Pinkie's Redemption

by Shadow Volt

Chapter 5

Pinkie melted into the second kiss, feeling as though the world around her had washed away in the few seconds Shadow had been kissing her, when Shadow finally released her from the kiss, she was completely out of breathe.

After finally catching her breathe she looked up into Shadow's eyes.

"Oh, you silly filly, you're making my legs feel like jelly," Pinkie then giggle snorted, "It's been a long time since I've felt happy let alone this happy."

Shadow nuzzled her, "When I first saw you yesterday, your color was darker than normal, but now when I look at you, your color is a completely new shade and completely different than it once was."

Pinkie giggled, "Well that's because I'm even better than I used to be, because I have you now."

Shadow smiled and nuzzled her again, "Good to know."

Shadow then used his magic to reach into his vest pocket and removed one of the charm necklaces.

"Pinkie I want you to take this, its a charm necklace that I placed a high level protection spell on," he said holding out the necklace with his magic.

Pinkie took it and placed around her neck, "Okay, I won't take it off."

Shadow smiled, "When we confront Pinkamena I want you to promise that if it becomes dangerous that you'll get behind me where it's safe."

Pinkie nodded her head, "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye," she said while making all the appropriate actions.

Shadow turned to look at Spike and the Cakes, "I want you five to remain here where its safe until we return."

He then took out the other charm necklace and used his magic on it, creating a barrier around the entire Treebrary.

"Only Pinkie and I will be able to pass through the barrier that I have constructed around the Treebrary," he said.

Spike, Mr., and Mrs. Cake all nodded in unison.

Shadow and Pinkie then left the Treebrary and made their way for Sugarcube Corner.

As they were walking Shadow looked over at Pinkie.

"Are you okay," he asked.

"Yeah, just a little nervous," she answered.

Shadow nodded and nuzzled her one last time before they reached Sugarcube Corner.

Shadow opened the door and walked in first to make sure it was safe, after checking the room he waved at Pinkie to let her know it was safe she ented the store.

Shadow was looking around the room.

"Do you know where she is," he asked looking at Pinkie.

Pinkie nodded and pointed to the counter, "She's down in the basement, the door is over there behind the counter."

Shadow nodded back and moved over to behind the counter.

"Let's hurry before she gets too suspicious," he said.

Pinkie nodded and moved over beside Shadow.

Shadow then opened the door and went downstairs with Pinkie following slowly behind him, as Shadow reached the bottom of the stairs the foul stench in the air met his nose and made him gag.

He looked around for a moment and after deciding that it was too dark, used his magic to create an illumination sphere in the air which then lit up the entire basement.

It didn't take long for him to spot Pinkamena across the room with her back turned to him, she looked exactly like Pinkie, except her hair was straight and darker, and she was covered in blood.

Shadow glared at her for a moment, "So you must be Pinkamena," Shadow said even though he knew exactly who she was.

Pinkamena turned around and looked at him just as Pinkie got to the basement floor.

"That is correct, I am Pinkamena," she said letting out a maniacle laugh.

"So you've came to volunteer to be dissected huh?" she asked.

Shadow smirked, "Sure, that is, if you think you have the galls to try."

Pinkamena gave him an amused look.

"Have it your way, Pinkie grab him and strap him to the table," she said looking at Pinkie.

"I refuse," Pinkie said without any hesitation.

Pinkamena was taken aback, "W-what did you say," she asked.

Shadow gave a short laugh, "She's free from you, Pinkamena, you will never hurt her again, not as long as I'm alive."

Pinkamena's face started to show her anger.

"How is that possible," she yelled.

Pinkie gave her a blank look, "It's quite simple actually."

Pinkie took in a deep breathe and shouted at the top of her lungs,"NOPONY! HURTS! MY! FRIENDS!"

"I'll hurt anypony I want, and besides all your friends are dead already," Pinkamena shouted

Pinkie, however, seemed unphased though the words did hurt her but she had faith in Shadow's words.

Shadow closed his eyes, "That's true, they are this reality," he then opened his eyes, "But whoever said I was from this reality, or that Pinkie had to stay here, infact after we deal with you, I'll be taking her with me back to my reality."

Pinkamena's anger was boiling, "How about you two never leave here alive," she shouted as she ran towards Shadow with a butcher knife covered in blood.

Shadow smirked as he easily dodged her weak attack, "Go buck yourself, or better yet, here let me buck you instead," he said as he bucked her in the side as hard as he could.

The force not only broke several of her ribs but also sent her flying into the wall.

"The way I see it, Pinkamena, you have two choices, the first is to surrender and let us seal you away for good, or you can continue to fight and be destroyed," Shadow said.

Pinkamena got to her hooves, turned and glared right at Shadow, before giving a smirk.

"I take option number three," she said and then dived at Pinkie with the full intent of killing her.

Just as her blade was mere inches from Pinkie's neck, the necklace lit up with a blinding light, and sent Pinkamena crashing into the wall across the room.

Shadow looked at her and shook his head, "You didn't think we wouldn't come prepared now did you," he asked.

Pinkamena once again got to her hooves, and once again glared up at him, "I'll kill you," she said as she lunged at him.

Shadow once again dodged but this time the blade had managed to catch him as he did, it barely left a scratch but it had cut through his vest, which was now only hanging onto him.

He removed his vest to ensure it didn't get in his way, and flared his wings, both Pinkie and Pinkamena were surprised that he wasn't a unicorn but infact an Alicorn.

Pinkamena smirked, "So you're an Alicorn, big whoop, I killed both Celestia and Luna."

Shadow shook his head and looked her straight in the eyes.

"I'm stronger than both of them," he said completely serious.

Pinkamena couldn't contain her laughter at what Shadow had just said.

"You? I highly doubt you're stronger than they were," she said.

She pointed the blade at Shadow right before he disappeared.

Shadow didn't really disappear even though it appeared that he had, he was simply moving so fast that Pinkamena couldn't see his movements.

He had moved above her and used the force from pushing off the ceiling to send a very powerful punch at her.

Pinkamena barely managed to dodge his attack, causing his hoof to collide with the concrete floor causing it to shatter and leave a small crater.

Moving at such a high speed in such a cramp space meant he wouldn't be able to move that fast again for awhile, he turned to look at Pinkamena just as the blade pierced through his chest.

he looked down seeing it was all the way in to the handle and looked up to see Pinkamena grinning ear to ear, she then pulled the blade out causing a lot of Shadow's blood to come gushing out, Shadow could have sworn he saw the entire room turn completely white for a second, he then collapsed to the floor in a pool of his own blood.

Pinkamena was laughing when she saw the look of heartbreak on Pinkie's face, Pinkamena turned and kicked Shadow's body, since Shadow didn't make a sound nor did he react to being kicked Pinkamena knew he had to be dead.

"Awh, looks like your coltfriend is dead, now I can take my time killing you," she said as she moved closer to Pinkie.

"I'm going to enjoy this," she said.

She was about to swipe the necklace off of Pinkie's neck when a large beam of magic slammed into her from the side sending her into the wall once again.

"I told you not to underestimate me," he said.

The wound in his chest was still bleeding so he quicly used some of his magic to heal it.

"You won't catch me off guard like that again," he said looking over to where Pinkamena had landed and noticed that the blood she was covered in was now mostly her own.

Pinkie let out a relieved sigh thankful that Shadow was okay, she noticed how he stood there looking at Pinkamena, it was how a hero would stand when facing their greatest enemy.

"I'll say it again," Shadow began, "Are you going to fight and die, or surrender and let us seal you away," he asked.

Pinkamena finally got to her hooves and lunged at Shadow.

"I'd rather die," she shouted.

Shadow let out a sigh, glanced over at Pinkie, who gave a nod, and then sent out a larger beam of magic than before.

After a few seconds the beam died away revealing that there was nothing left of Pinkamena.

Shadow let out a relieved sigh, picked up his vest, mendind the damage with his magic, and put it back on.

"She will no longer hurt anypony ever again," he said.

Pinkie nodded and started up the stairs with Shadow right behind her, when they reached the top Shadow closed the door and permanently sealed it with his magic.

"Lets go get Spike and head home," he said nuzzling Pinkie.

Pinkie nuzzled him back before nodding.

When they finally got back to the Treebrary, Shadow told the Cakes it was safe to return to Sugarcube Corner and that he permanently sealed the basement.

They nodded and left, Shadow then turned to Spike.

"Okay Spike, I need you to fireblow the books from last night and all the spell books here, also see if you can find a book called , 'The Legend of the two Shadows'," he said.

Spike nodded and quickly gathered up all the requested books and then fireblew them into his hoard dimension.

"Okay that's all of them including that last book you mentioned, is that everything," Spike asked.

Shadow nodded and then focused his magic on the magical gem of the beacon, causing it to glow black.

"There that should make it easier to teleport home since it'll send out a wave of magic that'll keep me from locking onto this reality by accident," he said.

Shadow picked up his sunglasses from the table and put them on before looking at both Pinkie and Spike.

"Are you two ready," he asked.

Both Pinkie and Spike nodded in unison and Shadow made sure that they were all making physical contact and then began to focus his magic on the three of them.

"Here goes nothing," he said just as the room was filled with a blinding light, after a few seconds the light quickly dimmed away revealing that they were gone.

Or so Shadow thought....