The Land After

by Fat1thatyoulove

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – By a fingertip

The air in the room hands thick with magic, amazement and curiosity as the man who stands in the middle of the room. He continues to hoover the book the old stallion got him to do a few minutes ago since Clover left.

Normally when Clover wants Preston to try using magic he just brushes the idea off, but being in a room where the only thing that was talked about was magic has changed the man's mind...That and the idea that the old stallion would show him how to make his own imp thing was an added benefit.

Sagitta squints his eyes to the book in Preston's magic as he nods his head, "Good...You can stop now."

A sigh of breath comes from Preston as he lowers his hands to draw the blue magic bound book back to his hands.

The sound of his breath brings a slight laugh to Voilas as he speaks up, "You need to make sure you breath when you hold a spell."

Preston gives a slight laugh as he turns to the stallion, "Ya because magic is so easy right?" The blue glow around the book turns a little green from the man's tone.

Sagitta's attention is quickly taken by this fact as he looks over the book, "I think you did a good job Preston."

The magic around the book in the man's hand is brought down as he turns to the old seated pony as he gives a half-assed little bow, "Thank you Palpatine."

The name cocks the older stallion’s head for a moment but he just gives a little nod as he removes the hood he had pulled over his head from the bare room's cooler climate, "Yes well, may I ask how long you have been able to do magic? You do not have a horn?"

Preston thinks over the comment as he shrugs, "Uh, I've done magic all my life you know, its not like I just started it." He nods his head trying to tell himself that at least he did not break all of Clover's little rules.

"Hmm..." Sagitta taps his hoof to his mouth for a moment as he speaks up, "It is just strange to see magic change colors like that. In fact the only time I have seen a magic change is when an item is charged, tell have you as a Hu-men what area of Equestria do you hail?"

The words past Preston for a moment but he gives a little smirk as he tries a name, "You know the uh...Crystal Empire part."

"Interesting." The old pony just looks over the man for a moment in silence.

However to his silence Violas speaks up with a little bit of excitement, "Master perhaps this is the kind of magic that would be to further our Necromancia studies."

A slight laugh comes up from Preston as he taps the book in his hand with a little involuntary motion, "Ha ha, you're not cutting me open."

His laugh brings a light chuckle from the old stallion as he waves his hoof, "No no, nothing like that. But my assistant might be right, tell me Preston was it?" The man nods to the name as the old stallion continues, "When we are done here would you mind accompanying me to Hallow Shades to help with a little research? I-I have never before met a Hu-men and you seem to have a very knowledgeable mind on how to use your magic...When shown what to do."

The complement brings a slight smile to Preston's face as he nods, "Heck, that sounds a lot better then having Celestia try her spells on me again."

Sagitta cocks his head a little to the comment but before he can speak up the man continues, "...But I should probably tell Clover I wouldn't want her to-..."

"Would not want Clover to what?" The sound of the mare's voice turns every pony’s heads towards the stairs as the sight of the mare hoovering a small basket next to her comes into sight.

However, the small basket of fruits nor the light crystal colored lizard rest on her back holds the old stallion's eyes as he instead just stares to the blue magic that chimes next to the mare.

As no answer comes up from anyone in the room she brings her voice up again, "I hope I did not miss anything, but Wispy for some reason would not come to me when I called him."

The mare's voice breaks the old stallion's stare as he speaks up, "Oh no, nothing major. Preston was just showing us some of his mesmerizing magic."

Clover's face loses its smile as she turns her eyes to the man, "Really?"

Her stare shifts Preston's eyes as the older stallion continues, "Yes, now who is this?"

The old stallion's pointing hoof takes Clover's attention as she turns to the lizard on her back, "This is Wispy, he is Star Swirl's pet wheezing Iguana of Bison desert."

"Ah." Sagitta gives a little nod as he speaks up, "Star Swirl has some interesting companions."

Clover nods as she turns her eyes back to Preston, "Oh yes, although some get on our nerves sometimes."

Sagitta does not pick up on the turned mare's eyes as he sparks his horn up to float over a pear, "Preston, would you show Clover the small levitation spell you tried?"

The comment brings a turned head to Clover as she speaks up, "I do not think that would be necessary I have seen it already."

Her words do little to the old stallion as he speaks up, "I am sure you have, but I just want to see something."

Preston blinks to the stallion's words but he slowly takes the pear into his free hand, "Alright..." He steadies his hand as the pear rolls to the middle of his flat palm. As it stops he brings an intense stare to the man's eyes as he waits for his magic to come up around the pear.

For a moment no magic comes up and Clover's voice comes up as she looks over the man's face, "Just relax Preston, you might as well do the spell."

Just as the words come down the pear's sides start to glow as Preston's magic wraps to it. However a loud chime of magic runs to the room as it burst into flames and Preston jumps back, dropping the book and the burning pear.

"Preston!?" Clover's voice rings up over everypony's reactions as she sparks her horn up.

But before she can get her spell around the burning fruit the older stallion's magic has already teleported the burnt pear from the room.

Preston brings his voice up as he rubs his hands together, "Sorry, sometimes that happens."

Sagitta nods as he waves his hoof to the man, "It is quite alright...I had expected your form of magic to be a little dangerous." A slight smile comes up from the stallion as he stands up from his seat in the chair and towards the mare, "And Clover, you will not have to worry about what we had been talking about."

The older stallion turns to Preston as he gives a little nod, "Perhaps in a later date, but for right now just continue the training your friend here gives you." As his words come down he turns to the young stallion, "Could you bring my things to my room Violas? I believe I will take a short nap for my meeting with Star Swirl."

Violas floats up the small stone and scroll from the chair as he nods, "Yes Master..." He follows after the stallion as he floats the few things beside him.

However as the two ponies leave the room Clover's eyes now come squarely on the man as she takes a step forward with a hushed voice, "I told you not to use magic."

Preston gives a little laugh to the comment as he shrugs, "How come? All I had to say was that I was from the Crystal palace or whatever."

Clover's eyes tighten a little as she quickly speaks up, "Because magic is thoughts and emotions, and when you perform for somepony you do not know your emotions are higher...You idiot you could have hurt yourself."

The words lose Preston's smile for a moment as he nods to the mare, "Oh..."

A faint sigh comes up from the mare as she turns back to the stairs, "I'm going to wait in the room..." Her eyes turn to the unknow Star Swirl book they put aside earlier as she floats it up to her, "I'm going to look through this book until dinner, if you are done showing off you can come back and practice a few spells if you want."

Before Preston can speak up the mare has turned back to the stairs.

As the sound of her hooves gets a little quieter Preston turns his eyes to the book on the book he dropped as he scoops it up and tosses it to one of the stacks of books in the room.

With the book in place he turns his attention to follow after the mare as he starts towards the stairs.

End of chapter 13