The Gates of Tartarus

by DivineGlory

Ponyville Back to Chaos

Twilight ran back to Ponyville as quick as her legs could take her. "This can't be happening," she kept screaming to herself, trying to remember if her future self said anything that might be useful. As she came over a large hill she saw Ponyville before her, but it was different. Smoke was billowing with the clouds in the distance, and she could hear screams and cries of pain. Her hooves stopped working and Twilight stumbled to the ground. She looked on in horror before feeling something land beside her.

"Quick Twilight," the familiar rainbow pony said beside her. Rainbow Dash's mane was singed a little, and the colors seemed faded. She had a few cuts on her wings, but her eyes sparkled with excitement and adventure.

"Rainbow! Someponies escaped from Tar-" Twilight started to explain before Rainbow shoved her hoof on Twilight's mouth.

"We know. Hurry," Rainbow shouted before lifting off into the air and blasting back towards Ponyville. A faint rainbow crested behind her as she swooped through the air and towards the ground near Twilight's library. Twilight's legs stopped shaking and she smiled a little. No matter what happened to Equestria, her friends would always be with her to save the day. She stood up and started to gallop towards the town.

Twilight looked at the ruined Ponyville as she ran. Roseluck and Golden Harvest were on the ground, clutching at their chests while moaning in pain. She passed by Colgate who was in the same position as Roseluck, yet she was moving slowly across the ground towards Dr. Whooves who lay sprawled on the ground. Twilight's eyebrows furrowed above her eyes, and she vowed to avenge everypony that fell today. As Twilight moved past Sugarcube corner she heard a familiar shriek and the two Baby Cakes crying. "Well Rainbow can wait," she said to herself before turning towards the door and rushing inside.

Sugarcube Corner was wrecked when she walked inside. The glass counters were overturned, and there was cake everywhere. The two Baby Cakes sat in the middle of the floor crying as Mr. and Mrs. Cake tried to calm them down and pack everything up. "Erm, Mrs. and Mr. Cake," Twilight asked, not wanting to interrupt.

Mr. Cake turned around and threw a cake towards Twilight, which she just dodged in time. "Oh, my bad Twilight. I thought you were that awful small pony who came in here," Mr. Cake explained, a small blush cresting his cheeks.

Twilight tried to give him a smile and a shrug. "It's no problem. What did that little pony do," she inquired as she wondered if it was Tantalus, the pony who was punished in the second room of Tartarus.

"He came in here and just started eating, Dearie," Mrs. Cake explained as she threw extra diapers in a suitcase and smashed it closed.

"Twilight," a pink pony screamed as she ran downstairs with her saddlebags bouncing on her back. "Twilight! There's a bunch of new ponies and I was going to go introduce myself then all of a sudden BLAMO the whole town just turned upside and WHAMO everypony went crazy and so I ran back here and tried to warn the Cakes but there was already some small pony eating everything in here so I attacked him with cake but then he ate it so I had to run and get Rainbow and she came in here like WHOOSH and she helped out and we knocked that small pony out of here with the power of music and now I'm packing up with the Cakes but we got to help Ponyville," Pinkie said in all one breath. Twilight blinked, a little confused.

"Oh um, alright Pinkie. You all right Mrs. Cake," Twilight asked before turning towards the door.

"Oh yes Dearie. Go on and help out Equestria," Mrs. Cake said as she threw a few suitcases on her back and picked up Pumpkin Cake in her mouth. Twilight nodded and rushed out the door with Pinkie behind her.

"Pinkie go to the library," Twilight said to the bouncing pink pony behind her, "I'm going to go find the rest of the elements."