Rosie and the Doctor adventures: The Truth??

by Rosie and the Doctor

Chapter 5: The Captain

??? POV
Present Day

I was sitting at a little bakery called Surgarcube Corner eating some sort of sandwich with flowers in it. I sat in my usual World War 2 trench coat which had been modified to fit my new wings. The breeze gently blowing through my light blue mane.'Just another peaceful day in Ponyville' I thought to myself.

I tried picking up my drink but failed horribly and dumped it all over myself. How these ponies could do anything with these damned hooves was beyond me. After a pink mare helped clean up and gave me a refill, and babbled on and on like a mental patient on drugs, she left and I sat and continued to watch ponies pass by. 'To anyone new to this world would think these ponies had never seen a war, but they'd be wrong.' I had been here long enough to know they had just as much problems as we humans had on Earth.

I sat there for a little longer wondering how I'd find the Doctor this time. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them I fell off my chair. That crazy mare was in my face nose to nose, or muzzle to muzzle. 'Note to self: watch out for that one...'

"Hi mister! I'm Pinkie Pie. What's your name? Usually I know everyponies names but I don't know yours so that means we're not friends and if we aren't friends that means your new which means I need to throw you a 'Welcome to Ponyville' party. When I saw you spill your drink I thought I should come out and help you clean up and give you a new drink but after I went back inside I realized you didn't look familiar so I said to myself, 'Pinkie you march out there right now and introduce yourself!' So I did. And I noticed you were sitting out here all alone so that must mean you don't know anypony so that means you pry didn't have any friends! And I thought that was sad so-"

I had to make it stop. Sure she was hot and spunky, and I do like spunky girls, but a guy can handle only so much! I did the only thing I could think of to make her shut up, I kissed her. After I stopped her face was frozen, like always, she was blushing and I thought I had shut her up. I was wrong.

"Wow Mister! Your a really good kisser and your real cute! I bet everypony tells you that but I thought it would be nice of me to say so. Hey! I like your coat!" Before I even knew what was happening she slipped under my coat and popped her head out next to mine. "Lookie! Now you have two heads! Hahaha! What kind of coat is this! Oh I bet my friend Rarity would know! Let's go as- Ooh what's this?"

Now she stood next to me holding something in her hooves. I noticed it was my picture of me, the Doctor, and Rosie from when we went to Earth. I gotta say Rosie made one sexy human.

"I'm guessing that ones you, right?" She pointed right to me! She didn't seem bothered by the fact that we were humans.

"Uh.. Yea... How'd yo-" she cut me off before I could ask.

"Ooh she's pretty! Is she your girlfriend? Wait. I know her. *gasp* That's Rosie!! Wow she looks different! She's still pretty though. Oh she looks younger too. This picture must be old! Here ya go Mister!" She handed me my picture and zoomed off at speeds that seemed unnatural. My head was spinning with questions. Like how she knew Rosie. Then I did the last thing I thought I'd do, I called her back.

"Wait! Miss Pie! Damn she's go- AH!" I turned around and there she was again.

"Yes Mister?"

"Wow your fast. Um you can call me Jack if ya like. I wa-"

"You were wondering how I knew Rosie and if I knew where she was. You were also wondering why I didn't say anything about the picture and why you were human then but not now. Now your wondering how I know what humans are, that's easy. My friend Lyra love love LOVES humans and talks about 'em aaallllll the time and one time she showed me a picture of what they look like so that's how I knew! Now your wondering about your girlfriend again, right??" I felt like I had just been slapped in the face. She talked a mile a minute!

"Uh.. Yea. But first of all she's not my girlfriend, she's just a friend, unfortunately, and second do you know where I can find her?"

"Of course! She's right over there. On that stallions back. She must've had too much to drink." I knew for a fact Rosie didn't drink, not after what happened last time, so I was a bit confused. No. I was really confused! I turned around and she was on a stallion's back, but he wasn't the Doctor.

"Master?" I whispered softly to myself. If he had Rosie who knew what he wanted from her! She could be in real trouble!

"Thank you Miss Pie!" I yelled back to her as I ran off to help Rosie.

I had ran almost half a block before I stopped and realized I was going about it all wrong! I had to be sneaky. Follow him to wherever he was taking her then I could get the jump on him, save Rosie, maybe get a lil' kiss as a 'thank you', and find the Doctor! It was perfect! So I followed him.

Rosie's POV
10 Minutes Later...

I could feel myself waking up. I felt dizzy... Everything was still blurry as I slowly opened my eyes. I was starting to get the feeling back in my body and I felt a cold stone ground underneath me. I still couldn't move or use my magic. So I had no choice but to lie there until something happened. I have to admit I was scared. I never really get scared or admit it but that's because I know if something happens I can use magic or, the Doctor's favorite, run. But I couldn't do either! I didn't know what to do! For once in my life I was helpless to save myself. I was... vulnerable. I had always prided myself in being my own hero and not just another danzel in distress. I didn't do that. I found it pathetic, unless you really do need help of course, but girls who faked it to get a guys attention! That is just pitiful...

Suddenly I heard hoofsteps coming closer. I tried to move but found I still couldn't. Then a blue hoof stood in front of my face. I looked up a saw a familiar psychotic pair of golden eyes staring back at me. He even had a dumb smirk on his face that made me wanna buck him in the balls! 'I can't believe I thought he was cute!!' I really hated myself right now for falling for his shit. He lied down and put his face in mine.

"Well look who finally decided to join us! Did you sleep well my dear?"I scrunched up my face in disgust.

"Burn in Hell." He lost the smirk and looked at me with serious all over his face. I didn't know which face was scarier, Happy psycho or serious psycho.

"Well that's no way to speak to your Master!"

"More like Master of bastards..." I muttered just loud enough for him to hear.

"What. Did you say?" I was pissing him off now.

"Nothing your high and mightiness." You could practically taste the sarcasm! I could have sworn I saw his eye twitch so I smirked a bit. That smirk earned me a slap across the face. 'Well it was fun while it lasted...'


"I've been called worse. Doeucebag."

"Grrr! So help me if I didn't need your damn magic I'd cut your horn right off!!" I was quiet now. Nopony but Unicorns knew that having your horn cut off was like having somepony driving a knife through your body, times a thousand! Cutting a limb off was less painful. Also once a horn is cut or broke it doesn't heal, it doesn't grow back, and it no longer channels magic. You could even die from it. That's why a horn is so thick and sturdy. But, with the right tools it's easy to cut one off. I've heard of Unicorns self harm and/or commit suicide by cutting their horns. Now I wasn't just scared I was terrified for my life!

Suddenly I heard a new set of hoofbeat coming towards me. They sounded smaller and lighter, most likely belonging to a mare. She came into view and stood next to the Master. She looked so familiar! She was light gray with a darker gray mane and tail, her eyes were a bright baby blue like that mare from... 'Sugarcube Corner!? Pinkie??' It looked just like Pinkie, except the flat mane. She had the same eyes and body as Pinkie, though! However, the only difference was she didn't have a cutie mark. Or at least I couldn't see it. There were cuts and scars where her cutie mark should have been.

"Ah. There you are. I was looking all over for you Inkie! This is our temporary guest, Rosie." I then heard Inkie respond in a very thick Prench accent.

"Oh Master you got me a Unicorn! How swe-" Before she could finish I heard a door being kicked in and, what sounded like a stallion, come in and started... flirting!?

"Jack?" I could feel my body becoming less numb, but my magic wasn't returning anytime soon. I tried to stand but was knocked back down by the Master. 'Jerk...'

"Ah. Rosie! Nice tah see ya kiddo! How ya been?" There was that lopsided smirk of his. It was goofy, but, charming.

"Not bad. Just a bit busy. Y'know being foalnapped and drugged, the usual..."

"As touching as this moment is. Mr. Harkness, I'm a very busy man so if you could kindly get the hell out I'll let you leave without any new holes in your chest." I was able to move to where I was lying on my stomach and I could easily move my head to look around now. What I saw made me feel sick and helpless. I saw the Master pull out a pistol and pointed it right at... 'Jack!'