Machine And Might: Far Horizon Of Stars

by Kriegor


Machine And Might: Far Horizon Of Stars


        Dead space, filled with debris from ships that had entered the solar system. Mangled bodies, floating through and occasionally hitting the metallic remains of vessels.

        Luna looked at the planet from the main holoscreen of the Vector’s command bridge. The planet, aptly named ‘Aberration’, looked like a massive ball of metal, combined with harsh deserts. Balls of plasma were launched sporadically from its surface in an attempt to keep the USC away from it, but it was too late. The USC fleet had already begun launching dropships and drop pods.

        The Princess walked over to one of the technicians handling a command console. “What is the progress on the Nexus Hub?”

        The woman using the console began to type into it, bringing up a comm channel with one of the squads planetside. “Commander Pipsqueak,  this is Vector command. State your progress.”


        “We’re moving through the nexus,” Pipsqueak called out, motioning for his team to follow as they walked through the ice cold hallway. “I suspect we’ve little more to go through. The cooling systems of this place lead right to it. We’ve met little resistance.”

        Pipsqueak continued to walk through the the hallway, eventually meeting a bridge, one that suspended both him and squad from falling into the abyss. They stacked up near a massive set of blast doors, which opened as soon as they did. Confused, he looked at his squad, then motioned in. Without a word, they did as he commanded, walking into the Nexus.

        He followed suit, finding himself staring up at a massive tower, a myriad of coolant tubes rounding it up, ending up with a floating core of sorts. “I think we’ve found it…”

        “Kent,” Pipsqueak muttered. “Let’s blow this shit up.”

        “Copy,” the changeling Sergeant said. He shouldered his rifle and stepped over to the Nexus, but as soon as he did, he was trapped by a magnetic shield, screaming as he was shocked with electrical spikes.

        The Commander aimed his rifle at the Nexus, yelling, “Kent!”

        “Assimilating dimensional data,” a deep, cybernetic voice called out. “Complete.”

        “Initializing jump.”


        “Princess!” the woman on the console called out, catching Luna’s attention. The alicorn trotted over to the console, looking at the holoscreen which displayed several energy spikes. “Something’s happening-... I… The planet is doing something!”

        Luna took her eyes away from the console and looked at the main holoscreen, seeing the planet light up in red, and then disappear in a sudden flash. Her jaw fell to the floor, before she picked her senses back up and looked back at the technician. “What did…”

        “I’m scanning the energy signature now…” The woman shook her head, then looked back at Luna. “It appears to be a… Dimensional jump. The signature trails to.. your home dimension.”

        “Prepare the ship,” Luna commanded. “We are going after it.”