Be sure to get your wing power recorded," says Daring.

Over the course of an hour, almost of all of the pegasi went and averaged around 8.5 wing power. So there is still room for improvement for a week. After every pegasi went, and all of the their wing power is recorded, but only one is left to record, Blossomforth. Daring sees this and goes over to Blossomforth.

"Okay, now it's your turn," says Daring.

Blossomforth nods and goes over to the track and plants herself at the starting line. Spitfire blows the whistle, and Blossomforth takes off. Blossomforth knew she wasn't the best flier in the world, nor the worst. Hopefully though she can still improve like everypony else by the end of the week. She passes the anemometer and record her wing power.

Twilight jots down the last wing power and says, "7.5 wing power. We're finished."

"7.5, decent. That will be all everypony. Now line up for group assignments!" says Spitfire.

Blossomforth then starts to get in the now forming pegasus line to get their group positions. As the line gets smaller and smaller, each pegasus goes over to either Daring or the Wonderbolt Academy recruits. Blossomforth makes it to the end of the line and is handed a piece of paper from Spitfire. Blossomforth gets out of the line and reads who her group leader is, Lightning Dust. Blosomforth is now scared as she is now put into the group she hoping the least to be in.

Spitfire then calls out after handing the last piece of paper, "Okay, head on over to your group leader and begin your training. If there are any questions, contact me at the Orange Hotel in town. Until then, dismissed!"

Before she takes off, Blossomforth interrupts her, "Wait, before you go, I've got a question."

Spitfire turns to her and says, "Shoot away."

"Why was I placed in Lightning Dust's group and not Daring's? She is my friend after all," asks Blossomforth.

Spitfire then stands to her side and places a wing over her, "Listen kid, I've placed with Lightning Dust, cause of the below average wing power, much like the rest in the same group.

Blossomforth is both insulted and confused.

"Each group has 40 pegasi spread among the five groups. Lightning Dust is paired with pegasi of wing power under 8.0. Daring's group is for pegasi over 10.0. Even if you're friend's with her, I have to be professional, and trust my instincts. Lightning Dust takes all the risks, and will know how to handle pegasi with low wing power," explains Spitfire.

Blossomforth is disturbed by this development, but doesn't want to argue with her.

Spitfire is then about to take off as she then says, "Remember, if you have any more questions or complaints, find me at Orange Hotel."

She then takes off and heads towards the city.

Blossomforth with her head down then replies to herself, "Yes ma'am."

She then goes over to Lightning Dust's group and places herself among the rest of the pegasi. Lightning Dust of hovering above them and looking down with cold eyes.

"Now, you've all been place with me because of your low power. Now let me just say that I will show no sympathy. As an upcoming Wonderbolt, you need to push yourself to the limit," explains Lightning Dust.

Some of the pegasi in the group are getting scared or worried from what she's saying. Even Blossomforth is getting uncomfortable hearing this.

Lightining Dust continues her 'intimidating' speech, "You think I will show mercy? Mercy is for the weak. You must do whatever it takes to be the best. Take whatever risk you can to overcome the challenges ahead."

Somepony then speaks up, "What will we do for training then, Lightning Dust?"

Lightning Dust glares at the pony, and then the pony steps back into the crowd.

"From now on, only refer to me as ma'am. Also, I don't want any insubordination. If I hear any complaints from any one of you about being tired or in pain, I'll personally report this to Spitfire myself! Any questions?" explains Lightning Dust.

Nopony would dare to speak up to her. Lightning Dust smiles as she's in complete control.

"Now, as much as I hate this. Daring has assigned me with four pony friends of hers to do some training over the next couple of days. So no matter what happens, be sure to give 200%. Are we clear?" explains Lightning Dust.

Everypony in the group replies, "Yes ma'am."; They aren't saying this out of respect, but out of fear.

"Good, now get some rest for tomorrow. We start training at dawn. Dismissed," says a stern Lightning Dust.

As Blossomforth is about to leave, Lightning Dust call her over, "Hey, flower pony, I'd like a word with you."

Blossomforth is wondering of all the ponies she had to talk with her, it was Lightning Dust. Lightning Dust then lands back onto the ground and goes over to Blossomforth.

"I know that you're friends with Daring and wanted to be with her, so I'm sorry you have to be with me," apologizes Lightning Dust.
Blossomforth is both shocked and confused to hear this, "Why are you apologizing to me anyway?"

"This is the first time I'm leading, and I want to try and keep that feeling among the group. So I'm just putting on the act of the stern leader. I'd figure you'd listen since you look like somepony who's easy to talk when you want to get something off your chest," explains Lightning Dust.

"So you want to just express your feelings to me so you don't feel ashamed of yourself?" asks Blossomforth.

"Exactly. So I know I can trust you with a little secret, right?" asks Lightning Dust.

Blossomforth doesn't know whether to trust her or not given on what Daring had said. Yet Lightning Dust looks innocent now and maybe was just trying to look tough the whole time. So Blossomforth doesn't know what to think. Lightning Dust seeing that she's having trouble trusting her, gets an idea.

"Tell you what, I'll tell you a personal story about me if you tell me about a personal story about you?" proposes Lightning Dust.

Blossomforth is thinking this offer very carefully, but this may give her reason why she acts like this. Blossomforth nods in agreement, and Lightning Dust smiles as she lies down on the ground.

"Now, which story shall I tell? Oh, I've got one!" says Lightning Dust.

When I was a young filly, I would always do spectacular tricks and impress everypony with my amazing aerial skills. Then one day, somepony challenged me to an acrobatic competition to see who was better at showing off their flying skills. I accepted the challenge and we both decided to do our best tricks to impress everypony at flight school. So we decided to hold our competition the next day. When that day came, we were told he broke his wings while performing one of his tricks. So he came by afterwards and told me that I was best and no one else could top me. So I was then self proclaimed as the best flier in all of Equestria by my class mates.

Blossomforth is impressed with her story. Now she is wondering what story to tell Lightning Dust in return.

"I've got one. How about I tell you how I got my cutie mark?, asks Blossomforth.

"Shoot away," says a calm Lightning Dust.

Blossomforth then begins her story about how she got her cutie mark.

When I was in flight school, I've always had a fascination for the ground. So because of that, and my habit of being easily distracted, I almost always fail my flight practices. I was also picked on by the other fillies and colts, and even pulled pranks on me by taking my lunch and filling it up with mulch. I was fed up with that, so I decided to go to the ground and run away. When I came down to the earth, I was fascinated by all of the plants and animals that inhabited the ground. Then, I found the most beautiful meadow of flowers. I never saw so much in all of my life, at that time. Then I heard a filly crying nearby. She must've wandered off from the nearest town. When I got to her, she had a cut on her hoof. I didn't want to leave her alone, so I decided to help her. Since I was learning on many herbs and plants, I went looking for some to heal her cut. I managed to find some basil, which is good for cuts and scrapes. I picked some off and grinded them on the nearest rock. I applied it to her cut and was starting to feel better. She thanked me and wandered back to her town. I never wanted to leave, but it made me realize that I have a place to come to whenever I get sad or lonely. After I decided to go back, I made a vow to always care for those flowers that brought me so much happiness and comfort to other I helped. That's when I got my cutie mark.

Lightning Dust gets up and says, "That's an amazing story, I'm impressed. There's more to you than meets the eye."

Blossomforth giggles and replies, "Thank you."

"Now that we got that out of the way, do you think I appear to be bad now?" asks Lightning Dust.

"No you don't. I'll talk to Daring after training to tell her what you really are like," says a happy Blossomforth.

"That's good to hear. Don't want to get off on the wrong hoof now do we?" questions Lightning Dust.

Blossomforth shakes her head.

"Ok, now get some rest. We have a long week to start," says Lightning Dust.

"Ok then, see you at dawn tomorrow," says Blossomforth as she then flies off towards home.

Blossomforth didn't mean to jump towards conclusions and judge Lightning Dust right away. Now that she got to know her better, she may become a good friend.

Lightning Dust is left alone and is about to head back towards the hotel.

She then says under her breath, "Now that I've got her wrapped around my hoof, she won't go squealing to Spitfire. As long as I keep up this facade in front of her until the job is done, I'll be a Wonderbolt before I know it!