Soft Diplomacy

by Bastinator

Good End

“When I finally made my way back down I breathed anew. Life’s problems, however numerous, were inconsequential when you saw them from that view. I had forged a new path for my life, and in this path, I was rich.” The audience laughs at your joke and roars into applause as you bow. “Thank you all so much for coming to my book signing this evening. I know that some of you have could’ve gone to a theatre and had a nice show, but hey, this one’s free right?”

Ever since you got back from the mountains you made up with Gilda and Iron Will. They welcomed you back with open arms and when you announced your plans to write a book they were behind you 100%. You drank on occasion sure, but for the most part you saved it until you went out with them two.

’In Retrospect’ turned out better than expected, what’re you saying, it turned out to be a hit. There was a week of silence before the murmurs started coming around about this new book that dove into the underbelly of political life. You put ‘true story’ and ‘the history behind’ anywhere, and it’s guaranteed to sell a bundle or two. You never expected it to get this big, but you certainly aren’t complaining.

“I’ll be taking questions now.” A dozen hooves come shooting up and you honestly don’t know which one to pick first. “You, there in the back left.”

”Hi my name’s Heart Bloom. I just wanted to ask what got you through this? There were plenty of times in there where I would’ve just given up. How didn’t you?”

“A good question. I’d say it was something you just have to experience firsthand. When you’re put in this type of position you just have to roll with the punches and dodge them on occasion,” you grin, “Next question.”

”Glue Cotton from the Canterlot News. Since the book’s release have you dipped back into old habits at all?”

“Well I do get blasted drunk with my friends on occasion, but when it comes to drugs no, never again. A quick thrill or boost is not worth the turmoil it made in my life. Next question.” This back and forth goes on for about half an hour, each question easier than the last. The hooves start gradually staying down until only one is left in the air. “Yes, you there in the very far back.”

The mare stands up, “Yes, Princess Celestia…” The entire crowd hushes down and kneels before her, only the two of you left standing. She wasn’t one of the ones you were expecting to show up.

“How can I help you princess?”

Her grin is as bright as ever and even from her you feel her warmth, “You keep yourself informed in the news correct?”

“I like to keep tabs, yes.”

”What are your thoughts on Rinn’s oust from power in the Gryphon Kingdoms?”

“Deserving, his tyranny couldn’t last forever Celestia, next question.”

”One more if I may.” You nod and allow her to proceed, “Do you ever think you’ll go back into politics?”

Hmm… The hardest question you’ve had since you got here. So many variables… You smile at the princess as you form the words in your mind. “Some doors are meant to be closed, but who knows, maybe I’ll take a peak again someday. Now, next question…”

Today was a good day.