Redemption, Damnation and FIM

by ShadowWalking18

Chapter 16

Another chapter :) oh this will be exciting. Things will start to heat up now :) So I ask you all to enjoy. :)

The council had gathered and now gazed down upon those who would be judged. There was an air of contempt and fear this eve, for this trial was not an ordinary one. Today would be the judgement of three creatures that had caused the death of millions, and had nearly put the entire universe in jeapordy.

"Bring fourth the prisoners." One member said.

The doors to the Council Chamber opened and two figures were brought in. Bound by a straight jacket and covered in magic suppressing wards, they were no threat, and came willingly and quietly. But the third had to be brought in as he screamed and howled in rage. He too wore a straight jacket and bound by wards, but he was also wrapped in chains and escorted by six guards, while the other two only had one escort.

"RAAGHHH! I'll kill you! All of you!" Tez roared as he tried to get free. He struggled to break free of his bonds, but could not even budge a muscle. One of his guards striked him across the face.

"Shut it you monster, or I'll-" The guard had gripped Tez's throat but was yanked away by his commanding officer.

"Keep your cool son. The thing barely has any sanity left, just ignore it." The officer said and continued to drag Tez into the room who howled and screamed, his eyes showing no sign of any coherent thought and only signs of derranged insanity, as well as the desire to kill.

"Tez. Sheesh, you look like hell." Mextli said as he looked at his brother, who merely howled and frothed at the mouth as he snarled.

"Leave him alone Mextli." Acol said in a defeated tone, he stared at the ground and tears continued to fall from his eyes, "Let him vent his rage."

Mextli sighed and looked at the council members, "If you're gonna' kill us, get it over with. I'm tired of looking at you people."

"As you wish. Captain, shut him up." A council member said and pointed at Tez who's screaming and struggling was starting to get on their nerves.

"Gladly." The captain turned and hit Tez across the face and one of his men tied a gag around his mouth. Tez struggled more, but did not make a sound.

"Thank you." The council member said, "now to begin the trial."

"You mean execution. Trial implies equal justice and the right of the defendant to defend himself. You have no intention of allowing us that right." Acol said, he continued to stare at the ground. He seemed to mumble something to himself at times.

"You three stand accused of the following crimes, the most severe being; mass murder, and the use of dark rituals at the expense of sentient life." The captain said as he read off a list, the council stared down in silence.

"All true. Just as it was true that you are accused by us of genocide." Mextli said with a smirk, "Or have you already forgotten about-"

"SILENCE!" The members of the council shouted and the wards surrounding Mextli activated and sent searing pain down his body.

"AGGHHH!" Mextli screamed and then chuckled, "I seem to have hit a nerve."

"Continue captain." The council said.

The captain nodded and continued to read the charges, before finally saying, "You three stand accused of these crimes. How do you plea?"

The three were silent, even Tez had stopped his wild struggling, though not in light of the charges but because he was now crying as he sobbed. Acol merely stared at the ground, his tears finally stopped falling and Mextli only yawned.

"Have you any plea at all?" The captain said asked.

"Pleas are for those who cannot accept their crimes. We did all that you accuse us of, now let this foolishness end." Mextli said. Acol merely nodded while Tez only continued his sobbings.

"Then may the ancients have mercy on you." The captain said as he and his men stepped back.

The platform which the three stood opened up slight behind them and three cryo-pods appeared and levitated behind them. Each one had a name painted in black letters on the side.

"You three are to be frozen and sent to float into unexplored space, where your curse will eventually devour you. May you never return to us. Good bye." The council spoke and the guards began placing Tez and his brotheres into the pods.

The three did not struggle, they just remained silent as they glared up at the council. Their eyes only showed nothing but hatred and the desire for revenge. Slowly the pods closed around them and the cryo-gas filled the pod eventually placing the three in suspended sleep.

Before his mind fell into the blackness, Tez saw before him three men, and names echoed in his mind: Xipetotec, Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli.

'My...brothers...' Tez thought before the darkness took him.

Tez awoke with a start and looked around. He was in his room in Ponyville...not...wherever that place had been. He took deep breathes as he hugged himself shaking, tears flowing from his eyes.

'My brothers...I have brothers....what was all that?' He thought to himself, the thought that he had brothers should fill him with joy, he had family, and yet...for some reason all he could feel was sadness when he thought of the names. Not since the memories of Tenotitchlan's destruction did he feel so empty inside.

Tez looked out the window to see the sun only starting to rise. He had slept through the night it seems for once, hopefully it did not become a habit. He slowly got up and rubbed his head as he wiped the tears from his eyes. He made his way over to his dresser, he had finally started to add a few pieces of furniture to his room now that all his various odd job working was starting to give him an income, he now had a proper bed, full length mirror to admire himself in, and a dresser to hold his clothes.

Yes clothes, after the Gala Tez had asked Rarity to make him a few more outfits similar to the one she made for the Gala. Though they were not similar to the one he wore for the Gala, they were less formal and meant for everyday wear. They mostly had the same skirt like part that the first one had, but lacked a cape and either he went bare chested or wore a simple sash that he drapped on his shoulders. One piece that never changed was his mirror of obsidian, he always wore that on a headband, it never left his pressence even when he slept in fact.

Though he still kept the first pieces of clothing Rarity had made him, but he did not wear them much. After wearing them for as long as he did, he had no intention of wearing them again for awhile. Not that Rarity mind, she had said the clothes he had now were much more stylish.

'What...was all that...those people...and the trial,' Tez thought as he got dressed, 'I did something bad in my past it seems, what did they mean dark rituals, and am I really that crazy inside. I sounded like a raving lunatic.'

Tez thought for a moment, remembering a few incidents where he did....really....really want to go insane on a few things. Particuarlly Prince Bluedead, as he began calling him, in fact the name was giving him ideas of how he would kill the prince. Tez smirked but shook the thoughts away from his mind, still if he ever got the chance to do it and get away with it...he probably would do it.

"Bah, focus on murder later. For now, I got to find something to do before I go insane....again...I guess." Tez said to himself as he used his magic, which he found was more and more useful to use over the past week, to levitate his outfits out for him to choose from. He had seven in all, all almost similar though the desgins varied in certain parts and color. He had one red, green, black, and blue as well as white. He particuarlly liked the black one. But today he felt like wearing the green, he quickly put on the clothes and wrapped the matching headband around his head and attached his mirror to the band. He looked at himself in the mirror, flexing his muscles and just ogling himself.

'Damn I look good. Who is the most handsome man in the world? ME!' Tez thought as he smirked. He stopped his checking himself out and walked out of his room silently.

"Hmmm....I can use magic...maybe I should read something about it. I can levitate things, but I feel as if there is more to it then that." Tez said to himself as he began looking through books, finally stumbling upon several books of magic.

'Hmm...who is Star Swirl the Bearded?' Tez asked himself as he looked at one book called: The Principals of Magic and Spells. Curious he opened the book and began to read. Only to think, 'This is just sad and wrong.' As if on instinct, he brought himself a quil and ink and began to....edit...the book.

"This is wrong. Thats completly wrong. Worthless, worthless, worthless, almost right but fix this." He talked to himself as he worked on more and more of the books as he went through them.

Mextli awoke with a start, he looked around his chambers. He was not incased in a pod anymore, but he still felt like he was trapped. He hated the feeling, the weakness, the fear.

"If all goes to plan, I will have my revenge. That and more." He said to himself as he got up, the morning was just beginning. He got dressed and made his way to Acol's room.

"Acol. You awake?" Mextli called in and placed his ear against the door. He heard sobbing, he rolled his eys with a sigh.

'Does he still cry about her? Ancients, he just can't move on. She was just a mortal' He thought as he kicked open the door.

Acol stood there dressed, he leaned against the wall rubbing at his eyes, "What is it Mext?"

"Time to get the slaves working again. Then we should plan our assult, with those trolls we have been able to lower our deadline by several months."

Acol just stood there silent for a moment, before saying "Just leave me alone."

Mextli sighed as he turned and left, on the way he said to himself, "He is always like this when he remembers her. Its disgusting. Better he had lost his sanity as Tez did."

Mextli sighed and continued on his way. He would soon have his destiny, and then...all of the universe would bend to his will; and revenge...would finally be his.

Tez closed the book and put it away on the shelf. He would continue the editing later, for now he had to see if any work needed to be done. He picked up the pages that he tore out and incinerated them with a snap of his fingers.

'Honestly, one would think this race that has magic so tied into their lives, no matter how marginal, would at least know the proper usage of its power.' Tez thought as he began to walk out the door, honestly the magical knowledge of this planet was...pathetic.

Once outside he smiled as he felt the sun's warm rays shine on his body. It made him feel so peaceful and sleepy, he just wanted to curl up on a warm rock and bask in the sun. But, today he had to do something, anything.

As he walked he spotted a Whatever it was, it was outside the boutique, a driver...or puller pony stood bored. Eventually two ponies walked out, one a male that was white with a brown mane and wore a big straw hat, the other female and purple color and strangly styled mane. Rarity and Sweetie Belle soon stepped out and waved good bye to the ponies as they entered left. Curious, Tez made his way over.

"Hello Rarity, Sweetie Belle, who were those ponies?" He asked as he drew closer.

Rarity turned and smiled, "Tez! Oh dear you look abosultly exotic, I'm so glad you love those outfits. For your question, those were my parents. They are going to Fillydelphia for a week for their anniversary and I am watching Sweetie Belle while they are away."

Tez nodded, "Ah, sounds like fun. And yes I do love the clothes you made me, again I bow your superior and divine-like skills." Tez gave a bow, which caused Rarity to giggle with a slight blush.

"Oh you are a charmer, so what brings you here?

"Oh, just trying to find something to do. Do you need any help with anything? If so I am at your service my lady." Tez gave a bow to Rarity, which had her blushing some more. Sweetie Belle just giggled seeing her sister flustered.

"Well dear, if you want to help perhaps you could help take Sweetie Belle's stuff up to her room." Rarity said as she walked inside.

"Sure, so Sweetie Belle want to lead the way?" Tez said as he smiled down to the small filly.

"Sure, it's just a few necessities." Sweetie Belle walked inside, Tez followed, only to stop and stare at the...rather large pile of....suitcases and bags.

"Just...a few necessities..." Tez said, Sweetie Belle just stood next to him smiling.

After gathering up the cases, Tez slowly walked up the stairs to Sweetie Belle's room. It was difficult, since he could not see the steps infront of him. Were all these bags really...necessary?

"Geez Sweetie Belle. Are you staying for a week, or are you moving in?" Tez said as he finally reached the top of the stairs and made his way down the hall.

"Sorry, maybe I over packed a bit." Sweetie Belle said, her ears flattening a bit at having Tez do all this work.

"Eh, don't worry about it." Tez said as he got all the stuff into the room and set them on the ground.

"Those clothes are...well kinda strange." Sweetie Belle said as she helped Tez unpack all her stuff and put them away.

"They are part of my culture." Tez said faking as if he was hurt.

Sweetie Belle gasped and said, "I'm sorry. I hope you're not mad." Her ears flattened and she just looked very upset.

Tez just chuckled, "Don't worry about it Sweetie Belle. I could never get mad at you, you're just too cute." Tez kneeled down and pet her.

Sweetie Belle smiled and rubbed her head against Tez's hand for a moment. Once everything was put away they made their way downstairs, Sweetie Belle telling Tez about the crusaders latest plans to get their cutie marks. To sounded like a recipe for disaster.

"Well...sounds like it will be an...interesting day. Do be careful though, I would hate to see either of you hurt." Tez smiled.

"We'll be careful. Promise!" Sweetie Belle said before dashing outside to meet her friends at the club house.

Tez watched her go and just smiled, 'Kids, cute and adorable...but pure agents of chaos. I love them.' He turned around and went to find Rarity and see if she needed anything else done.

Rarity was busy working on a new fashion, she was lost in concentration as she moved here and there in her room, cloth and other various material floating about. Tez simply leaned against the wall and watched. His eyes gazed on her, taking in every detail of her body. He could not help but lick his lips as he looked at her, she just looked some...delicious.

"Busy I can see." Tez said as he stepped in.

Rarity stopped what she was doing and looked at Tez with surprise, "Oh Tez. I'm sorry I didn't see you, I just got an amazing idea for a new fashion line and I guess I just got wrapped up in my work. Is there something you want?"

'I could name a few things...' Tez thought to himself, he scratched his chin as he thought for a moment, or pretended to think.

"I guess I just want to know if you have anything else you need doing." Tez said.

Rarity thought for a moment and said, "Well, I am a bit low on some fabrics, do you think you could go down to the store and purchase some for me?"

Tez nodded, "Of course."

"Thank you darling," Rarity levitated a bag of bits over to him as well as a list, "All I need is on that list. Thank you again Tez."

"Sure thing Rarity, glad to be of service." Tez said as he took the list and money and made his way out the door.

Twilight came down stairs with a yawn. She checked to see if Tez was still around, sadly he wasn't, she had wanted to talk to him about his magic.

"How is it that he can use magic? He doesn't have a horn. Hmm, it's just one of his many other mysteries." Twilight said with a sigh.

Twilight sat down and levitated several books down next to her. Even though she had questions, her studies came first. She immediatly opened the first book and began to read it, though as she read her mind thought of those gold eyes and she shivered slightly; and yet...they made her heart beat faster.

Tez walked down to the store, when...he felt the odd sensation that he was being watched. He looked around and did not notice anyone...or anypony as the word was on this planet. It was odd.

"Hey Tez!" Pinkie Pie said appearing out of nowhere, right infront of Tez's face.

Tez jumped back a bit, a hand over his heart, was it still beating? "Dang Pinkie Pie, you nearly scared thirty years off my life."

Pinkie Pie giggled, "You're such a silly-filly Tez. What you doing?"

"I was on my way to the fabric store. Rarity asked me to purchase a few things for her. What are you doing?" Tez asked.

Pinkie Pie just smiled and said, "Just saying hi to everypony in Ponyville. Then, I saw you and realized I didn't say hi to you so I decided to."

Tez chuckled, "Well, if you have nothing else left to do, want to come with me while I purchase the fabrics for Rarity? Once I get them to her we can hang out for a bit, I'd like to get to know you more Pinkie."

Pinkie Pie smiled and nodded, "Sure. Lets go!" With that she took off hopping to the store. Tez rolled his eyes with a smile as he followed.

When the two arrived at the store the two were discussing each others past. Pinkie Pie told Tez all about her childhood, while Tez told her of his past in the empire.

"Hey Tez, how come you're not telling me about your childhood? I told you mine, what about yours?" Pinkie Pie asked curiously.

Tez was silent...out of all the memories he remembered...his childhood was not one of them. It was strange, he could remember everything up to the founding of Tenotitchlan, but before that...nothing. It was as if his mind was just hitting a brick wall. When he tried to bring up memories, to dig deeper in he could not turn up anything. It saddened, had he forgotten these memories forever?

"Sorry Pinkie...I..just can't remember...that far back." Tez said frowning.

Pinkie Pie frowned, her eyes widening as her hair deflated, "Oh no, please don't be sad Tez. I didn't mean to make you said, I'm such an awful pony." Pinkie looked ready to cry.

Tez panicked, "No! No! I'm not sad, really. Please don't cry Pinkie, I don't want to see you cry. You're too cute to cry."

Pinkie blinked, then smiled, "Okay, if you're sure you're not sad. It makes me happy that you think I'm cute."

Tez smirked, "Well, you are a cute pony. Hyperactive, but thats what I like about you."

Pinkie blushed and smiled, "Thank you Tez."

The two were silent for a moment, as Tez picked up all the fabric's and other supplies that were on the list. Through it all, Tez could not help but have his eyes wander over Pinkie Pie and remembered when she had fallen on him when he had helped her watch the store. She was light weight, and her body felt so...comfy against him. More then anything though, he wondered how she tasted, her blood probably had so much sugar in it he would get a sugar rush from a single drop.

Of course, one other thought came to mind, 'If she is this hyperactive normally...what is she like when she is....' He cut the thought there, if he continued he was probably going to do something...what it was he did not know, but he was sure it would not be wise to do it now.

Finally purchasing everything that was on the list, Tez and Pinkie Pie left the store. When Tez checked the time, he figured he could let Rarity wait a few more minutes.

"Hey Pinkie Pie, I got some time before I need to get these to Rarity, want to get some lunch?' Tez asked.

"Oh! weshouldgotosugarcubecornerforcake!" Pinkie Pie said excitedly.

Tez smirked, "I guess that is a yes."

"Lets go then!" Pinkie Pie said and began hopping to Sugarcube Corner. Tez chuckled and followed.

Sugarcube corner was having a slow day today. Mrs. Cake greeted them when they entered, and again thanked Tez for all the extra work he did around the shop when he was free. He spotte Pumpkin and Pound playing and he kneeled down to greet the little foals.

"Hey there little ones. How are you this day?" Tez said as he gently pet their heads a little.

The foals babbled baby talk and hugged Tez, which brought a small smile to him. Every so often he would help watch the store when the Cakes had to cater a party, and eventually he would have to help Pinkie Pie with the kids. The two foals soon went back to their play, while Tez ordered himself something to eat.

"So Pinkie, I have to do you set up all the parties you host up so fast?" Tez asked, taking a bite into his caramel apple.

"Oh, I use my party cannon silly. Want to see?" Pinkie said as she finished her cake with one bite. How she did it...well Tez gave up on figuring out the strange powers of Pinkie long ago.

"A party cannon...that I have to see." Tez followed Pinkie upstairs to her room.

Pinkie's room was like her, pink and happy. The cute and sweet levels were off the charts, in fact Tez was sure he was going to get a sugar coma from all of it. Pinkie dug into her closet and pulled out a small cannon.

Tez looked at the cannon with interest, yet inside he was disgusted by the thing. He did not like gunpowder weapons, they always brough up memories of gunpowder and burning bodies, even though this cannon lacked any smell of gunpowder, which was...odd.

"So how does it work exactly?" Tez asked.

"Simple silly, I just put a party packet into the cannon," Pinkie pulled out a small packet from her closet that had the words, "Small Party" written on it and placed it in the cannon, "And then fire!"

Pinkie pulled the cord of the cannon and it blasted, the sound made Tez flinch. He looked around and noticed that now Pinkie's room was full of party decorations, ballons and other various party stuff....even a small cake sat on the bed.

Tez's mouth hung open and he looked around, "How...never mind, I don't think I want to know how its possible."

Pinkie Pie just giggled and put the cannon away, and proceeded to put a little party hat onto her pet aligator Gummy. Gummy just stood there with a vacant look on its face and then started to bite Pinkie, who only giggled at her pets antics.

Tez slowly walked over to Pinkie, who noticed his movement and looked at him curiously. His eyes gazed at her, which caused her to shiver slightly, but she could not look away.

"T-Tez..." Pinkie Pie tried to say something, but Tez's gaze made it hard to create a coherent sentence. She backed away, looking at the ground, till she was pressed against the wall as he drew closer.

Tez frowned and placed a finger under Pinkie's chin and lifted her head so that she looked right into his eyes, "Are you afraid of me Pinkie?" He said softly.

"I-I...I...No..I.." Pinkie tried to say something, but could not. Her heart was beating rapidly and her mind was a jumble of emotions.

Tez smirked and slowly trailed his finger down her neck. His other hand moving through her mane as he leaned forward slowly. He soon had Pinkie pressed against the wall as he lightly licked down her neck, his sharp cainines biting down enough to draw the tiniest bit of blood. He licked the red liquid slowly, to savor its sweet taste.

"T-Tez..ahhh.." Pinkie Pie gasped, she was blushing immensly.

Tez's breath blew against her neck and near her ear. Pinkie felt her heart racing more and more, as Tez's finger slid up and down her neck.

"Pinkie Pie, are you okay? Everything is so quiet up there." Mrs. Cake called up, the sound of hooves walking up the stairs could be heard.

"Damn it." Tez growled and slowly backed away from Pinkie Pie, who was silent. Pinkie Pie looked at Tez with wide eyes, a hoof over her heart. She tried to say something, but all she could do was look at him for a moment then at the ground as she blushed more.

"Pinkie Pie? Tez are you two okay?" Mrs. Cake asked as she poked her head into the room.

"We are fine, just me and Pinkie seeing who can hold their breath the longest." Tez said, hoping his lie would work.

"Well, alright." Mrs. Cake said, a bit confused, "Well, try not to go to far dearies."

'I hand't considered that anyway.' Tez thought. When Mrs. Cake was gone he turned to Pinkie Pie, who was still quiet as she looked at him every so often with uncertaintiy and embaressment.

Tez smirked and placed his finger under her chin again and moved her head to look at him. Pinkie Pie shivered a bit, slightly in fear and slightly in...anticipation. She felt her heart ready to beat out of her chest.

"Sorry if I surprised you or made you uncomfortable." Tez said softly as he leaned forward a bit and gently kissed her cheek, "I should probably go now. Do take care Pinkie." With that Tez turned and left, turning only to look back at Pinkie once and lick his lips lightly.

Pinkie stood there shaking, and she slowly slumped to the ground. She placed a hoof over where Tez had kissed her and she blushed even more. She was so confused, what he had been doing to was so....strange and yet, it felt so good.

'Oh...whats wrong with me?' She thought, as she tried to figure out her jumbled emotions.

Tez made his way back to Rarity's, all the way he licked his lips as he remembered the sweet taste of Pinkie Pie. Shame that Mrs. Cake had to butt in, he had was just about to....he stopped and thought, 'What was I about to do? More importantly...why was I going to do it?'

Tez thought on it for a moment as he kept walking, ever since the Gala he had been having....these strange thoughts and compulsions to do what he just did to Pinkie Pie. He already did it to Luna once, oh how he missed her she was just so tastey. He did it to Fluttershy a couple of times, who always seemed to be unsure if she was enjoying it or hating it, but she had not told anypony about it. Now he did it to Pinkie Pie, and if Mrs. Cake had not come upstairs he was sure he would have done more.

'What is going on with me?' He thought, 'The girls are nice...I really like them. All of them, even the princesses. But...the things I did, the things I think...they seem more the actions of what one lover does to another....and even though I have not done it to all of them....I'm pretty sure I will or would if given the does that mean?'

Tez pondered it for a moment, but then shrugged it away for another time. He reached the boutique and entered. He found Rarity in her room finishing off the last touches to her new fashion line. Seeing the beautiful works of art, brought such joy to Tez's heart; and the goddess that made them, brought desires to his mind.

"Oh Tez, you're back. I was wondering when you would return. Did you get all the fabrics?" Rarity asked as she finished a few final touches.

Tez nodded, "Yes I have." He placed the bags down on the floor, "I see you have completed yet more splendid pieces of beauty. Truly Rarity you are above the mortal understanding of talent and skill."

"Thank you Tez. You certainly are a flatterer." Rarity said with a smile.

Tez smiled, and his eyes looked over Rarity. Rarity noticed this and tilted her head confused, though she felt a shiver in her spine as those golden eyes looked over her.

"Um..Tez, is something wrong?" Rarity asked.

"Hmm, no..I just...guessed I could not help but admire your beauty Rarity." Tez said as he looked her over.

Rarity blushed, "Oh, oh um..thank you dear." Rarity normaly could accept a compliment on her appearance, but hearing Tez say it...and the way he looked at her.

Tez walked over and kneeled down so that he looked right into Rarit'es eyes. The seamstress felt a bit uncomfortable with how close he was, and how he continued to look into hers. Whenever he did this, it always made her legs feel weak.

Gently Tez traced a finger across her shoulder, "Hmm, your muscles are tense Rarity."

"Well, I-I have been working alot today." Rarity said, she was not sure what Tez was doing.

"Hmm...let me help with that. Lay down." Tez said softly as he ran a finger down her neck.

Rarity shivered at his touch, she did as he asked and watched him with curious wide eyes, "What are you going to do dear...nothing improper I hope."

Tez smirked, "Just relax my dear. Nothing improper." With that he began to apply pressure to the tense muscles. His fingers working with the delicate and graceful skill of a masseur.

Rarity moaned, obviosuly enjoying the treatment. Tez smiled and hearing her moan only made him continue. Rarity shivered as she blushed, Tez was good at was amazing.

"Ahh..Tez should sell these at the spa." Rarity moaned again before saying breathlessly, "They are marvelous."

Tez smirked and leaned close to Rarity, his breath gently blowing against the nape of her neck as he whispered, "I am glad you are enjoying it."

Rarity shivered and moaned again, as Tez lossened up a particuarlly tense muscle. It had hurt for a moment before giving way to relaxful pleasure. Tez had to admit he was enjoying listening to Rarity moan, he wondered if this would make the other girls moan...oh how he wanted to try.

Rarity bit her lip as Tez continued the massage, her body shivering with delight. She gasped when she felt Tez's lips against her neck, "Tez..what are you..."

Tez nipped ever so lightly to draw just a tiny bit of blood and eagerly licked it up savoring the taste. He stopped once he had tasted enough and licked his lips. Moving a finger up Rarity's neck, he carefully moved it through her mane, something the unicorn took notice of...but could not bring herself to complain over, just as long as he did not ruin it.

Tez then gently slid a finger a finger up Rarity's horn, which caused her to gasp loudly and bit her lips even harder and her body to shiver. She wanted him to keep going, but she also wanted him to stop. This was just...just not proper...but it felt so good. She couldn't take it anymore, she turned and tackled Tez kissing him as she pinned him to the ground.

She kissed him for a moment before gasping and getting off of him blushing madly and looking at the ground ashamed, "I-I'm sorry Tez...I...Oh dear." She turned to run away, but was stopped when she felt something grab hold of her tail.

Rarity turned to see what was grabbing her tail and saw Tez there smirking as he held onto her tail. Rarity blushed and just closed her eyes with shame, 'Oh...why did I do that? It was completely unlady like, it was absolutly brazen.'

"Hey, Rarity...look at me." Tez said, when Rarity didn't he sighed and went over and kissed her cheek. Rarity's eyes shot open and she looked at Tez with surprise.

"Tez...I..." Rarity started to say, but Tez cut her off.

"I am sorry if I was a bit forward with anything Rarity. Though I did not mind the kiss, and don't think I think you are any less of a lady now cause I don't."

Rarity still blushed and could not meet Tez's eyes. In fact she did not want to gaze into those golden orbs, it would just add to her already jumbled mind, " is alright....I guess...we were both a harm done."

Tez smiled, "Well sometimes forwardness can be fun. If both parties are willing at least." Tez stood up and helped Rarity to her...hooves.

"I think I should go now. If you ever want another massage Rarity, just let me know. I am happy to serve." Tez said with a wink as he left.

"I will hold you too that darling." Rarity said as she watched him go. Once Tez was gone, she shivered and placed a hoof over her heart. Today would certainly be memorable. Once Rarity had calmed herself she went down to the kitchen and made herself some tea, as she thought of all that had happened.

Twilight was almost done, she just had seven more books to go. One book she could not wait to start reading, it was a copy of magical spells and theories by Star Swirl the Bearded. She had waited months for them and now she could read them, she squaled with joy as she opened the first one.

Silence...Twilights eye twitched and then....she screamed.


Tez stopped in mid step, as did ponies all around town, and looked towards the library.

"That sounded like Twilight...wonder why she is screaming?" He said and made his way over.

Mextli was busy pointing at several plans he had ready, Acol standing solmn as he stared at the table. Suddenly Mextli stopped and looked around.

"Did you hear something?" He asked his brother.

"No." Acol said.

"Hmmm, not matter." Mextli said and went back to explaining the plan.

After awhile Acol said, "So...we will wage a large scale Flower War on these ponies, capturing as many of their citizens and any soldiers they send at us. What of their princesses? From what information I have gathered, they are powerful if they are able to move the sun and moon of this stagnant planet system."

Mextli chuckled, "They will not be a problem, to do what they do would require a great deal of energy, any of their spells would be weak in comparison to ours. Besides I doubt they have any form of offensive spells, that is the price of peace...weakness."

Acol nodded, "So...when do we attack this...what was the city called?"

"Fillydelphia...funny name eh?" Mextli smirked, "And we will attack in three days, by then then temple will be complete...and our path to ascension...will begin."

The two were silent, and then slowly they began to laugh. Soon.....very soon.

Well there you go hope I did not make any of the girls seem out of character. Hope you all enjoyed this chapter :) things are heating up now, oh it will be so much fun :D