Doctor Hooves: An Unusual Filly

by Anime PJ

Chapter 2: Enter Doctor Hooves

Big Mac sniffed the blue wooden thing they had found in the corner of Ponyville. It was a big box with a door that had a white sign on it, a sign telling them about something called 'police'. They assumed it was probably a fancy word for the guards, at the top of the box there was a black sign with white words on it 'Police Public Call Box'. They spent a lot of time contemplating what it was supposed to mean before Cheerilee snapped back to what they were there for in the first place "Damn" she said in frustration, how could she let herself be distracted so easily "where did Sugar go?"

Big Mac let out a confused "Hm" as he remembered the filly who's strange behaviour had lead them here. They both stood confused thinking about it "Maybe she saw an' ran." Big Mac suggested. Just then they heard a familiar voice.

"Who's there?" coming from... they couldn't tell, the voice of Sugar had been so quiet compared to usual that they didn't even know where it was coming from. The thought crossed their minds at the same time by Celestia she's in the box.

Footsteps were approaching, calm, slow footsteps which startled them as much as the box had. They hid behind a hedge and waited for the stranger to pass. Out next to the box stepped a tall, grey maned stallion with a slightly darker coat and a black hat, what sort of hat they couldn't tell. They saw a glow from under the hat as a key emerged from the fur of his well kept tail and they realised he was also a Unicorn and he had a key for the blue box. Big Mac got up, having apparently shared the same thoughts as Cheerilee once again and walked out addressing the man with "You there, what in tarnation is goin' on here?"

The old pony jumped, dropping his key and turned to Big Mac and Cheerilee in anger " What, who are you? And you're asking me what's going on, how about telling me what you were doing hiding away next to my property?" Both Big Mac and Cheerilee walked towards him wanting answers.

"We heard a voice" said Cheerilee "coming from inside your big blue box, care to explain that?" She was surprise with herself, she never new she could get so aggressive but then again was one of her students and se would do anything to protect her.

This stallion proved to be an angry one though "My dear young mare if there was anypony in there don't you think they would still be..."

"Oh is that you at last grandfather?" came the voice again, very clear this time. Big Mac had all of the proof he needed and so he walked around the door, raised his legs.

"What the hell do you think you're..." and kicked the door open despite the obvious protests of the old stallion. It opened easily enough, the old madman had probably unlocked it before he dropped his key. Big Mac turned around and as he saw Sugar Hooves in the centre of the huge roo...

Oh my gosh Big Mac thought as he stared into the heart of the small and yet huge structure. It was a round room, all white with glowing circles on the wall. In the centre of the room there was... something, it was round like the rest of the room but it was covered in stuff. That was the only way he could think to explain it, he'd never seen anything like this in his life.

He was followed suite by Cheerilee and the grumpy old stallion they'd met outside. Sugar was stood next to the round thing in the middle of the room, shocked and worried expression fell across her face "Oh goodness grandfather I'm so sorry."

"And so you bloody well should be, leading strangers to the TARDIS. I told you to be careful!" Sugar looked down, ashamed as her grandfather, Doctor Hooves, turned to face the two intruders "And is it normal for two adults who obviously have matters of their own to deal with to stalk children home?"

"We weren't stalking her." said Cheerilee defensively.

Doctor Hooves went over to the round thing and using his horn twisted one of the things that was on it "No grandfather, no!" Sugar screamed,

"They've seen the ship you foolish girl, I don't want them telling anypony that they've seen a couple of aliens and been inside a ship that's bigger on the inside. It's too early in their history."

"I've had 'bout 'nough of this" said Big Mac but as he turned to leave he noticed that the door was closed. "What the heck, why can't we leave?"

"You've seen us, it's only a matter of time before you tell somepony about us, about this ship."

"Ship?" Big Mac questioned "This ain't no ship, the Apple family had ships when we went an' brought apples to Equestria and this ain't one of 'em."

"A ship that travels between worlds." Doctor Hooves said, irritated.

Big Mac froze "That's a load of BS" he said quickly.

"How do you know?" asked a voice from the side. Cheerilee had been watching and listening in fascination and was finally ready to join the discussion "It seems fairly legitimate to me."

"C'mon Cheerily, there ain't nothin' in this world like that"

"We're not of this world." Doctor Hooves stated bluntly.

There was silence for a short while "Run that by me again." Big Mac finally said.

"We are not of your world, we are Time Ponies. We can look like any kind of pony but don't be fooled, we are not the same."

Big Mac wasn't convinced, Sugar saw the unbelieving look in his eye and said "It's true, every word of it."

"Now don't go bein' silly little girl, I though Cheerilee taught you well." The entire time this conversation had been going on Doctor Hooves had been working his magic on the bits and bobs in the centre of the room and the room began to shake wildly. Cheerilee and Big Mac were struggling to keep their balance in the midst of the earthquake-like rumble and eventually Big Mac lost balance and fell unconscious upon hitting the floor and shortly thereafter so did Cheerilee.