Maybe Love Bites

by Fat1thatyoulove

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Revelations

The bed's covers lay scattered around the room and the bed as they just barely cling to the two still slightly sweaty ponies in the bed. However, despite the cooler weather outside neither pony is cold thanks to the close proximity of the two pony's bodies that lay up against each other.

Aerolight's eyes are closed as the stallion continues to enjoy the content sleep he fell into from the early night's activities...But for the brilliant yellow mare that is locked in the stallion's front hoove's hold no rest has come to her.

Instead her heart beats hard and her eyes stay open to the room that has now started to grow darker from the lowering moon outside. The heavy heart doesn't beat from any cooling down, but instead because of the warm hold she has been locked in for the last few hours.

The warm and tightly wrapped embrace was not brought on because of some afterglow gesture, but instead occurred much later in the stallion's sleep. However the thing that has the mare terrified is how she feels from it...Safe.

Her eyes have continued to flicker between this fake life she lives and her true self as the tears that have formed are held back by all of her might.

However, as she inevitably blinks once more a salty stream of water runs from her eyes and into the fur under them. As it does the yellow coat is melted away to reveal the sleek black fur/skin that sits just under her spell she has been forced to hold all night.

The mare trembles a little as she slams her eyes shut, desperately trying to settle the magic that burns deep inside her.

A faint sound shoots her eyes open as the stallion up against her sighs a little, the fear of facing him runs up her spine as she quickly darts her eyes around the dark room. Not really knowing what she is looking for.

However, just as sudden as the sound occurred it ends as the stallion's right front hoof starts to tighten around the mare's heavy beating chest.

The tighter and loving hold trembles the mare's shut jaw as she feels another tear start to melt through her spell.

Knowing she can not handle this for much longer she starts to shift from the bed very slowly.

Aerolight's sleep is paused for a moment as his breathing pauses to the motion of the bed next to him but it quickly returns as Milky removes herself from the bed.

The mare stares to the stallion's peaceful sleep for a moment as her magic quietly wraps around her four hooves.

Within the blink of an eye the bottoms of her hooves have turned into a sleek black as she now trots silently towards her one bag that sits on the nearby dresser.

Her ears stay pinned to the sounds behind her as she continues to near her things, but as she does her magic starts up for as the bag quickly floats around her neck.

With the bag now firmly around her she turns her eyes to the cloak she had on when she came back to the room. It now sits near the end of the bed wear Aerolight's tail drops down.

Not wanting to risk going so close to the sleeping stallion she instead turns her head to the second thought that popped in her mind. Her eyes quickly locate the piece of paper and pen that is used for sending letters, her hoof comes up to the Fantaisie Gras stamped paper as she hoof writes a few things.

The tears in her eyes continue to form but none fall as she quickly and quietly sets the pen down. Her eyes now turn to the door as she starts to trot towards it, however the short few hoofs to it pause her as she looks back to the stallion in the bed.

But the stare only last a moment as she opens the door to the brighter hallway's lights.

The sound of the door closing has no effect on the stallion as he continues to enjoy his sleep, thinking that the mare absent in the bed is doing the same.

End of chapter 11