A Change of Pace

by Discord_Nations

Meeting New Friends

We at there in an awkward silence for a couple minutes before I finally decided it had gone on long enough. I turned to Rainbow, “So Rainbow, what have you been up to since you were last at Fluttershy’s?” I asked.

She looked over to me seeming a bit surprised I had asked her something. “Coordinating the weather, practicing awesome new flying stunts, and being cool.” She answered with a bit of puffing out her chest. I just gave a short laugh at her boasting. “So what about you metal head?”

I looked her at confusion for a bit. I realized soon enough she was referring to the armor I was wearing. “Well resting up, trying not to strain my shoulder too much, getting scared by Fluttershy’s bears, and helping her out around the place. Nothing else really.” I decided to take my greatsword and shield off my back so I could at least lean back.

I looked around at the other ponies. Pinkie was fidgeting around, Fluttershy was drinking some tea Twilight had set out and Rainbow was eating some cookies. The orange and white ones looked a bit nervous to be around me. Twilight looked less nervous and was staring at me intently. I wasn’t going to let that go on.

“Twilight. It’s not polite to stare, if you have something to ask me feel free to. I’m not going to bite or anything. I expected to be asked questions.” Pinkie gave a large grin in my direction, “Not to the point of having a mental overload.” No need to encourage that insane pink pony of pure energy. Not until I get used to it, if that’s possible.

Well my comment seemed to have snapped Twilight out of whatever little trance she was in and she looked a bit embarrassed for the second time today. This time I could make out a little redness underneath her purple fur. That was adorable. I’m going to have a heart attack here.

“Sor-sorry about that.” She gave a nervous laugh. “It’s just that this is the first ever encounter with a being from another world ever in Equestria’s history!” She happily clopped her front hooves together. “I was worried that you would be hostile. Like most of the thing that come out the of Everfree Forest. But now that you haven’t been openly dangerous, I think now would be a good time to get introductions done.” She stood up and started on the far right.

“That’s Fluttershy, but I’m sure you know that. Then Rainbow Dash, but seems like you two have already met. Pinkie Pie already introduced herself. The next one is AppleJack.” She pointed to the orange coated mare, who gave a quick nod with a short “Howdy.” Twilight pointed to white mare next, “This is Rarity,” The white mare gave a gentle smile, “Pleasure to meet you.” She’s definitely a upperclass type person, a rare few back where I was from. I didn’t usually work well with them. “And I am Twilight Sparkle.”

I gave a nod, “Glad to meet all of you.” I was unsure of what was going to happen next, were they going to question me until I couldn’t think? I didn’t much care for that idea. Especially after that barrage of questions right off the bat from Pinkie Pie.

My armor was getting to be a bit uncomfortable from sitting on the ground for so long. I stood up and took of my longsword and started to undo the buckles of the metal. It didn’t take long and it felt nice to have it off while sitting. I had no shirt because the one I wore had been ripped on the shoulder and the folding of the cloth under the armor didn’t feel right. Luckily the breastplate had padding in it that made it bearable to wear. The others beside Rainbow and Fluttershy gave a shocked look at the bloody bandages that covered my left shoulder.

“Oh come on, it’s not that bad. I doesn’t hurt too much thanks to Fluttershy’s excellent medicine.” Fluttershy got a little red from that praise and smiled a bit, but didn’t give too big a reaction.

“Oh my, darling. How did you ever come to have such an injury?” Rarity asked. I had to admit, I was a bit surprised that she showed concern for someone she just met.

“I agree wit’ her pardner. How’d y’all get that hurt?” Applejack agreed. Put another tally in the surprised section.

“That looks like it hurts super duper badly!” Pinkie almost yelled. That one can be put under the “saw it coming” section. Twilight just seemed to be waiting for an answer from me, instead of being redundant. Guess I had a story to tell. I always liked to tell stories back home. So I told them about the timber wolf attack. It was short, but they seemed astonished all the same.

“So y’all are tellin’ me that ya took out ah pack ah timber wolves all by yerself?” Applejack said with her mouth slightly hanging open.

“That’s what I just said isn’t it?” I gave a slight smirk. “I could take you out there sometime and show you the story first hand.” The orange mare just gave me a confused look, so I held up my hand and pointed to it with the other. “Saying from my world, means I could show you it up close and personal.”

“Oh, so that’s what ya meant. Coulda jus’ said so.” She gave a slightly annoyed look. “But I think I’ll have to turn down that offer. I’m in no mind to get involved in that.” She shook her head.

I gave a short laugh. “I wouldn’t go back in there with you following me anyway. I wouldn’t put any of you in danger. No matter how well I could handle it.” I slowly stood. “Twilight, I was told by Fluttershy that the princesses were going to come here to meet me. What time is it and what time will they be here?”

Twilight looked over to a clock. “It’s about 1:35 in the afternoon. The princesses were going to arrive around sundown. So about 6 or 7 this evening. Why?”

“I was hoping to sit around outside for a while. I never much cared to be indoors. Even back home, and I spent the better part of the last three days inside. Driving me a bit crazy.”

I put my armor and weapons back on. I walked over to the door, but it was encased in a purple aura. What the hell?

I look over to the ponies and saw Twilight’s horn alight with the same aura surrounding the doorknob. “I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” She had a hint of fear in her eyes. “I’m still not 100 percent certain that you should be roaming around town. It could cause a real disturbance with you going off by yourself.” Hello palm, meet face. I let my hand slide down my face and heaved a deep sigh to keep a level head.

“If I wanted to start something, wouldn’t I have done so by now? Would I have even bothered to stay where I was? You’re thinking is narrow, untrusting, and degrading to me. I’m not some barbarian who can’t keep himself in check, and I work pretty well with others. Have had to my entire life.” I grabbed the doorknob and twisted it with a good jerk. To my surprise it moved and the magic aura around it dispersed and I was able to open the door. Apparently Twilight wasn’t used to people breaking her magical aura.

“H-how did you!?” She was utterly shocked. I had to use a good portion of my strength, but I still had a decent amount to spare if it hadn’t budged. “No one has been able to break my magical hold! How were you able to break it? This makes no sense…” I couldn’t help but laugh. A big hearty laugh.

“I have strength that you don’t possess.” I pointed to my greatsword. “How do you think I’m able to swing this beauty around?” I gave a small smirk and walked out the door, Twilight’s jaw met the floor as I went out.


Walking around the town was nice. The sun was shining and everypony had a smile on their face. That is until they saw me. I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty about them being so scared of me. I didn’t do anything to make them scared, but natural instincts conquer all other senses I guess.

Sitting in the town square I watched the many brightly colored ponies go about their day. Well, the ones that didn’t see me or know I was there. The ones that saw me either stopped and stared for a bit, or just moved quicker to get out of the area. It wasn’t pleasant being feared.

I was just letting my mind wander while I sat in front of the fountain, when a little foal came up to me. She had a red mane and tail with a yellow coat. She looked up at me with a curious look. She just sat there in front of me. Waiting for something apparently. Finally she spoke. “So mister, what are y’all supposed to be? Ya don’t look like anythin’ ah’ve ever seen.”

Well at least the kid is being honest. “I’m a human, I come from a different world from this one. That’s why you’ve never seen anything like me before.” I replied, better get used to that question. “But aren’t you scared of me? Like all the other ponies that are walking around?”

“Why would ah be scared of ya? You ain’t hurtin’ nopony and y’all haven’t done anythin’ really, ya don’t even look very scary.” Said the red maned filly. This was certainly a surprise, after a day of being feared I thought they wouldn’t even try to talk to me. Yet here is this little filly, talking to me like nothing was wrong.

“Well I’m glad someone thinks I’m not scary. It’s not very fun. My name’s Alexander, you can just call me Alex.” I held out my fist, which she met with her hoof.

“Ah’m Applebloom! Nice tah meet ya Mister Alex.” She gave me a goofy little grin. “What brings ya to Ponyville?”

“Well I’ve been living at a pony’s house the past couple days recovering from a timber wolf attack when I was in the Everfree. I decided to get out and get some fresh air. I hate being inside for so long.” My stomach growled loudly to announce it had not been fed in a while. I could feel myself get a bit red from that. Applebloom only let out a laugh.

“So, do ya like apples Mr. Alex?” She looked up at me with pure excitement. Some of these ponies were just a little crazy with somethings.

“You bet I do. But I don’t have any money to pay for them.” I replied while slightly hanging my head.

“That won’t be ah problem! We got plenty ah apples at my place! I’m sure Granny Smith won’t mind if you have ah couple.” She grabbed my hand between both of her front hooves and pulled on my arm. I was surprised she was able to stand on two legs. This is getting weirder again. But I got up and she released my hand. She trotted ahead of me and I followed.

I followed her through most of the town and out past a wooded area. What I saw astonished me. There was a giant apple orchard in front of me. Apples as far as I could see with all different varieties. I was at a loss for words. So I just let my jaw hang open as I stared out at the vast acres of land that grew the apple trees. Applebloom trotted ahead past the opening gate, “Come on slow poke!” She yelled at me. I jogged to catch up to her.

We reached the front porch of the small wooden home, Applebloom went inside while I waited outside sitting on the stairs. I heard the door open again and I saw an elderly green mare come out. She saw me and her eyes went wide with fear. “What is that thing!? BIG MACINTOSH! Get out here! We got a monster out here!” She frantically ran to the opposite end of the porch when I heard loud thudding coming from in the house. What I saw next was kind of terrifying.

A big bright red stallion with orange-ish hair, who almost reached my chin came out of the doorway. He was certainly muscular, and he had a no joking expression on his face. This was not a pony I wanted to mess with, even on a good day. I got my shield off my back just in case.

“You ok granny?” His voice was deep and strong. Not a good day, definitely not a good day! “Now as for you, get outta here before ah buck ya outta here.”

“Uhm, I was sitting here waiting for Applebloom. Are you her older brother?” I wasn’t going to let this horse scare me off. Even with my injured shoulder I know I could defend myself. It just wouldn’t be very pleasant.

“Ah don’t know what ya are or what ya’ll want with mah sister, but you better jes get on outta here.” The red stallion replied in a gruff tone.

“Can’t we be civil about this? I mean really, I was sitting out here waiting for Apple-” I didn’t get to finish my sentence before he charged me. I was slammed with more force than Rainbow Dash had hit me with. I got sent flying on to my ass about four feet from the porch.

“Oh boy. IT. IS. ON.” I said with my adrenaline already flowing through me. It was times like these that got my blood really flowing. With how today had gone, it was better to get charged at than ignored out of fear. This could be a challenge.

The protective red stallion charged me again. I was ready this time. I kneeled and put my shield in front of me. He reared up and hit it hard. It sent a sharp pain through my shoulder and I folded a bit under his mass, but I managed to hold his weight. I waited for him to rear up again and went in for the strike. I brought the shield to his front hooves and held them there while I landed a solid uppercut on his barrel. I heard a loud grunt come from him and a hollow thud from where I hit. I quickly shoved my shield into his front hooves until he fell on to his back. Regular ponies are much easier to handle than pegasi.

I held him down and pinned his front legs down with my knees. I had half a mind to hit him with my shield until he was unconscious. But I remembered Applebloom should be returning soon. “Now wouldn’t it have been better to just talk this out? I’m not going to hurt you anymore for two reasons. First, I don’t want to be seen as a bad guy. I’m new and should maintain a positive reputation. Second, I haven’t completely lost my temper and you seem like a decent stallion. So can we please just talk?” He was completely surprised by my unwillingness to cause him anymore pain. He just gave me a simple nod.

As I got up I dusted off my leggings and repositioned my shield onto my back with the greatsword. I look over to the rather large stallion, who is sitting on his haunches and put a hoof against his barrel with a pained expression. Guess I hit harder than I thought. “Not hurt too badly are you?” I asked with a bit of concern. My punches were able to bruise ribs sometimes crack them even, on humans. I didn’t know how sturdy these ponies were.

“Well ya got me pretty good there. But ah think ah’ll make it.” He continued to sit there and rub his chest. Must not be in too much pain, he’s still able to touch it.

“Well that’s good, my punches have been known to crack ribs sometimes on my species. I wasn’t sure if I had hit you too hard.” I knelt in front of him and held out a fist. “My name’s Alex. I’m a human who has found himself worlds away from his home.” He met my fist with his hoof.

“Name’s MacIntosh Apple. Most just call me Big Mac.” He didn’t say anything after that. But Applebloom came out of the house carrying an assortment of apples on her back that she balanced. About six or seven apples were in the bowl.

“Here ya are Alex. Ah didn’t know what kind ya like so ah-” She saw Big Mac sitting in front of me with a still scared Granny Smith on the porch. “What happened here? Granny, did ya tell Big Mac tah attack mah friend?” She facehoofed. “Mac, tell me ya at least tried tah talk to Alex? Or did he kick your flank?” Big Mac just looked at the ground with guilt and a bit of embarrassment. I kind of laughed. I was such a horrible person.

“Nothing to worry about. Mac here got me good once, but I got him back and pinned him down and made him listen. We’re on proper terms now.” I said to Applebloom. She just let out a groan and proceeded toward me with the apples and set the bowl down in front of me.

I ate with glee. “My goodness! Fresh fruit is so hard to come by in my world. Most plants are mutated or dead. Very little places to grow a proper plant. Even the fruit I was able to get in my world didn’t taste this good.” I sat there and ate the glorious fruit without hesitation. Big Mac didn’t say a thing and Granny Smith seemed to have calmed down and realize I wasn’t going to attack.

This was turning out to be interesting day.