Redemption, Damnation and FIM

by ShadowWalking18

Chapter 15 Part 2

Another chapter. Are you not glad :) I hope you all enjoyed the last. We will pick up from where we left off. There will be romance*or at least seduction*, humor, and just pure awsomeness. 20% cooler as Dashie says :) Enjoy.

Tez and Luna soon joined the mass of guests attending the Gala. Luna was nervous, as she walked among the ponies and stayed as close to Tez as she could. She could not explain why, but she did not want to be alone while doing this. Tez merely smiled, "Don't be so nervous. Stand straight and tall. Try to act as if you are confident, even if deep inside you're not. Appearance and presentation are the first ninty five percent of any nobles or royalties life."

Luna looked at him curiously, and yet... it seemed to make sense. "You seem to know a good deal on this." She said.

Tez chuckled, "Well, I try. So you try it, walk as if you are at one with the surroundings around you. Don't act uncomfortable or scared, even if inside you are. These people- I mean ponies will judge by what they see on the outside only, and not try to see inside."

Luna felt unsure for a moment, but tried as Tez said. She stood straight, and her walk and stance portrayed a mask to hide her uneasiness and show confidence instead. She did not notice much of a difference though, and she felt more uncomfortable when she noticed that several nobles were whispering and looking in their direction.

"Those nobles over there are whispering about us I think." Luna whispered to Tez. Though she continued to do as Tez suggested. The two of them walked for a moment and stopped at a fountain, "Why are we stopping?" Luna asked.

"Watch and see. For now let us engage in conversation, or appear as we are. When I wink just follow my lead, alright?" Tez said.

Luna blinked but nodded, "Alright." The two of them talked for a while, Tez telling Luna small bits of himself, or what bits he remembered and choose to reveal, and she telling him of herself.

It was not long before three ponies approached, one of them was Fancy Pants, a well known unicorn in Canterlot from what Luna said. The three stopped before them and gave a bow to the princess, which surprised her but she kept it hidden.

"A good eve to you princess, and to you sir Tez." Fancy Pants said, his companions also gave their greetings.

"A pleasure to meet you as well, though I must admit you have the advantage over me. You know my name, but I know not yours." Tez said.

"Of course forgive me, I am Fancy Pants, I've heard some interesting things about you Sir Tez. You seem to be quite the popular fellow tonight, and have caused quite an uproar among the ladies and gents of court." Fancy Pants said, his companions nodding.

"I did not notice." Tez said simply.

Fancy Pants seemed surprised and said, "Well you must know that your relationship with the princesses does have ponies curious. A great pleasure to see you Princess Luna, we wondered if you would join us at the Gala."

"A pleasure to see you again Fancy Pants." Luna said.

"The pleasure is all mine princess." Fancy Pants bowed again, Luna was surprised by all of it.

"If I might ask, to what do we owe the pleasure of your pressence." Tez asked.

"Oh yes, forgive us if we disturbed your conversation, but I simply had to meet you. Is it true that you are a close friend of Princess Celestia." Fancy Pants asked, he and his companions looked at Tez, curious of the answer. Luna was a bit confused by all this, but she went along with it. Tez seemed to know what he was doing.

"Of course, as I am with Princess Luna. The three of us have known each other for quite some time. Though this is the first time I have ever come here to Canterlot." Tez smirked at the nobles surprised expressions.

"You must come from a far away land then, do tell us about it." One of Fancy Pants companions, a female unicorn, asked.

Luna looked as well curious, though she tried to act as if she had heard it before. Tez smirked and began, "I hail from the city of Tenotitchlan, the most beautiful city and capitol of the Aztec Empire. The city's beauty rivals that of the most grand of cities in Equestria and is built upon the very waters of Lake Texcoco."

The nobles asked several more questions, mostly if Tez was the ruler of this empire or heir to its throne? What the court was like there and other various things. Tez answered each one vaguely giving enough for his words to sound true and satisfy the ponies curiosity, while leaving his exact station in the empire a mystery.

'Let them make it up, it will be funny to see what they do.' Tez thought, though deep in his mind he knew from memories that he was very high in the social standing of the Aztec Empire...though he could not say what considering he was friends with the emperor.

The ponies were going to ask more but Tez said, "Well it was most enjoyable to talk with you, but me and the princess must be going. She and I have much to do and guests we must meet. I do hope to see you again, a fair night to you."

"A fair night to you as well Tez. And you as well Princess Luna." Fancy Pants said before taking his leave.

Tez looked at Luna with a smirk and motioned for her to follow him. The two walked a little more, keeping away from any large crowds for now. as they walked Luna asked, "Is what you said true? Of this empire and your home city."

Tez nodded, "Yes. Tenotitchlan was a beautiful rivaled that of Canterlot even....or it did once..." Tez looked down and rubbed his eyes.

"Something has you upset. What is wrong?" Luna asked.

Tez rubbed his eyes, "I don't want to talk about it in detail...the memories make me...unstable emotionally. Suffice to home is...gone."

Luna looked at Tez and gently unfolded a wing and laid it on his shoulder. She could guess what he meant by gone, "Why did it happen?"

Tez looked at Luna and moved a bit closer to the comfort of her wing, "Those who worshipped greed came and destroyed us. Those who saw themselves holier than thou destroyed us." Tez said no more after that and rubbed the tears that welled up in his eyes away, the black stuff around his eyes not smearing at all.

"I'm sorry. I should not have asked." Luna apoligized, feeling bad that she had brought unpleasant memories to the surface.

"It is alright. You did not know, let us discuss something else now though...please." Tez asked, almost begging. Luna nodded and took her wing off of Tez.

The two again returned to socializing among the guests. As before the two of them found themselves meeting more and more ponies of various status and station, each one wanting to talk to the princess and Tez. When they talked with Luna they mostly discussed court politics and other political stuff. Though there were the various questions of how she and Celestia knew Tez.

"He is a friend, and an honored guest tonight." Luna said simply.

Eventually the two slipped away from all the guests and walked for a moment among the castle forests, where dozens of various animals and plants lived. The two sat at a bench to rest and enjoy the scenery. Luna looked at Tez, and felt her heart beat speed up. She could not explain why, but she felt...attracted to him. True his apperance was spine chilling, and yet feeling those eyes that seemed to gaze into the deepest core of her being was...exciting.

Feeling the strange nightly wind blow against her made her shiver and she moved closer to Tez. Tez looked at her and she shivered under the gaze of those eyes. He smirked lightly and wrapped an arm around her. Luna felt her heart stop and she blushed a bit.

"Cold?" he asked.

Luna blushed more and nodded, "Y-yes....sorry."

Tez shrugged, "I don't mind." Tez looked at the princess and licked his lips lightly, her scent was intoxicating and he could almost smell the sweet scent of her blood. He wondered if a goddesses blood tasted different from a mortals.

Thats when he felt something twist in his stomach, a hunger...the hunger for life that plagued him a month ago. Though he had not yet suffered an attack from lack of nourishment yet, the hunger seemed to crawl up him begging to be satisfied. Tez felt his heart racing as he fought to keep it under control, and yet...he could not control his desire to taste just a little.

Tez slowly pulled Luna closer and slowly ran his fingers through her mane. His other hand traced a finger up her neck, the sudden movements caused Luna to gasp in surprise. She shivered as the hand that ran through he mane slowly reached her horn and a finger went up it slowly. Her heart beat faster and she blushed even more, "Tez...wha-what are thou doing?" Luna gasped.

"You don't enjoy it?" Tez asked soflty as he traced his finger down Luna's horn, which caused the alicorn to shiver and breathe in sharply.

Tez smirked as he traced his other finger down her neck now before circling an area for a moment. He could feel the the tip of the claw gently break the skin and draw a small bit of blood. If Luna felt any pain she either did not show it or had not felt the slight cut of his claw. She looked at him though with surprise, slight fear and uncertainty. But also mixed in was enjoyment of his caresses.

Tez brought his face close to Luna's and whispered into her ear, "If you want me to stop. Just say so...if not, do not worry, I will not hurt or dishonor you in any way." He then slowly brought his lips to her neck and licked lightly down to where he drew a slight bit of blood. Luna gasped as he did this and she was shivering as she tried to speak.

"" Luna tried to form a coherent sentence, but she could not. Her body was enjoying whatever Tez was doing, and though part of her mind said that she should tell him to stop, for now, the other part wanted him to continue.

Tez licked the blood that pooled at the wound, his finger continued to trace up and down Luna's horn while his other hand gently ran through her mane. Her blood was delicious...magnificant and affected his mind like a drug. He felt his control lossening and he craved to drink feed.

'I have to I lose all control.' Tez thought as he slowly stopped and removed his lips from the wound. His hands and fingers stopped their movements and he slowly removed them from Luna. The lunar princess gasped and breathed deeply, her face heavily flushed. She placed a hoof over her heart and looked at Tez, her eyes seemed to beg that he continue...and yet they also were filled with fear over what he had been doing.

"Wha..what..." Luna tried to start, but Tez cut her off.

"Forgive me...I hope I did not disturb you by doing that." He licked his lips once, remembering how she tasted.

Luna blushed, " is is...something you do in your culture...yes?" She asked as she tried to calm her beating heart.

Tez nodded, "Something like that. I hope you do know that I would not seek to force myself upon you."

Luna shook her head, " do not seem the type." She slowly began to calm down and her pulse returned to normal, but her mind still did not calm as she thought over several things at once.

'Oh sweet night...I just...just need to..calm down....oh but it felt so good.' She thought and tried to calm her storm of thoughts and confused emotions.

Tez stood up and moved away from the bench, "Perhaps we should move on...unless you wish to part from me."

"No." Luna said swiftly and then blushed, " did nothing wrong...just...warn ahead of time please."

Tez blinked and chuckled, "Of course. Let us go then Luna."

Luna shivered inside when he said her name, the way he said it and the feel of his eyes. This night was definatly not going to be a normal one. Yet, this did not bother her and she looked forward to the rest.

As the two of them headed for the grand hall, a certain yellow pegasus, dress torn and battered by failed after failed attempt at capturing a fuzzy little animal of the castle gardens was busy talking to herself, only a few feet away from where they two had originally been.

"I'll catch you yet my pretties" Fluttershy said, her voice trailling on the path of insanity as one of her eyes twitched.

"Oh yes, as soon as one of you little birds or monkeys or bears touches this net, You'll be mine! Mine!" Fluttershy got up on her hind legs and laughed madly. Only to fall forward onto thhe very same net trap she had laid for an animal.

Away from her location Tez stopped for a moment and looked around, "Did you hear something?"

Luna looked around and listened, "No. What did you hear?"

"I could have sworn I heard somepony laughing like a deranged lunatic... Eh, probably just the wind." Tez shurgged and he and Luna continued on.

Reaching the grandhall Tez and Luna looked around. The music was not playing and...somepony seemd to be jumping around causing a ruckus. Tez facepalmed when he realized who it was.

"Is that Pinkie Pie? I did not know she was here." Luna said.

"Yeah, Twilight and all her friends are here. Pinkie Pie seems to be doing something...its sure to end in..." Tez trailed off as he saw Applejack come pushing a cart with a big cake on it, while Pinkie Pie did a stage jump.

'Oh no.' Tez thought as his mind already began making images of what was gonna happen next. Pinkie Pie hit the edge of the cart AJ was pushing and sent the cake into the air flying towards the door. When Tez turned to see where it would land, his eyes widened when he saw Rarity and the very same unicorn she had gone after. Only the unicorn was using Rarity as a shield from the oncoming cake.

'He. Is. DEAD!' Tez thought, and moved swiflty into action. What happened next left ponies gasping. Rarity stared at Tez with wide eyes. Tez glared at the cowering unicorn male, who now looked up at Tez and went pale as if he saw death itself. But what was most shocking, was the aura of darkness that surrounded him and the pieces of cake that floated in midair, just inches from hitting Tez from behind.

"Let. Her. Go." Tez growled at the unicorn, who immediatly began backing away from Tez.

"" Rarity said as she moved aside. She was shocked, surprised and grateful. Shocked and surprised that Tez was using magic, or it looked like magic. Grateful that he had willingly put himself in the way of the cake that would have gotten her dress all filthy. Then she felt anger at Blueblood, who had the nerve to use her as a shield.

"Stay...stay away...whatever you are." Blueblood said.

Tez smirked, "You tried to use Rarity as a shield against this're gonna learn karma is a bitch." With that Tez stepped aside to stand next to Rarity and with a flick of his wrist the pieces of cake shot at Blueblood and hit him again and again and again.

The impact caused Blueblood to stumble back as cake covered him and he fell back and bumped into a statue. The statue then began to rock side to side before falling off its pedestal and directly towards several ponies.

"Oh this is my chance." Dash said and she flew over as fast as she could and stopped the statue from hitting the ground.

Tez blinked, "Dash? Uh maybe you should..?" He was a bit worried that the weight of the statue might be a bit...Dash began to stumble side to side and as she moved, the statue still on her back, she bumped or the statue bumped into a pillar and the pillar fell into another pilla and like a line of dominos, all the pillars that had circled the statue fell over.

"You okay Dash." Tez, the dark arua now gone, said as he ran over to her, Luna, Pinkie, AJ, and Rarity following as well.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Dash said then blinked in surprise as the statue cracked and broke into two pieces.

Everything was silent. No one moved or seemed to breath. Twilight and Princess Celestia soon entered the room and stopped to stare in shock at...well everything.

'What in the...what happened? Why is Luna here? She never partakes in the Gala.' Celestia thought as she looked around.

Twilight looked around in shock, "Well, it can't get any worse." Twilight said. Though...if there is one thing that should be a common rule, never ever say that.

As if on command, the ground began to shake and everypony looked around in shock and fear. The rumbling was getting closer and more pronounced untill suddenly a door burst open and hundreds of animals came charging in. Behind the stampede, breathing heavily was Fluttershy. The pegasus looked into the room, her usual calm demeanor gone and replaced filled with rage.

"You're...going to LOVE ME!!!" Fluttershy shouted. And then all hell broke losse.

Ponies ran this way and that as chaos ruled in the grand hall. Animals ran about trying to get away from the enraged Fluttershy and Tez was looking around...chuckling.

'If this is normal for this party I can't wait for the next one.' He thought, enjoying the chaos of the moment.

Celestia looked around at all that was happening and leaned in close to her student to whisper, "Run."

Twilight whistled to get her friends attention and they all began to run out of the hall to escape the scene. Tez watched them go and knew he should follow, but before he did he had a few bits of business to take care of.

"Well Luna. I do hope you enjoyed the night, though I don't think either of us counted on...well all of this." Tez said to Luna as they both got out of the room.

"It was...rather eventful. Thank you for escorting me Tez. Perhaps you will do me the honor of escorting me again at the next Gala?" Luna asked as she smiled.

Tez smiled and bowed, "It would be my pleasure. Till next we meet then." With that he turned and ran to catch up with the other girls.

Luna watched him go and smiled, tonight had been fun. Uncertain at times, and strange at others...but it had been enjoyable. Since the day she had been freed of Nightmare Moon she felt happy. She stood there for a moment before turning to go find her sister. She would no doubt need help in clearing this mess up. She giggled as she went, this would certainly be a remembered night for all who attended.

Later that night the girls and Tez sat down at a table in Spike's favorite Doughnut shop. The girls had just finished telling Spike about night ever.

"That sounds like the worse night ever." Spike said.

"It was." All the girls said at once before laughing.

"Heh. Sure does, a few parts though make me want to go back and find Prince Bluedead." Tez said as he cracked his knuckles.

"Tez..." Twilight warned.

Tez sighed, "Right right...let him live. The cake thing will have to do."

"Oh yes, Tez, how did you do that? You never told any of us you could use magic." Rarity said.

Everypony looked at Tez with surprise, even Spike was surprised by this sudden new knowledge. Tez merely chuckled nervously and sighed as he and his hand was surrounded by a black aura and a doughnut levitated off the table to his mouth. Everypony looked at him with surprise, though Twilight looked ready to have a heart attack.

"Not sure how I can...but I feel like I've always been able to, I just couldn't remember being able to." Tez said simply as he stopped using his magic.

"So what caused you to use it then? Which I am glad you did, I would hate to see your, or my outfit stained with cake." Rarity said.

Tez shrugged, "Maybe that was the reason, or that I wanted a little extra something to add to the beating I gave to that guy."

"Well thank you for being a gentlecolt Tez." Rarity said and kissed his cheek. Tez went red in the face and Spike grumbled a bit.

Twilight looked at Tez for a time, 'How can he use magic? I have to know.' She thought. She would find out, if she had to ask he questions and watch him all night long. But for now there were bigger matters to attend to, "I just hope Princess Celestia isn't upset with us for ruining the Gala."

"That was the best Grand Galloping Gala ever!"

Everypony turned to see Princess Celestia entering the shop, she did not seem bothered at all about all that had transpired at the Gala. In fact...she looked happy.

"Pardon me princess, but tonight was just...awful." Twilight said to her teacher.

"Oh Twilight, the Grand Galloping Gala is always awful." Celestia said.

"It is?" Twilight said confused.

"That is why I was thrilled you were all attending." Celestia said, "I was hoping you could liven things up a bit. And while the evening may not have gone as you planned, I'm sure you'll agree it didn't turn out so bad for this group of friends."

Tez looked at the princess suspiciously, his pressence had not been necessary he could tell. 'Odds are all that chaos would have happened without me being there. Why did she invite me? To keep an eye on me? To make sure I was not left alone?' It was a he intended to figure out.

It was a short time later that Celestia approached Tez, as he leaned against the wall outside the shop. He stared up at the night sky and closed his eyes as he felt the nightly breeze blow against his skin. The sudden breeze, during a night where the wind did not blow anywhere else but around Tez...had caused the sun princess some worry.

'What is he?' She thought as she moved over to him and said, "I understand I have you to thank for helping my sister socialize during the Gala. Thank you, I was worried about her, she has not been the same since.."

"Since she was defeated as Nightmare Moon." Tez cut her off.

Celestia blinked and nodded, "Yes. But...tonight she was happy, and actually socializing, even after all that mess. She seems so confident now. She said she owed it to you, so thank you Tez."

"Thank me by telling me the truth. What was the real reason you invited me." Tez looked at the princess right in the eyes, and she felt herself shiver under that gaze.

"I...I..." Celestia tried to think of something, but the gaze of those golden eyes made thought difficult and she eventually sighed and saidn "To keep an eye on you. I'm sorry, but...certain things have happened and I cannot take the risk to leave you alone when you might be connected somehow."

Tez smirked and nodded, "Understandable. I am curious as to what has happened to warrent all the attention on me, but I will not ask. I thank you for the honesty Celestia, my respect for you only grows the more I meet you." Tez smiled gently.

Celestia smiled, "Well, I am glad you are so understanding."

Tez shrugged, "Eh, I can't really hate you for doing what is necessary."

Celestia nodded, "Well I should be going, again...thank you." With that she flew off back to the castle.

Tez watched her go for a moment before heading back inside. 'Well... at least I did not suffer an attack. Hope we leave soon, I need to feed. Now.' He thought and prayed he could keep himself under control.

Eventually they all had gotten back to Ponyville. Twilight and Spike immediatly went to sleep, exhausted from all that had happened. Tez however remained a wake, and once he was sure that they were asleep slipped out into the night. He ran till he reached the edge of the forest and licked his lips.

"Finally." He said simply and ran inside. The hunt was on and soon, he would be fed.

And there you go :) I did not use all of the gala episode cause if we want to see the insanity that all the other girls went through just go watch it :P. However I did keep some of the more funny parts.

Fluttershy: You're GOING TO LOVE ME!!

Do as she says and we all might live. Hope you all enjoyed the chapter :)