Could an Apple reach the Stars?

by SHL

Epilogue: Until...

Princess Twilight Sparkle was smiling with wistfulness while she looked from the balcony that morning. She wasn’t sad, only lost in her most loved memories, a fact that didn’t escape to the eyes who knew her well.

“Thinking about her again, little Twilight?” She turned her head to see Celestia smiling at her. “A little.” The younger alicorn confessed. “I was remembering that particular day.”

The Princess of the Sun didn’t need to ask. She knew very well about what day her former student was talking. “How long ago? One hundred and eighty years?” She supposed but Twi corrected her. “One hundred and eighty three years, exactly. Quite some time…”

“Indeed. But you don’t have to be sad, Twilight.” Celestia said warmly.

“I’m not.” Sparkle replied, smiling at her. “We made a promise. Now it’s only a matter of time.”

Her mentor grinned. “I think that you are right, my friend.” She turned around, saying. “I don’t entertain you more, Twilight. You will go to supervise the last details of the play later, I suppose?”

The Princess of Magic nodded. “In fact, I will go right now. See you later, Celestia.”

Twilight walked to the dressing rooms prepared for the traditional Hearth’s Warming Eve play, ready to make her role. But she wasn’t here only for that.

Among the principals and the staff, there was somepony who had been putting on the Smart Cookie’s ropes. It was a mare with a short black mane and a dull yellow coat. But that didn’t matter. The most relevant things to Twi were two.

One was her eyes, like emeralds.

The other was her cutie mark. A big red apple with one purple star in the center.

She noticed that the princess was looking at her and she returned the gaze with a shy smile. Twilight smiled too, very happy. She knew that the wait was finally over and in her mind were echoing the last words of her wife.

“Until we’ll meet again, sugarcube.”