Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody Don't Make Sweet Passionate Love on the Floor of Their Studio Apartment

by Super Trampoline

That (Early) Morning

A rhythmic "Tippity tap tap tap" woke Octavia from her nap. She blinked her eyes open, and rose off of the couch to see what the message was. That was one nice thing about keeping a crappy apartment: they could afford stuff like a telegraph line directly to their place.

"gig done home soon heart vinyl STOP" the telegram read. "Perfunctory, but to the point," thought Octavia as she went to pour herself some more wine. Her own concert had finished hours ago, and upon her arrival at their loft she had promptly passed out on their couch after a glass or two of alcohol. Now she was awake again. As for her wife, she knew Vinyl would take the trolley home, but that only ran every thirty minutes at this hour, so she might be a while. "That's okay", thought Octavia as she placed a Marvin Strayt record on the turn table. "I can wait." She went ahead and lit some candles, tossed some flowers from the ice box into a vase, and dimmed the lights. If she was going to be a romantic, she might as well go all the way.

Haggard and tired, Vinyl trotted up the final flight of stairs (having deposited her equipment cart in a shed on the ground floor), and into the apartment. The front door was luckily unlocked--"Octavia must be waiting for me," she thought. This was proven to be true; after closing the door behind her, the unicorn was immediately assaulted by a cannonball of grey fur.

"Woah! Hey love! You're awful glad to see me!"

Octavia, who was hugging and nuzzling her vigorously, replied "Of course I am, I've been waiting for you for hours. Come, join me on the couch. Come on come on come on!"

"Okay okay!" The two cantered over to the sofa and sat upon it.

Vinyl relaxed her muscles and sank into the luxurious pillows. "Ahhhhhhhh. I'm sooo glad to finally be home. Happy fourth!"

Octavia grinned. "Happy fourth to you too." She raised her glass she held on her pastern: "To four great years and many more!"

Vinyl smiled weakly, but made no effort to grab the wine glass her wife had prepared for her. Instead she simply lifted it with her telekinesis and clinked it against Tavi's. "To many more."

Octavia laughed and chugged down her entire glass of vino. "So hon," she said, suddenly sporting bedroom eyes, "Did you notice the wonderful ambiance I put up?"

"Yaaaaawwwwn. Yes I did notice. It's very nice. You definitely get style points."

Octavia raised her eyebrows and lowered her voice to a sultry snarl. "Is there anything else I get, sweetie?"

"Uhhh," Vinyl said while blushing, "you get to, um, cuddle with me."

Octavia wrapped herself around her partner like a spider and pushed them both deeper into the cushions.

"It's our anniversary. I want to fuck. I want to roll off this couch, and make sweet, passionate love to you on the floor of our studio apartment."

Vinyl tried halfheartedly to get away from her advances. "Hooonnnn, I just want to go to sleep. I'm tired. And you're drunk."

Octavia ignored the mare's protests and started to reach her hoof towards Vinyl's nether regions. "So what if I am? You want me, don't you?"

Vinyl pushed her away. "Octavia, stop. Not tonight. Tomorrow, I promise. But not right now. Stop," she said firmly.

Octavia blinked, then backed away to the far end of the couch. "You don't want to, you know, do the thing?"

"No hon, I don't want 'do the thing' right now. I'm very happy to see you but I'm not in the mood."

Octavia pouted. "But... it's our anniversary. And I've been waaaaiiting. Doesn't that count for anything?"

Vinyl looked conflicted. "Well, I mean, yeah it's our anniversary, but well it's... morning. Early morning. Our anniversary night is tomorrow. If I had a normal job that had normal hours, this wouldn't even be an issue. Can we do it tomorrow night? I'm just not feeling it this second. I love you very much of course, but no sex right now." She finished off with a kiss on Octavia's cheek.

The recipient of the kiss looked hurt. "But... but we haven't done anything in like five days because you've been busy, and I've been busy, and I could use a good fuck and, and oh, listen to me. I'm being manipulative aren't I? I did say I'd work on that, and well, here I am not working on it. Dear me."

Vinyl hugged Octavia. "I'm sorry Tavi. I get it. It's just...I just want to cuddle up in your legs and fall asleep. We can have sexy times in the morning, I promise. I-I'm sorry dear. You've probably been waiting patiently for me for like two or three or four hours, but I feel like I'm repeating myself and like I know you're probably really horny, and like, but I'm just tired right now, and and I-I-I... ugh! why did I sign up for this stupid gig? Now you're mad at me!" She huffed and stomped off to their tiny bedroom.

Octavia sighed and followed her. "Scratchy, noooo, I'm not mad. I'm... disappointed. But not in you or anything. Can we... where did you go?" she asked as she saw there was no Vinyl in the bedroom, save for some Al Yellow records (and those were vinyl records, not Vinyl Scratch.).

A voice came from the water closet. "I'm peeing and brushing my teeth and stuff."

"Oh well, can I come in?"

"When I'm done peeing you can."

The toilet flushed, and Vinyl and Octavia brushed their teeth together. They didn't say anything to each other, not because they were using the silent treatment, but because it's hard to talk while brushing your teeth. When she spat her toothpaste out, Octavia grumbled. "Really, I'm not mad at you."

They trotted to bed as Vinyl yawned. "No I know, I know. I'm sorry, I'm just cranky from the long night. I've been up for twenty hours straight you know."

"I know dear, you just want to sleep. I may not like it, but I understand." The two mares snuggled up tight together, as vinyl lifted a glass of water off the nightstand for a final drink.

"You do?" Vinyl asked hopefully, setting the glass down.

Octavia sighed. "Yes I do, love. But don't worry, I'll have my way with you in the morning."

"Oh I hope you do. Thank you Octi. I'm sorry, but I just want to" --she tried and failed to stifle a yawn-- "ugh, go to sleep. You dig?"

"Yes Vinyl, for the tenth time, I 'dig'. You're tired, I'm kinda drunk, and you know what? You know how much I love you?" She nuzzled her face up against Vinyl's. "Ask me how much I love you."

"mmmmmnnnnn," Vinyl replied, beginning to settle into slumber wrapped in her wife's legs. "How much honey?"

"I could totally rub one out, and I'm probably going to be wide awake for several hours, but I'm not going to get myself off right now, 'cause I wanna do it with you in the morning. Isn't that like totally awesome?"

"mmmnnnn... yeah. Totes awesome. 'Night Tavi," said the already half-asleep mare.

Octavia shifted to get more comfortable, and kissed her wife on the crest of her neck. "Heh, I love you Vinyl. Happy anniversary."


While Vinyl was out like a brick, Octavia's sleep was quite fitful that night.