Rosie and the Doctor adventures: The Truth??

by Rosie and the Doctor

Chapter 2: Breakfast, mmmm

Chapter 2: Breakfast, mmmm

The Doctor could smell some thing cooking, something delicious. He opened his eyes and realized the smell was real and not a dream! He could smell bacon. Oh how he loved bacon! He yawned and stretched in an attempt to wake himself more. He climbed out of bed and headed towards the aroma of delicious bacon. As soon as he entered the kitchen he was greeted with a smile from his beautiful companion, Rosie.

"Mornin' sleeping beauty," She said cheerfully with a giggle, "You look like you were hit with a train." She giggled again as she walked up to him and started fixing his mane. She had successfully returned it to it's usual spiky mohawk.

She walked back to the stove and finished cooking as she hummed to herself. The Doctor sat down at the table, waiting patiently for Rosie to finish cooking. As he sat he let his mind wander to the past. When Rosie was still just a little filly and he would make her favorite smiley face pancakes every morning. He remembered how she would run so fast to the kitchen that she would sometimes trip. He smiled inwardly to himself at the thought of little Rosie running downstairs in the morning and wrapping her small forelegs around his neck in a hug, just like she would every morning. He even remembered when he gave her her nickname 'Rosie'. She apparently loved it so much she would use it more often than her real name. Oh and especially the time she... He was suddenly brought back to reality when Rosie puke a nice hot plate of food in front of his face.

"What was with the creepy smile? I thought you were contemplating murder for a second there." She said jokingly.

"Well it's nice to know you have so much faith in me."

She giggled and the Doctor told himself to always remember the heavenly sound. "So Doc, what's on the agenda for today?" She said setting her plate on the table with her magic.

"Oh nothing really. Oh Rosie will you to my room for a moment?" He said with a i-know-something-you-don't smile.

She muffled a 'sure' through her mouthful of food and stood up after swallowing. The Doctor walked towards his room, Rosie close behind. To be honest she was a very curious mare, to say the least, and the Doctor's strange behavior had only managed to pique her curiosity more. They made it to his bedroom and he motioned for Rosie to go in first. She opened the door slowly and saw a box with a ribbon on top sitting in the middle of his floor. She looked back at him with a confused face. He merely smiled excitedly and motioned for her to open it. she sat down and pick it up in her silver aura and began to open it. She carefully opened the box and took all the tissue paper out, this revealed something sparkling inside. She slowly took it out, in case it was fragile, and when she saw the gift she almost burst into tears. It was a violet rose, similar to her cutie mark only this one was carved out of what seemed to look like amethyst, while thew stem was carved of what looked to be emerald. She looked up at the Doctor confused, it wasn't her birthday nor was it any holiday she could think of.

Seeing she was confused the Doctor decided to explain, "Remember your 18th birthday?"

"Yea? It was only a week ago and besides you were too busy fighting aliens to remember."

"Well, keeping that in mind, while we were on that planet with the rare gems I saw these two gems that looked very pretty. So I 'purchased' them before we left."

"And by 'purchase' I'm guessing you mean stole, right?" She said with a smirk.

"Not the point. Anyway, after you went to sleep I scanned them thinking they were only emerald and amethyst. I was wrong. The scans showed they were actually very valuable crystals from a very ancient planet. They are so ancient and rare they don't have actual names, but it's said that to own something carved of these gems meant you were very very VERY important to whomever gave them to you. So i decided to carve you something from them. I didn't know what you would want so i decided to just carve your cutie mark. I just finished last night, I had been working on them since we left that planet. Oh and you can drop it all you want. Those crystals are as durable as an acorn so don' worry 'bout dropping them."

Rosie was stunned! She had never received a present like this from anypony. Especially the Doctor. And just the fact that she meant that much to him made her start crying.

"Rosie? Please don't cry. If you don't like it I ca-"

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. "No. I love it! I'm crying because I'm so happy you silly filly!"

"I'm glad you like it. Oh and happy birthday." He said with a smile as he hugged her back.

After a few more moments of hugging she finally regained her composure and let go of the Doctor. She held the gift in her aura and twirled it slowly, watching it sparkle as she did. She stood up and started walking to her room, humming the whole way. When she made it she opened her door and walked to the on the right where a shelf sat on the wall. She set it on the high shelf so it could be shown off as it deserved. At seeing her gift in it's proper place she smile to herself. When the Doctor walked in and saw it on the shelf he chuckled and said, "Wow one of my gifts finally made it to the great shelf of fame! I'm truly honored."

"Your comment is appreciated but your heavy sarcasm is not." Still smiling she walked back to the kitchen to finish her now cold breakfast. She gave it a gentle zap of magic to heat it up, doing the same to the Doctor's also.

"When are you going to teach me the secrets of magic?" He said hopefully.


"Awe. Well why not?"

"Because your an Earth pony, not a Unicorn. Besides you wouldn't understand it anyway."

The Doctor huffed at this. It was rude and racist, but he knew it was true. He was a man(or pony in this case) of science. He still wanted to know. Maybe the 'magic' in this world actually had scientific origins? 'Think of the possibilities!!' He thought to himself as both ponies cleaned up and headed to the console room. 'Just think of the things i could accomplish! The things my TARDIS might even be able to do with that kind of science. Why, the old girl might even be able to travel to alternate dimensions!' His train of thought was lost when someone knocked on the TARDIS doors. At hearing this knock both the Doctor and Rosie looked towards the front doors of the TARDIS and held their breaths. It wasn't a normal knock either it was the four tap one. Only certain people knew to knock like that on his doors, but he couldn't think of any possible suspects. For what felt like forever all was silent. For a moment the pair thought that they had only imagined it. Then it happened again. Rosie decided she would answer it, though she could see by the Doctor's face he advised against it. When she opened the door they were greeted with a warm smile and a friendly 'Hello' from the stallion at the door. Both ponies were quite shocked at who they saw.