Scootaloo's Mistake

by DiabolicalMonocle


“I'm happy to announce the new member of the Wonderbolts team...Scootaloo!”

An orange mare burst out from the curtains, brandishing her shiny, new Wonderbolt costume. She flew up high into the sky before performing her signature move: Purple Burst.

Nopony knew quite how she did it, but the end result was a massive, purple shock wave spreading across the sky. Different shades of purple burst into the cloud-line, turning the once-cyan sky into a vibrant purple. The audience erupted into applause, fascinated by the wonderful performance.

The pegasus descended upon the crowd, inches away from their heads as she passed over them. Their cheers and whistles were almost deafening, and if it weren't for Scootaloo's vigorous training, she would've been overwhelmed.

Eventually, the mare reached her destination. She stopped flying, and dropped down onto the centre stage, where the announcer was speaking.

Scootaloo struck a few awesome poses for the cameras before walking proudly over to the microphone.

“Hey Cloudsdale, how's my favourite city doing?”

The audience replied with a roar, becoming increasingly louder and louder until Scootaloo could barely hear herself think.

“It's my honour to accept this invitation to the Wonderbolts, and before I get started with that, I'd like to thank a couple of ponies for me being here. Firstly, you guys! You have been an awesome audience, and I'm honoured to have shown you my skills.”

Again, the crowd cheered their hearts out. Most ponies were now jumping up and down, trying to get a view of the newest edition of the Wonderbolts team. All this incessant noise was starting to give Scootaloo an earache.

“Secondly, I'd like to thank Spitfire, who made me into the mare I am today. Through my toughest days, Spitfire was always there for me, and without her, I would never have made it as a Wonderbolt!”

The orange pegasus didn't know how announcers put up with this. Every sentence she said, ended with a massive response from the audience. Yes, they were praising her, but this was way too much.

“Last, but not least, I would like to thank Rainbow Dash. She used to be everything to me - big sister, teacher, friend, idol – you name it. Dash was the most loyal pony I'd ever met, and I hope I've made her proud. Here's to you, Rainbow Dash!”

Scootaloo's voice cracked on her last sentence. Instead of roaring and cheering loudly, the crowd remained silent. Every single pony had an expression of confusion, as if they didn't understand what Scootaloo had meant.

The young mare suddenly became conscientious of her actions. Everypony was now staring at her, curious as to why she had brought the matter up. Scootaloo's legs almost buckled as tens of thousands of pairs of eyes gazed upon her. She couldn't take this any longer.

“I...I'm sorry everypony. I can't do this.”

Struggling to speak without letting her emotions run escape, Scootaloo flew away. She didn't fly away leisurely fly, however, she put all her strength in her wings and sped away into the skies.

It had been many years since Rainbow Dash's untimely death. In fact, it had been seven years last Wednesday. Scootaloo had tried to live the last couple of years as normal as possible. She'd finished university, got a coltfriend and even managed to become a Wonderbolt.

That was just the thing though. This was Dash's dream, not hers.

The orange mare continued on her way through the clouds. On the horizon, her house came into view. It wasn't anything special, she only wanted to live in a humble home.

Scootaloo pushed through the fluffy door, before collapsing on her shaggy couch. She let out an exasperated sigh before wondering just what the hay she would do. It should be Dash dressed in this outfit, not Scootaloo.

Rainbow Dash had never come back to her dreams after the funeral. It had been ten long years since Scootaloo had last seen her, and she had given up all hope of ever seeing her again.

Even though the event had happened a decade ago, Scootaloo didn't feel any less guilty. Not a day goes by without her thinking of Dash's death. If anything, the mare will never forget that it was entirely her fault-

Suddenly, there was an audible voice from behind her. Out of instinct, Scootaloo turned around and looked for the source of noise. It had definitely been a voice, even though the mare couldn't determine what was said. The voice was definitely familiar...

Again, the voice sounded, this time stronger than before. The mare could locate the source this time. It seemed to have originated from one of her cupboards. She opened the doors, and peeked inside.

The voice was loud now and was rapidly becoming more clearer. Scootaloo delved further into the furniture. She threw objects out of the cupboard, desperately trying to find the source of the voice.

Her hooves fell upon a plastic object. As she did so, the noise became as clear as day.

“I'm watching, Scootaloo. Make me proud.” And with that, there was silence. Curious, the mare inspected the object in the light.

A pair of flying goggles.

These weren't just any old pair of goggles however, these were Dash's. Scootaloo ran her hooves around the curvature of the accessory. The crude Cutie Mark came into view. These were definitely Rainbow Dash's.

Scootaloo had completely forgotten about these. In an attempt to move on, the pegasus had tried to block all connections to her past, most of which took residence inside this cupboard.

That had definitely been Dash's voice. After many years of not hearing it, Scootaloo would've been sceptical. After what had been said, however, there was no denying it. What did all of this mean?

There was a gentle knock on her her door, and a fellow Wonderbolt walked in. Of course, it had to be Spitfire.

“Hey, kiddo. Something wrong? Well I guess there must be – you don't usually storm off like that...” The proud Wonderbolt's voice trailed off after noticing the object Scootaloo held in her hooves.

She almost looked like she was going to say something, but obviously, the shock of seeing such an object had clouded her mind. Scootaloo could tell by her expression that she recognised it.

“S-S-Scootaloo, who gave you t-that?” Spitfire struggled to speak, confusion spreading across her face. For a second, Scootaloo could've sworn she saw a tear fall off her teacher's face.

What should she do? Scootaloo never did end up telling anyone about the goggles, no matter how much she wanted to. The only one who knew of its current position was Pinkie Pie, but she had never told anypony else either. The mare gave a sigh, before explaining a story never told before.

Scootaloo told Spitfire everything. Rainbow Dash's presence in her mind, how the goggles came into her possession – even why she flew away earlier. She told her her true feelings, how she believed Dash should be where she was right now. How this was Dash's dream.

A few minutes later, the story was over. The heavy burden she'd been carrying for all those years had been lifted away, and suddenly, Scootaloo felt empty. As if a part of her being had just simply disappeared.

The mare stared into her teacher's eyes, trying to recognise a reaction. What would she say? Did she understand Scootaloo's emotions? Spitfire always had had a brilliant poker face, and Scootaloo couldn't see any emotions or anything, for that matter.

The older pegasus rested a hoof on the young mare's shoulder, before looking deeply into her violet eyes.

“Scootaloo. You got here on your own accord and nopony else's. Sure, it may have been Dash's dream, but that doesn't mean it can't be yours too. I've never seen a more determined pony in my entire life, Scootaloo. You completely deserve this.”

Spitfire dropped her hoof from Scootaloo's shoulder and started to walk away.

“Come on, now. You're a Wonderbolt now, and it's time to get your game on. Wear those goggles with pride.” And with that, her teacher left her home.

Scootaloo understood Spitfire completely, although she didn't quite believe it herself. She was right with some things, however. Scootaloo was a Wonderbolt now, and there was no time to mope about in self-pity.

Putting away the brand new goggles, Scootaloo placed Dash's pair around her head. She slid the strap down until the eyepieces rested comfortably around her face.

The young mare observed her own flank. For some reason, Scootaloo felt encouraged just by looking at her Cutie Mark. Of course, she had received it many years before, but something about it just struck inspiration inside of her.

To her, the Cutie Mark was one of her most prized possessions, despite it's simple design. It was a bright purple splodge of colour, with a wing on each side. Scootaloo often pondered if this was the inspiration for her signature move, Purple Burst, but right at this point in time, it didn't matter.

It was time to fly.


Author's Notes: So this is this final chapter of my story, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. So, are you content now? Happy ending, right? That's what you wanted, all along, I sussed you. Please comment whatever you like, and check out my other stories in progress, Apple of Her Eye and Birds of a Feather Flock Together See? Look how nice a guy I am - I even gave you hyper-links. Peace out.