The Land After

by Fat1thatyoulove

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Things to bring

"...This looks to be the last of them." Voilas's voice rings a little to the room as he floats the last few books to Clover.

The mare nods as she studies the titles, "And...These all look to be normal." She gives a sigh as she looks over the empty shelves for a moment and then back to the stacks of books Preston stands a little in front of.

Clover looks over the small stack of books to the left as she speaks up, "Strange that Celestia would only have a few books of importance."

Violas gives a little nod as he adjust the saddle bags around him, "Well it would make sense for her to move most of her things she really wanted." The stallion gives a little chuckle as he speaks up, "Actually my Master is trying to create a spell that would allow him to-..."

The stallion's words bring a sigh to Preston as he turns rubs his hands to his eyes for a moment just trying to ignore the stallion's voice. Its been about an hour and a half since they started sorting through the bookshelves and in that time neither one of the two ponies have stopped talking about magic. And seeing as how Clover told him not to talk has made Preston feel stupid, especially seeing as how he would not be able to contribute to the conversation even if he could speak up. And this has started to wear down on the man...

But not as much as the mare's light giggling from the conversations brought on by the stallion's comments. Its not that Preston does not like hearing the mare, but for some reason not being the one to do it has started to bring a strange feeling of annoyance to the stallion in the room.

However, the stallion's voice is brought to an end as a deeper stallion's tone comes up to the room from the staircase, "Talking about my unfinished work I see Violas?"

The sight of Sagitta coming into the room slightly falters the younger stallion's smile as he speaks up, "Master, hello."

"Hello indeed.." Sagitta turns his head towards the piles of books as he continues, "I trust their was nothing you three could not handle?"

Preston brings up a slight laugh to the comment as he flexes his arm, "Please, its just books."

Everypony in the room just looks to the man's flexing as they give him a confused stare. Which eventually breaks through Preston's little fun as he sighs and turns his attention back to stacking the last few books Clover floated over to him.

"Yes well..." Sagitta turns back to his assistant as he speaks up, "Did you bring along my scrolls I asked for?"

The words quickly bring the younger stallion's horn up as he unclips the left side of his saddle bag, "Oh yes, I forgot I packed them here." He floats out a thin and weird looking yellow rolled up paper as he speaks up, "Sorry."

"No need." Sagitta's horn sparks up as he unrolled the scroll a little, "I just needed to get my Imp spell."

Clover cocks her head to the scroll as she speaks up, "Oh, well if you need a spell like that I could have helped you. It is one of the first things Star Swirl teaches."

A slight laugh comes up from Sagitta as he nods, "I am sure it is, but what I create is not bound just by my magic. Instead they are more like golems, which are-..."

The stallion's voice is cut off as Preston rubs his fingers to his temples, "Things made from like dirt and stuff, we know."

Clover shoots him an annoyed look for not allowing the older stallion to continue, but Sagitta just gives a little chuckle as he nods, "More or less."

His horn comes up to the scroll as he turns it towards Clover, "Do you see these lines?"

The mare stares to the very small print as she tries to read it, "Um...Yes?"

"Good." His horn moves the paper back to him as he speaks up, "Normal scrolls would burn up after one use, this one is my own special scroll and I have created it to not break after one use."


The words turn Sagitta's head as he stares to the pony now digging in his bag a little more, "Ah here it is."

Violas brings his hoof out as he pulls a bright blue stone out.

"Ah, thank you Violas." Sagitta sparks up a new found smile as the small bright blue stone comes into his magic.

Clover however, just blinks to the stone as she cocks her head, "And what is this?"

A slight chuckle comes up from Sagitta as he nods, "This is a copy gem, they-..."

"They copy magical items." Clover gives a little smile as she nods, "Sorry, but Star Swirl and I were tasked with collecting some for the---" Her words stop as she shifts her stance a little, "Well I suppose you know what."

Sagitta cocks an eyebrow to the mare as he slowly nods, "Y-yes, well this one is a little different. I put an enchantment on it." A slight sigh comes to the stallion as he looks over the small stone, "...It actually took most of my early years to create the enchantment."

Preston shakes his head to the comment as he walks over to one of the few chairs that he was told to move against the wall, he flops into it as he speaks up, "How long could a little stone have taken you?"

"Fifteen years."

The word washes away Preston's smile as he just looks over the small stone that floats in front of the stallion.

Sagitta nods as he speaks up, "A copy stone will only copy once, that is why so many are required to make some things. Mine will copy as many as I want when I perform the spell...It amplifies any spell to any magnitude I wish it."

The continued talk about magic slowly starts to drain Preston as he just nods.
To the nod Sagitta turns his attention back to the items in his hold as he sparks up his horn. The ball of magic like before in his room starts up as the scroll and stone disappear to the magic.

Clover takes a step back not really knowing what to expect as she just looks over the swirl of magic in front of her.

Sagitta and Violas are unmoved to the spell though as they watch and listen to the spell nearing its end.

As the low chime of magic pops Preston sits up a little in his chair, "What the heck?"

His eyes have locked to the three small winged and scaly creatures that stand to the ground where the ball of magic was formed.

Preston starts up in a laugh as he wiggles his hand to Clover, "How come I have never seen you or Star Swirl do this stuff??" His childlike smile holds as he snaps back to the older pony, "Hey-hey, how much magicka do I need to summon like-like a skeleton or something?"

Sagitta just blinks to the comment as he nods as he focuses in on the first comment, "Yes...Well, the reason these spells are not seen as much is because even a simple summoning spell without items is almost impossible to create. That and imps are considered a dark form of summoning, seeing as how they are not native to the old land or Equestria...From what we know."

Preston cocks his head a little as he speaks up, “Items? You mean like body part? Like Frankenstein or something?”

The words bring a strange stare too the old stallion as he slowly brings his voice up from the man’s weird words, “Well body parts if in the proper condition would be valued in Necromancy, seeing as how that is the best way to summon things.”

His comment is quickly followed by Clover as she continues to look over the small dark scaled things in front of her, "I must say, Star Swirl would be most impressed by this spell."

"Maybe." Sagitta gives a slight laugh to himself as he rolls up the scroll, "But what is fame...Now if you excuse me, we need to get my things put away." As he turns away the three imps start to flap their bat like wings as they bring themselves from the ground.

However Sagitta comes out of sight he turns back to the room, "Oh and there seems to be something scratching at your closed door. You may want to check that out. "

The words flick the mare's ear as she starts towards the stairs, "Wispy..."

As the mare's quick trots past Sagitta and the three flying creatures Preston stands from his chair as he brings his voice up, "Hey, do you think you can show me some of that summoning stuff?"

Sagitta blinks to the comment as he takes a step back up the stairs with a confused look, "Excuse me?"

Preston holds his hand in front of the older pony's gaze as he snaps his fingers, the light green glow of his magic comes up as Sagitta and Violas stare to the man's hand.

The older stallion holds his eyes to the hand for a moment as he turns his head to the three imps, "Go and clean my room up please." As the imps fly away Sagitta floats the scroll and stone to the chair Preston stood from as he speaks up, "Show me what kind of magic you can do?"

End of chapter 12