The TwiDash/Rarijack Tales



Story: Kids
Written By: RDFTW
POV: Third-Person

"Go ahead. Run along children."

Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle had arrived at a big, open field, with their children, so they could have a picnic together. Rarity told the children to run off and play on the field, so they could prepare the picnic without distraction from the foals.

The four ponies picked their picnic spot under a large tree in the middle of the field. They needed to keep an eye on their children, and the spot provided shade.

They moved at a slow pace while preparing the picnic. Their old age would not allow them to move any faster. But, they got it done, and after they were done with preparing the picnic, Applejack shouted to the foals, "Soup's on, everypony!"

The foals returned to their spot under the tree, and began to eat lunch with their parents.

After they were all done eating, the foals played in the field again while their parents cleaned up. But this time, Rainbow Dash, joined the kids and played with them.

While the ponies were cleaning up, Applejack sighed happily while looking at her filly.

"Ya know," Applejack began, "It's really nice to see them playin'. I really like watchin' o'er them."

"Are you kidding me, Applejack?" Rarity asked. She turned to her daughter and said, "It really is a hassle when I am looking over her. Did you know that she gave me a hard time when I was giving her bath the other day?"

Applejack chuckled, "Heh, that's my Apple Blossom."

Applejack looked down at the grass, then back at her daughter. "It makes me feel young'r when ever Ah'm with her," Applejack started. "She makes me feel happy," Applejack turned to Twilight, teary-eyed, "Ah can't thank you enough for what you did to me 'n' Rarity. Without you, Twilight, we wouldn't have a foal right-"

Applejack stopped mid-sentence when Twilight hugged her.

"You're welcome, Applejack," Twilight whispered.

When their hug ended, Twilight said to Applejack, "You know, Princess Celestia is the one who showed me the spell, right?"

Applejack chuckled while wiping some tears from her eyes. "Well, ah figured."

"She told me about the spell after I had sent a letter telling her Rainbow and I wanted a foal," Twilight said, "The Princess was delighted to hear the spell actually worked. Heck, she was almost as happy as us when she found out I was having twins."

The three ponies turned their attention to Rainbow Dash, when they heard her laughing while she was flying toward them.

When Rainbow stopped her laughing, she turned to Twilight and said, "Oh man, Twi', you shoulda seen Midnight. He was flying, 'cause I was teaching him right now, and he slammed into that tree over there, and that tree was filled with acorns, and then he came out with a mouth full of acorns."

"Is he okay?" Twilight asked worried about the condition of her son's teeth.

"Of course he's okay," Rainbow said, "I checked up on him before I went here to tell you. But, when I saw that happen I tried my hardest not to laugh."


Twilight and Rainbow turned around to see their son, Midnight Dash, obviously angry at his mother, Rainbow Dash.

"Mom!" Midnight complained, "I told you not to tell mommy!"

Rainbow chuckled as she went to pick up her son in her hooves.

"I'm sorry, baby," Rainbow said while nuzzling her son, "It was just too funny, I had to tell mommy."

Midnight became more annoyed with Rainbow, when she called him "baby" and when she began nuzzling him.

"Stop it, mom!" Midnight said, "Aurora and Blossom can see!"

"Alright, alright," Rainbow said as she set down her little pegasus colt. "Go ahead and play with your sister and your friend. Tell them I had to clean up with the rest of the adults."

"Okay!" Midnight shouted while running over to his sister and friend.

"It amazes me that he is almost an exact copy of you, Rainbow Dash," Rarity said.

"Yep," Rainbow said, "That's my boy!"

Rainbow looked around at the mess that was still there.

"What have you girls been doing this whole time?" Rainbow asked. "Looks like you girls haven't picked up anything at all!"

"Oh, right," Twilight said as she looked around at the mess, "We were talking about the kids before you came over here."

"Oh yeah?" Rainbow asked, "What about the kids?"

"How grateful we were that Twilight learned that spell that was able for us to have foals," Rarity answered.

"Oh yeah, that spell that gives you a stallionhoo-"

Twilight stopped Rainbow by hitting her over the head.

"Ow!" Rainbow screamed. "What was that for?"

"It's a little rude saying that. Don't you think, Rainbow?" Twilight asked.

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Rainbow said while rubbing the back of her head with her hoof.

Applejack chuckled, "Ah was saying how Apple Blossom made me feel young again when I saw her playin'."

Rainbow nodded her head in agreement, and said, "That's exactly how I feel about Midnight and Aurora. Midnight reminds me of a younger, daring me, and Aurora reminds of when Twilight was younger. Aurora sure does like reading and using her magic like Twi', and Midnight loves doing tricks."

Twilight chuckled, and said, "Yeah Midnight also loves crashing into things just like Rainbow use to."

Rainbow scrunched up her face while her wife and friends began laughing.

When their laughter died down, Applejack looked at Rarity and said, "Ah know she gives you a hard time sometimes, Rare, but you 'n' ah know that she loves you."

Rarity sighed and said, "I know, dear. She'll come around. Just like Sweetie Belle did."

"Well, enough talking let's get this place cleaned up," Rainbow said.


After the four ponies were done cleaning up their picnic area, they started playing with the foals until sunset.

Apple Blossom was falling asleep while sprawled on Rarity's back. Midnight and Aurora were already asleep. Midnight sleeping on Rainbow's back, and Aurora on Twilight's back.

"Well this sure was fun, girls," Applejack said.

"Same time next week?" Twilight asked.

"You betcha," Rarity said.

"Alright, see you girls later," Rainbow said while she and Twilight were walking toward the library.

"Bye!" Rarity and Applejack shouted while going the opposite direction to the farm.

"Guess we can't fly it home, huh, Twilight?" Rainbow asked.

"Nope," Twilight responded.

"Eh, that's fine," Rainbow said, "This reminds of when we use to walk at night the first months of dating."

"Oh yeah," Twilight said, "Gosh, it has been a long time since we started dating, hasn't it?"

"Yep," Rainbow said.

They both walked in silence back home, very close to each other, trying not to drop their kids on their backs.


When Rarity, Applejack, and Apple Blossom returned to the farm, Rarity took a very sleepy Apple Blossom to the bathroom to help her get cleaned up and ready for bed. Rarity carried Apple Blossom to her bedroom to get her in her pajamas. She tucked Apple Blossom into her bed, and kissed her daughter on the forehead.

"I love you, Apple Blossom," Rarity said.

", mommy," Apple Blossom said.

Rarity smiled, and closed her daughter's bedroom door. When Rarity turned around, Applejack was leaning against the hallway wall.

"I told you," Applejack said.