Pinkie's Redemption

by Shadow Volt

Chapter 2

Pinkie was still crying her heart out when Shadow put his forelegs around her and hugged her tighter than he had before.

They sat there for what seemed like hours but was merely a few minutes, Shadow decided that confronting Pinkamena could wait, for first came mending Pinkie's broken heart.

They sat there for a few hours, Pinkie still crying.

"I think we should stay at the Treebrary tonight, I can't let you go back to Pinkamena alone, and there's something I want to check on first," Shadow said.

Pinkie nodded and wiped away her tears.

"O-okay, but what about Spike? If he knows about what happened then he might throw us out or not even let us in to begin with," she said.

Shadow frowned, for he had forgot about that detail, if he really was in a different reality than the one he called home then Spike wouldn't know him, and probably wouldn't believe him, and why would he, Shadow would be a stranger to him, but Shadow knew he had to try, and that's exactly what he planned to do.

He let go of Pinkie and wiped away her remaining tears, "Let's get going before it gets too dark."

Pinkie nodded and started to walk beside him, "Are you going to tell Spike if he doesn't know?"

Shadow nodded, "He needs to know, and if he's like the Spike I know from my world then he should understand."

Pinkie looked at Shadow confused.

"Your world," she asked.

Shadow nodded his head again, "Yes, it would seem that, somehow, I have been sent to a different reality than my own, at first I thought I was just teleported to the opposite side of Ponyville that I was on, but when you said you didn't know me or Shadow Stryker, that's when I realised that this has to be a different world considering everything you've told me, I don't know how it happened but I must have been sent here to help you."

Shadow stopped and looked into Pinkie's eyes.

"And I will help you, and when this is all over we'll go back together just as I promised," he said.

With those words all of the pain and sorrow in Pinkie's eyes was replaced with hope, hope that she could once again be reunited with her friends.

"Pinkie when we were talking earlier, I thought that you were doing what Pinkamena said out of fear of your own life, but I know that can't be true, you would rather sacrifice yourself than harm your friends," he took a moment to take a breathe, "I think its because your trying to protect somepony, like the Cake family, or more specifically, their newborn foals Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake."

Pinkie was stunned that he knew about the Cakes newborn foals before she remembered that he was from a different world.

She nodded her head, "Pinkamena threatened to hurt them if I didn't do what she said."

"Well we can't let that happen now can we," Shadow smiled and started walking again, "They'll never be in danger again."

Pinkie nodded and started walking next to Shadow once again.

"What if Pinkamena gets suspicious because I don't return tonight? What if she decides to hurt them while I'm away," she asked.

Shadow smiled for he had already thought of that and had came up with a plan.

"That's why I'm going to teleport them to the Treebrary where it's safe," he said smiling.

Pinkie looked at him before letting out a relieved sigh.

After a few more minutes of walking in silence they had reached the Treebrary and walked in, Shadow then called for Spike, who came downstairs wondering who the black unicorn standing next to Pinkie was.

Shadow began to explain everything, Spike was sceptical at first until Shadow proved he was telling the truth by telling him how he knew of Spike's crush on Rarity, Spike knew Pinkie couldn't have said anything without breaking her Pinkie promise so he knew that Shadow was speaking the truth.

When Shadow got to the part about what Pinkamena did to Twilight and the others and how Pinkie was involved, Spike looked as though he was about to attack Pinkie, but when Shadow told Spike that Pinkie was also a victim and was only doing what Pinkamena told her to in order to protect the Cake family and their newborn foals, Spike's look of anger was almost instantly replaced by guilt, guilt that he had wanted to hurt Pinkie.

After explaining, Shadow took a few minutes to catch his breathe to conpose himself, "I was wondering if Pinkie and I could stay here tonight."

Spike nodded, "Pinkie can sleep upstairs in Twilight's bed and I can set up a bed down here for you."

Shadow nodded, "Also can you find a place for the Cake family to sleep tonight?"

Spike looked at him confused, "The Cakes?"

Shadow nodded again, "I'm going to teleport them here where it's safe."

Spiked nodded and went to set up a bed for Shadow and get the Cakes a bed ready downstairs.

Shadow then began to focus on teleporting the Cakes to the Treebrary, after a few moments his horn began to shine brightly then let out a flash of light, when the light faded it revealed Mr. and Mrs. Cake and their newborns standing there stunned.

Mr. Cake was about to speak when Shadow cut him off and began to explain everything without leaving out a single detail.

After he finished he let Mr. Cake speak, "I-I see, we understand and we'll stay here until its safe."

Shadow nodded as Spike returned.

"Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake your bed is ready for you downstairs," Spike said.

The Cakes nodded and went downstairs.

Pinkie decided to break the silence once they were gone, "I'm gonna go to bed as well, if you two don't mind that is."

Both Shadow and Spike nodded in unison.

Once Pinkie was upstairs, Shadow turned to Spike.

"Spike, if you don't mind, I need your help researching some stuff," Shadow said.

Spike was about to nod but stopped himself, "Only on one condition."

Shadow looked at him, "Name it."

Spike began to look at Shadow with a pleading look.

"I want you to take me with you and Pinkie when its over with," Spike said.

Shadow began to laugh, which caught Spike off guard, after a few minutes Shadow managed to stop his laughter.

"Ofcoarse you can, all you had to do was ask, and can you carry some books by fireblowing them," Shadow said.

Spike nodded, "Yeah, just let me know which ones and I'll fireblow them for later use."

Shadow took off his sunglasses, which he had been wearing the entire time, revealing his deep blue eyes and then took off his blue vest revealing that not only did he have wings but he was infact an Alicorn.

Spike was shocked and barely managed to speak, "Y-your an Alicorn?!!"

Shadow nodded, "Yeah, but I like to keep my wings hidden under my vest since I'm not used to being an Alicorn yet."

Spike was about to ask what he meant but decided that it was best not to ask.

Shadow stretched out his wings and refurled them, "Okay Spike, let's get down to work, I need all the books about alternate realities, how to travel between mutliple realities and anything about sealing spells."

Spike nodded and quickly gathered up all the books Shadow requested.

"Here they are Shadow, is that everything you need," Spike asked.

Shadow nodded and opened up the first of the books, "Thanks Spike, you can go to bed if you want to, I can take it from here."

Spike shook his head and sat down next to Shadow.

"I'll stay up just incase you need any help," Spike said.

Despite saying that, however, Spike was sound a sleep an hour later, Shadow gave a small laugh and went back to reading, he was determined to not only stop Pinkamena, but to also take Spike and Pinkie with him when it was over.