Diamond Tiara Likes Dating Sims

by Mattricole

Diamond Tiara Likes Dating Sims-True End

Ugh, my head! What was that? What was I doing last-

“Diamond-kuuuuuun!” What the?! Oh, looks like I fell asleep in front of my computer. That’s weird, I never fell asleep when playing one of my dating sims.


WHOA! Jeez, that stupid alarm clock is loud! Guess I’ll save my game just in case, don’t want to lose any progress now!

...Why does this feel familiar? Feels like I’m getting a weird sense of...what’s it called? Dijon View? Eh whatever, doesn’t really matter I guess. Well, guess I better get ready for school. I wonder if breakfast is ready yet? Though I guess I could go to the bathroom really quick, but I might miss Daddy since he goes to work pretty early in the morning. What should I do?

...WHAT AM I WAITING FOR?! Jeez, I must be half asleep or something! Guess I’ll just go downstairs for now.

Ugh, I’m really beginning to wish I pretended to be sick today. I really don’t feel like going to school, it’s so boring! Oh well, at least I get to see Silver Spoon, maybe we can hang out later? The new episode of Neighruto does come out later today. I mean, I didn’t really plan on watching it today but it would make a good excuse to get Silver Spoon into anime. She really is missing out on a great-

“Hi Diamond Tiara!”

“Oh, Hi Silver-” WHOA! W-why is she hugging me all of a sudden and nuzzling my cheek?!

“I can’t believe what you did to me yesterday! That was so mean!”


“It was so embarrassing telling mom about...us. I could have really used your support you know!”

Us? What about us? Is this about the Bump bump, sugar lump rump thing? I already told her I didn’t mean to make it a bit pervy! I mean, it was supposed to be pervy, but I wasn’t going to tell her that!

...Great, I’m in that mood now.

“Anyways, everypony else is waiting for us!”

Huh? Everypony else?

“Come on, DT, you can’t keep your marefriends waiting now!”


“Diamond Tiara! What took you so long?!” Sweetie Belle? What is she doing here-why does she have a bag of potato chips? And why is there a half eaten chip in her mouth?

“Sweetie Belle, what are you-”


Smoochie? What does she mean by-OH MY CELESTIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

“Sorry, Diamond, but you know how much better chips taste when you share it with the ones you love!” THAT IS NOT HOW YOU SHARE POTATO CHIPS! ONLY A SICK PERVERT...would….oh my that chip was especially delicious!

“Sweetie Belle!” Uh oh, Silver seems mad. Hope she doesn’t do anything- “I thought you said I would get the first potato chip kiss with Diamond!”

...I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

“Sorry, Silver Spoon! But only I get potato chip kisses with Diamond.”

...I really don’t understand what’s going on anymore!

“Fine! Let’s just get going!” Silver Spoon says as she leads the way. Ugh, finally! I don’t think I can take another- “But first!”

Huh? Why is she looking at me like...oh my.

“...I wanted to lick the crumbs off of Diamond’s mouth,” Sweetie Belle mumbles to herself...at least, I think that’s what she said. I’m still having trouble understanding what’s going on!

...Not that I hate what’s going on, but a explanation would be great.

“Ya’ll are taking forever!”

Apple Bloom?

“Yeah! You know how long I’ve been waiting to try some of Diamond Tiara’s home cooked meals?! Seriously I’m starving!’

Scootaloo?! Wait, home cooked meals?

“Scoots, is that really the only thing ya can think of at a time like this?! Those two are hogging Diamond all to themselves!”

Hogging?! Wait...Silver Spoon said...marefriends? Are these two...no. No, it can’t be!

“Well I can’t help it! I love it when DT shares food with me, she puts so much of her love into her cooking!”


“And then after we finish, she holds me so gently.”


“And then as the sun sets, she leans in and gently caresses me wings!”


“Why would she do that?” Silver Spoon asks, glad somepony else doesn’t understand.

“What? It helps with my digestion!”

...Yeah, not even going to ask.

“So, Diamond Tiara! What did you make for us today?” Scootaloo asks as she walks up to me. Though I don’t really get why she’s asking me! Why would I ever...make...something...for...UGH! QUIT LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!

“I-I did make a cheese sandwich with a side of tomato soup and salad we could share, if that’s okay?” Why does she looks so...CUTE?!

“Great!” Scootaloo says as she...nuzzles me. “Can’t wait for lunch, I absolutely love your cooking!” Those eyes...hypnotic.

“Yeah, great, can we all git going now? We’re gonna be late!” Huh? What’s wrong with Apple Bloom? She’s really looking upset. And why does that…bother me?

“Hey, Apple Bloom what’s wrong?” I can’t help but ask. She’s acting like she got no presents on her birthday.

“It’s nothing, Diamond, ah just wanna gt to school!” Apple Bloom...I’ve played so many dating sims I doubt you could count it on one hoof...okay, not a good example but you know what I mean!

“Listen, Apple Bloom!” I shout as stand in her way. “I know something’s wrong, just tell me, alright?” I beg as I wrap a hoof around her shoulder. Come on, you can tell me anything.

“I-it’s nothing, alright?!” Ah, I see. She’s jealous, that’s all. I just gotta do something for her, but what?

...I think I got it!

“Hey, Apple Bloom, would you feel better if later I wore that bunny suit of yours, just for you?” I whisper in her ear, causing her to blush adorably. “Would that make you feel better?”

“W-well, ah guess,” Apple Bloom giggles nervously, and begins walking ahead of us. “W-well let’s git going, we really are gonna be late to class, so ya’ll better hurry up!”

“Alright, alright!” I call out, and the rest of us hurry after her.

“Hey, DT?” Silver Spoon calls out and quickly stands next to me. “If you’re going to wear a bunny suit just for Apple Bloom, you better wear that Neighruto outfit just for me.” And with that Silver Spoon gallops ahead leaving me a little...flushed.

I really don’t understand what’s going on...but I LOVE IT!

Not too far off from Diamond Tiara and her new marefriends, Discord sat upon a cloud, wiping his tears with a small handkerchief. Sniffling every so often, he waved at the fillies as they went off to school, smiling gently at the beautiful scene.

“Oh I do love me some happy endings!” he laughed as he threw the handkerchief away.

“And all ye had to do was manipulate the dreams of five little fillies!” a voice from behind growled, causing him to turn around with a bright smile.

“Luna! Oh, so good to see you!” he said happily as he hugged his…”friend”. “How are you? You look quite stressed! I hope nothing terrible happened.”

“Discord,” Luna growled as she pried herself from Discord’s grasp. “Thou hast invaded our territory again! The dream world is ours to command, to guide our little ponies unto the correct path!” Luna shouted, causing Discord to pick at his ears with a smile.

“Now, Luna! I know I may have gone a bit too far! But look at them!” he said as he pointed at the five fillies. “Don’t they look happy? Nopony got hurt!”

“The one called Diamond Tiara died in her dreams several times,” Luna sighed as she rubbed her eyes. “We had to intervene in order to make sure she wasn’t permanently traumatized!”

“Didn’t seem to work,” Discord mumbled as he spotted Diamond Tiara shuddering at the sight of some rope and a nearby axe. “And besides, it’s not my fault! How was I supposed to know she was bad at dating sims! Really, who dies that many times in those games?”

“Other than our dear sister?” Luna asked as she scratched her chin in thought. “Not many we suppose…”

“Exactly! So you can’t really blame me for that!” Discord said triumphantly, earning a shrug from Luna. What could she say? He was right, Diamond Tiara did make some incredibly stupid choices.

“Though we would have never thought the one known as Silver Spoon could get so...deadly.”

“Yes, you really should talk to her parents about some counseling, for Diamond’s sake,” Discord agreed with a laugh. “Really, she reminds me of that one time when you dated-”

“DISCORD!” Luna shouted so loud she managed to push him with her voice alone. “Please...do not bring that up,” she demanded with a snarl, causing him to shiver.

“Right, sorry!” he apologized with a laugh. “But back on topic, since nothing really bad happened, does this mean I’m free to go?” he asked with a smile. After a second or two of thinking, Luna nodded at him with a strained smile.

“Yes, Discord, but thou will refrain from invading ponies dreams! We do not wish for a similar incident.”

“Alright, fine!” Discord sighed with a pout. “You take the fun out of everything!” he said with a snap of his fingers, disappearing into the morning air leaving Luna all by herself. After a minute or so of being alone, Luna grinned to herself as she sensed several ponies still asleep.

“Now, do we show them images of Celestia with an afro, or do we force them to go on a date with a timberwolf?” she asked herself, giggling in anticipation. Dream manipulation was so much fun.