by twilight517828

Mabel's plan with a sick Dipper

*chapter 3*
nothing had changed they were locked in cages the food and water had been refueled this continued for a week Dipper would occasionally stick his hand out only to pull it back in this worried Mabel even more by the fact that she noticed he started to stop talking to her and when he pulled his hand back in it got slower and slower till one day he left it out for two minutes slowly dragging it back in one day Mabel had enough.
“Dipper are you ok?” mabel said getting up.
“come on Dip get up its a cold day with snow.” she said before she started to break and drink the water.
“grr...no”Dipper said slowly pain showing in his voice.
Mabel went to the bars that held her and dipper apart.
“do you want to build a snowman? do you want to came and play?”
“I never see you anymore come down here It's like you've gone away”Mabel said sadness showing on her every word.
“ok”Dipper said as he tried to get up.
“cool”she said happy again.
soon Dipper was down but he was very pale ,skinny and weak.
“o.m.g Dipper you're not ok. um whens the last time you ate?” Mabel said almost in a panic.
“umm I think a week why?”Dipper said looking deep into his twins eyes.
“Dipper your well sick.”Mabel said.
“ya and I mean its not the stone age we have medicine.”Dipper said looking away.
“fine come on lets build a snowman”Mabel said unhappy.
*back at the shake*
it had been a week everyone was looking in the woods by the lake they even said a $500 reward for whoever finds them to no success.
at the end of the day Soos and Wendy were hugging and crying well Stan was crying he was also chopping onions saying it was the onions.
“will they ever come back?”Soos cried
“mbey I don't know they could be dead.” Stan said looking up at the woods.
“beats me I’m going home”Wendy said getting up well Soos started to hug Stan soon he slowly started to hug back.
“that's the spirit” Mabel cheered as Dipper iced skated falling every two minutes till he decided to stop and say.
“ya I’m dead”Dipper said lying down in the snow.
“hey Dip eat theres food over there.”Mabel said she had tried to get him to eat all day.
“not hungry grr”Dipper said with snow all around him.
“dip don't give up I need you and I have a plan”Mabel said
“k we can do your idea tomorrow”Dipper said looking at her.
“we are doing it tonight.”Mabel said
“k whatever”Dipper said as he climbed into his hammock.”
“night Dipper”Mabel said climbing into her hammock.
“night mabel”Dipper said thinking 'well soon I will be dreaming away maybe Mabel is right about the food'.
*that night*
“hey dip wake up ”Mabel said looking out the window.
“uh ya why?”Dipper replied in a dry voice.
‘oh no its getting worse’ she thought before saying
“the plane” she replied getting up.
“whats the plane?” Dipper said dizzily.
“don't worry just play along.”Mabel said.
“so what now?” the door opened to reveal a yellow pony enter.
“hey my names Mabel what's yours?”she said winking at Dipper
“oh ya my names Dipper” Dipper said looking at the pony.
“um..its..Fluttershy.”she said shaking.
“what was that”the twins said in unison.
“its..fluttershy”she whispered
“didn't quite get that” Dipper said confused by where Mabel was going with this.
“Fluttershy”she said more brave.
“hey Fluttershy Dippers sick.”she said pointing at him
“oh my what happened?” she said getting a closer look at him.
“I don't know hes skinny,weak and pale”she said winking at him.
“grr I’m not weak” he said climbing down the tree.
“um why don't you eat this delicious tomato yummy”she said offering a tomato just before Dipper could speak Mabel replied
“can I have a tomato?” she said
“of course here” she when close to the cage when;
*BANG* Mabel hit her with a stick.
“sorry Fluttershy its the only way for me and Dipper to go home.” she said unlocking both cages.
“Mabel you...me...um good job” he said hitting her gently on the shoulder.
“ya ya lets go”she said.
outside the storm was no better the wind howled throwing snow at them.
“were are we going?” Dipper asked pulling closer to Mabel.
“the crystal empire” she said pointing to the north.
“ok you're the one with the plan.”
*at the shake*
things weren't better it had been over a week since the twins disappearance Wendy and Soos still looked but everyone els said they were dead.
“Dipper...Soos there's a bat in the kitchen” Stan said.
“on it” Soos replied
“well this sucks oh look at the time my shifts over later sucker.” Wendy said going to the window.
“Wendy,Wendy,Wendy” all her friends cheered as she through a m&m into Thompson’s belly button.
“hey guys I have stuff I want to check up on I will see you guys at Robbie's house in twenty”Wendy said walking to the forest.
“like uh what sort of stuff?” Robbie asked looking away.
“none of your business stuff” she replied.
“news update:going to Robbie's without Wendy boo”Tambry said typing stuff on her phone.
“fine come on”Wendy said hopping into the van.
“dipper,Mabel pleas came home”Wendy whispered as she shut the door.