The Reigns of History

by 8chill

Ch03 Accident

Wanting to get back to the lab quickly, they attempted to simply levitate the crystal out of the cavern. Unfortunately, they soon found out that it required far to much magic to move it more than a few feet. The duo hypothesized that it was perhaps it's size or the unique properties of the crystal that made it so difficult to move. They couldn't really confirm this without the proper equipment and thus decided to call in a crew to assist them in moving the heavy artifact.

However, a problem had arisen; they had no way of communicating this far in the region. There were no mail ponies in their current location and the nearest town was a few hours away, down in the valley. Seeing that somepony had to go and make the reservations, the professor being the thoughtful, caring stallion that he is, volunteered......... Heatwave to go back.

"Why should I have to be the one to go? Shouldn't you be the one to go and make the plans?" asked Heatwave, voice full of disbelief. The professor was sending him down without even discussing it with him? Surely, he was just joking and they would come up with plan of action. He wouldn't send him away so easily, right?

"Well...." he started, twirling his hoof in the snow. "You are better suited for this endeavor; I have absolute faith that you, my protege, my- ."

"Ohhh no you don't." Heatwave cut off the professor. "I'm on to your little game," he said giving him a dirty look. "You know that you should be the one that sets this up. You're just trying to sweet talk your way out of going' you lazy, old coot. I'm not falling for it!" Heatwave said sitting on his haunches with his head turned and arms crossed.

"Heatwave, I'm disappointed," the professor replied seemingly hurt. "Do you really have to result to name calling? I was just trying to help you. You claimed that this place is so horrible to you, " he gestured to the surrounding area, "so I was doing you a favor and sending you back." "Did you not say that cold isn't for you?" he questioned.


"Or that cool isn't what you signed up for?" he continued.

"Well you see...."

"Not to mention the fact that you don't 'do' freezing, correct? he asked, a grin slowly taking over his face.

"Yes." Heatwave replied rather pathetically.

"Then everything should be perfectly fine. Besides, would you really leave this weak, old stallion to make that awfully long trek down the mountain?" he asked giving Heatwave the look of an old whimpering dog.

"I don't like you," Heatwave said sounding defeated. He looked onward toward the base of the mountain and sighed, resolving himself to make the long, arduous trip there.

"Now there's a good lad!" the professor said cheerfully. "You run along now and do be quick about it! Time won't wait and we've got so much to do."

"Yeah.. Yeah... I hear you......" Heatwave muttered sounding depressed.

A few hours later, a team of twenty pegasi arrived on the scene. All of them were wearing harnesses and side packs with coils of rope attached. They seemed to be having a little difficulty breathing, most likely due to the higher altitude. Their wings and feathers looked as if they had started freezing over. Some were shivering from the cold while others had looks of displeasure clearly on their faces. Out in front, the apparent leader of the team scanned the valley floor looking for the one that was responsible for making them miserable. A couple minutes went by before she spotted the misery bringer. Signaling the team, they all swooped in and landed near the gaping maw of the cavern.

Trotting up to them rather quickly, the professor greeted them warmly. "Why good day to you all. How was your trip? I'm sure everything went rather splendidly."

He was met with twenty angry glares and clenched jaws. Before any potential violence broke out, the leader stepped forth and confronted the professor. She reached into her side pack and pulled out ticket and handed it to him.

"Are you Professor Oatmeal?" she asked looking unimpressed.

"My name is Professor Grand Oat, not Oatmeal, but most ponies call me Professor Oat," he corrected with pride in his voice.

"A stallion by the name of Heatwave told us to look for some crazy, demented, old guy standing around a hole."

"What?!" he asked clearly shocked. "Why that disrespectful little foal; how dare he call me, crazy!" he yelled while reading the paper, confirming her story as true.

"Judging by the description, I'd say he hit the nail on the head," she laughed as the team of stallions and mares chuckled. "My name is Windy Vane, the owner of the Fast Vane moving company," she added. "But enough talking, we've got a job to do. We're suppose to come in and air lift a large crystal back to the institute for you, correct?" she asked switching to full business mode.

"Yes, its right down there," he pointed to the large crystal laying on the cavern floor.

"Okay listen up! Let's get this thing tethered and get the buck up out of here! The sooner we strap up the sooner we can leave," she yelled getting the attention and nodding heads of the group. They proceeded to fly down into the opening of the cavern and attach the necessary ropes to their harnesses. After a couple of safety checks, the pegasi started to fly lifting the crystal along with them.

"Do be careful, this is a priceless artifact, that needs to be handled with-"

"Will you please let us do our job? We are the movers not you," she yelled hotly from her position in the air.

"Hrmph, so rude and such terrible customer service......" he muttered under his breath.

"What was that? Do you want us leave it here so you can take it back yourself?"

"No! I didn't say anything; continue on please, your doing a wonderful job, excellent service!" he yelled panicked.

"Good. I'm glad we understand each other," she replied leading the group up and out of the cavern. They then hovered above the ground waiting for the signal to leave. A moment later the call was given to leave.

"Head em up, move em out!" The pegasi under the strain of the crystal departed to the destination, leaving poor, old Professor Oat all by himself.

"Hey!" he yelled. "What about me! Aren't you suppose to take me with you?" he asked desperately.

He didn't have to wait long for the reply.

"Not part of the job description!" was what was yelled back.

The artifact arrived at its destination safe and sound; much to Professor Oats joy. It had taken a full day to successfully make the trip. The Institute of Magic and Science, also known as Arvaud, was one of the most prestigious schools of all Equestria. It halls were decorated with the achievements of ponies great and small through out their time there. The floors were shined spotlessly to show newcomers that their path will be clear should they stay. It was truly a marvelous place to study science and magic.

"Heatwave!" Professor Oat bellowed startling the young apprentice from his nap.

"Ho-How was the trip Professor?" he asked timidly knowing he was probably going to pay for the stunt he pulled.

"Never mind that now, lad," he started while searching for his notes, "I need you to send for Lights and have him bring the artifact from lab C. I then need you to go run a quick errand for me; pick up a chemical set from the store room.

"Like now? As in right this instant?" he asked not really believing the Professor would go straight into researching after making the trip back.

"Yes, now, so would you kindly please do as I ask before I'm forced to remember that you left me stranded," he said with a hint of danger in his tone.

Not needing to be told twice, Heatwave quickly left the room, or risk his mentor's ire falling upon him.

He arrived at his fellow student's dorm room and knocked.

Nothing happened.

He tried hitting the door more forcefully and calling to him.

But it failed.

Getting frustrated he used his magic to project his voice into the room. "Wake up Trippy Lights! I don't have all day." There was an audible groan from behind the door, then later a shuffling of blankets.

It was super effective.

"All right, All right I'm coming dude," the voice lazily said. "No need to break the energy of the moment."

The pony in question was a unicorn of a lime green color. He had a mark of what looked to be a lava lamp on his flank. His mane was a mess but it didn't seem like he cared much. He yawned and lethargically got up and opened the door.

"Heeeeey Heatwaaaavvveee. How's the universe treatin' ya." he asked laid backed.

"I don't have time for shenanigans today Trippy. The professor wants you to take a cart loaded with a priceless artifact and bring it to him."

"Uh okay."

"Got it? Good. I'm out of here, see you in a bit Trips," Heatwave said as he trotted off to complete his errand.

Trippy later arrived at lab C to move the cart but found it to be heavy. Being as lazy as he was, he thought of a solution to ease his problems.
"I'll just use that fancy spell I've seen Heatwave use all the time," he thought. "Now what was it called? It was 'Life' something. Ah well its not important, I'll just get this done and over with before Teach blows his horn off."

All it took was a simple gather of energy; and a coating of the object of choice. No 'Biggie' he thought to himself.

Unfortunately for him, it turned out to be big problem. The crystal started to react violently, glowing, pulsating with energy. The magic that was once embedded to the cart was absorbed into the crystal giving it a spectrum of colors. The light show attracted the attention of a few ponies but none more so than Heatwave. Sensing something wrong he teleported to lab C only to find it in pure chaos.

"Trippy, just what the hay did you do?" Heatwave asked amidst the growing levels of volatile energy.

"All I did was cast a spell to make life easier for be bro, but then this weird stuff happened."

"Which one?"

"That...What was it called? Life... Life.. Turn... to Life. The 'Turn to Life' spell!" Trippy remembered finally.

"How could that kind of spell make the artifact react this badly?" he wondered terrified.

"I don't know bro, but this is freaking me out dude," he said eyes wide, fear evident in his voice.

The colorful prismatic display continued to surge and build. Cracks started to appear on the crystal as the maelstrom of energy reached its peak. With a resounding boom, the energy exploded shattering the crystal into shards. The shock wave tore apart the lab sending scrolls, reports, flasks, and anything else that wasn't tied down crashing into the walls and floor.

As the dust settled, a few ponies began to quickly fill the area trying to ascertain the cause of the explosion.
It didn't take long before the professor arrived on the scene. His mane was disheveled as worry plagued him. But upon spotting his two students looking non the worse for wear, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"You two alright?" he asked wanting to make sure.

"Yes, Professor/Teach," they responded simultaneously smiling slightly.

"So what happened," he asked with an edge in his voice.

"Trippy, casted a 'Turn to Life' spell on the cart to make it easier to move....." Heatwave started to explain.

"But then that crystal started sucking the magic away. At first, it was cool because it reminded me of my lamps at home, when suddenly it started doing freaky stuff," Trippy finished.

"Professor look! Wha...What is that!?" Heatwave shouted.

"Whooaaaa, Duuude that is just........ wow," was all that Trippy could say.

"Don't think you are getting out this," he said turning around. "I still have to discipline you.. both... for.... this?" Professor Oat finally laid his eyes on what captured the others attention. Not entirely believing what he saw he quickly formed a plan.

"Both of you. Go find a veterinarian and secure the premises. Protect this creature at all costs!" He ordered. When both did nothing, he raised his voice. "What are you waiting around for? Go now!"

Professor Oat looked out of his office window contemplating the recent development. Do to a misplaced spell, the artifact was basically destroyed. All that was left was a few pieces that were scattered around the lab. However, because of that incident, the creature inside was set free and breathing. This brought about an obscene number of new possibilities just waiting to be explored. A creature of the past may one day walk amongst them! It was exhilarating just thinking about it!

"So many questions to answer, so many possibilities," he whispered to himself. "What sort of life did you live? What was the world like back then? What other species existed during your time? he asked walking away from the window. He continued on until he reached a large cage that housed the object of his thoughts.

"But I suppose I should probably ask the single most important and basic scientific question first," he said looking down at the strange clothed creature lying on a bed of pillows.

"Are you a boy or a girl?"