A World Without Rainbow Dash

by inacti

Celestia And Nightmare Moon

Celestia stood at her window, she sighed deeply, she had not found a single pony to harness the elements, even now, when her sister would return tonight, she hoped she could find somepony. The only pony she had found even close to ready for the job was only good in stage magic. She was untrustworthy and unable to harness the elements. Celestia was terrified that she would be unable to fight back.

"Oh Luna, why must you do this to me?" Celestia whispered, looking up at the moon.

She turned from the window, she was to go through the curtain in moments for the sun celebration. She heard a noise emerge from the window.

"Hello dear sister, I see nopony has missed me."

"Luna please listen-"

"You betrayed me! And my name is Nightmare Moon!" she cried. "You will have the same torment as I!"

Nightmare Moon lit her horn and in a flash of light, in an instant Celestia herself being sucked into darkness. She tried to cast a spell but it was to late, Luna was already gone. The birds began to chirp. The Mayor began her speech, ready to introduce the Princess for which they hadn't forgotten. The curtain was pulled, and nopony was there. A cloud of mist appeared on the stage.

"Oh hello, my subjects, its been so long since I've seen you. Have you forgotten me?" Nightmare Moon asked.

Nopony answered. "Well, just as I thought, nopony remembers me, I am Nightmare Moon, and for now until the end of days, the night will last forever!"

Years later

Nightmare Moon sat on her throne, she had ruled her kingdom of dark alone for such a long time. The last of the food the ponies had prepared was near gone. She had watched so many of the ponies die. It was what they deserved, they had all forgotten her.

A single tear fell down Celestia's cheek. She hoped that Luna would have a change of heart before everypony died from lack of light. She wished she had done something to make her sister understand, to keep her sane. But it was too late now, after a thousand years of life in solitude, there was no stopping her without the elements. She would now face the same fate as her once dear sister, and a thousand years was much too long to live in a world with no sun.