Perfect Pitch

by Wolfie 03

Our House

“That night we partied at the clubs, and Tavi and I had our own little party later. We-” The white unicorn was interrupted by the gray earth pony before she could explain how close the couple became that fateful night.

“Vinnyyllllll....” Vinyl looked away from her audience of three fillies to find Octavia standing over her with a raised eyebrow at what the unicorn was about to explain to young foals.

“Oh er, heh heh. We had lots of fun and went back to the college the next day where we were hailed as the greatest A Cappella group of the school.” Vinyl glossed over and finished her story after giving Octavia a bashful look.

The young DJ was sitting in a dark-purple loveseat with the Cutie Mark Crusaders sitting across from her on the floor of the two musicians' house; the fillies had hoped to try and be DJs (or classical ponies after Octavia got home) but had been sidetracked when Octavia teased the white unicorn with offering the girls lessons on how to sing; bringing into question how a DJ would know about or even sing A Cappella.

Octavia was standing behind the chair where the white mare sat as they were all gathered in the living room of their two storied house in Ponyville. Before Vinyl was able to comment on how cute the gray mare's face was as she shook her head in exasperation, they were distracted by a higher ranged voice from the floor.

“Wait, that's it? Were you two together for the rest of the time? What about when Ms. Octavia graduated? How did you come to live in Ponyville?” Sweetie Belle asked as she sat up from where she was on the ground between her two best friends.

“We stayed together ever since that first year of college; we have had a few fights but we got over them.” Vinyl looked towards the fillies who continued to sit on the floor as they thought about the story they were told.

“I always wondered how you managed to graduate a year early...” Octavia raised a brow at the young yet already famous DJ who sheepishly grinned back when she heard the comment.

“Well, you know... I couldn't stand the thought of being without you for a year; so I worked twice as hard and pulled ahead faster than the others.” Vinyl smiled up to her mare who gave a soft 'awww' at the emotion behind the sentence and shared a quick kiss; though they kept it less intimate considering the ages of the fillies in front of them.

As two of the three fillies 'aww'ed at the sight of love-struck ponies, the last one couldn't help but cross her hooves as she fake-gagged at the sight.

“Ewww; I'd thought Hannigan beat the sappy out of her orphans.” At this simple sentence, the atmosphere went from a happy to serious one; Octavia looking concernedly at her marefriend who shrugged back at how true it was while the two fillies looked to their other friend in concern for what she may not have told them about her past.

“That may be kid, but meeting Octavia here taught me to feel and trust again. I hope that you meet someone like that as well, for your sake.” Vinyl gazed at the small pegasus in all seriousness as the two felt a connection due to their mutual up-bringing and pain.

Scootaloo couldn't hold the caring gaze for long and looked out the nearby window instead as the room remained silent.

To break the awkward silence that had grown since the re-opening of old wounds, Apple Bloom perked up as she realized something about the story hadn't told them.

“Ms. Vinyl, ya didn't tell us how y'all got tah Ponyville. Did ya move right away or check out other places or...?” Apple Bloom trailed off at the return of the smirk on the DJ's face as the white mare faced the other two fillies.

“Well, if you really want to know...” Vinyl started to get back into the mood when she was cut off by an annoyed voice as the orange pegasus jumped up from her spot on the ground.

“Come on you guys! We've already heard one really sappy story; do we really need to hear about them moving out of college? Can't we go crusading or something?” Scootaloo looked at her friends who were torn between hearing more of the story and trying to do more things to get their cutie marks.

Scootaloo watched as her two friends looked between the white unicorn and the orange pegasus rapidly before Sweetie Belle came to the decision that they may not get another chance to hear the story and tried to make a deal.

“Please Scootaloo? Just one more story? What if we do whatever you want afterwards, would that be ok?” Sweetie Belle held her hooves pleadingly to the pegasus who sighed dramatically and sat back down with a 'thump'.

“Fiiinnnee; but we are doing whatever I want to afterwards, right?” Scootaloo crossed her hooves as the two other fillies smiled back in triumph.

“Right!” Vinyl and Octavia watched curiously as the whole discussion went on and when it was decided to continue the story both mares gave small shrugs. As Octavia showed no signs of taking over the story telling (aside from making sure it was kept to a 'G' rating), Vinyl settled into her tale once more.

“Vinyl, are you sure you can carry all that?” Octavia watched in concern as the white unicorn levitated five large suitcases into the couple's new home.

As they found themselves faced with graduating and moving out into the world, the couple searched for a new place to live; Pinkie Pie suggested the quaint little two floored house in Ponyville. The place was perfect for their needs, with two bedrooms upstairs and a living room, kitchen and full bathroom on the first floor. The outside wasn't much without enough room for a garden since they were in the middle of town, it wasn't really needed since they were musicians and could only do a little gardening; something easily solved by a couple of window boxes for anything 'special' they wanted to grow.

They were moving everything from the dorms at once since all the furniture belong to the school; meaning that the first thing after entering a contract to 'rent to own' the house was to furnish the place, something they could afford by getting second hand furniture that was still in good shape.

After spending three years rooming to sharing a bed for two and a half years, the couple knew they would share a room once more; Vinyl planned to turn the extra bedroom into her personal studio while Octavia would use the living room if she wanted to practice.

Currently, to save on trips up and down the stairs, Vinyl grabbed as many bags as she could at once with her magic producing a wobbly effort as she focused almost completely on moving the luggage upstairs.

While the white unicorn did practice magic, she still couldn't lift big or heavier objects for long periods of time or all at once. It was when Vinyl tried to climb the stairs that everything came tumbling down; trying to split her attention between levitation and climbing made everything fall down instead.

As the luggage fell on the white mare the gray one called out in alarm.

“Vinyl! Are you ok?” Octavia set down the two suitcases she held to uncover the DJ who grinned sheepishly at the worried mare.

“Yeah, I'm good. Guess it was a bit too much, huh?” Vinyl stood up as Octavia sighed in relief before smiling rudely at the unicorn.

“Yeah, just a bit. Come on you goof; a few extra trips won't hurt.”

Within a few minutes they had all their luggage in the corresponding room and settled down for an afternoon of unpacking. While they got little things here and there, the majority of their stuff to put away was in their room.

As supper time rolled around, the couple sat in their new loveseat in the living room, taking it all in as they relaxed. Just as they were unwinding and beginning to think of what to eat, a knock came at their front door.

The two shared a confused look; they had just moved and didn't really know anyone around town yet. As more knocks followed the first, Vinyl got up with a sigh to answer the door; when plain old knocking turned into an upbeat rhythm, the unicorn felt a moment of dread at who it might be.

As a precaution, Vinyl opened the door with her magic a few paces away, which was fortunate since as soon as it opened a loud bang and explosion occurred leading up to a hyper pink mare jumping into the door frame with a large smile.

“Hey Vinyl! I saw you guys were just moving in and I realized you probably didn't know anyone and if you don't know anyone then you guys must be missing all your A Ca-buddies so I thought I could give you guys a tour and you can see some of our old friends and meet some new ones!” After not having seen the pink mare for a year, the rapid fire of words was hard to understand at first.

Pinkie Pie had graduated from Clowning in two years and left for Ponyville to start her baker apprenticeship with the Cakes.

At the sound of an excited voice, Octavia came out to investigate; at the sight of the pink mare amidst streamers and confetti she paused in the doorway to the living room.

“Pinkie Pie?”

“Hey Octavia! Come on slowpokes! I just got off my shift at Sugarcube Corner and we have lots to see!” As the couple didn't move due to shock at the baker's appearance, Pinkie took matters into her own hooves; zipping up to pull both mares by a fore-hoof each and leading them outside.

The pink baker led the two on a high speed tour of the town; trying to hit all the highlights and interesting places in the time left before it became too late to do anything.

“Over here is the Carousal Boutique, the dressmaker has set up shop a year ago after going to college. She has lots of neat designs! Then here's Sugarcube Corner, you can always find me there because I live right above the shop above Mr. and Mrs. Cake who live above the shop! It has very yummy things in it, but we can taste all that later there's more stuff to see! That's the library, the old librarian moved out a while ago and now no one works there except different volunteers every so often. That's the market place, there's lots of shops for lots of really cool things! OOOooohh! Look, there's Cloudy and Blossom! Remember, they moved back here after they graduated?!”

The two musicians could barely wave to the other couple who had graduated the year before; Weathering was the easiest major of them all, especially if a pony had an aptitude for it. The two pegasi only had time to stare back in surprise before the trio became a blur on their way through town.

“Here's the Spa, I hear Aloe and Lotus are really good at their job! And over here is Town Hall, looks pretty cool huh? Hey look, it's Derpy! Hi Derpy! She graduated our freshman year and lives on the edge of Ponyville! And here is the town clock-tower which is weird since it's on the outside of town and not in the middle like some might expect. Over there is Bon-Bon's, a candy only store with lots of goodies to choose from! Annnnnddd all the way out here is Sweet Apple Acres, the yummiest apples ever! AND they have very yummy apple cider! I'm going to make sure to get some every year it's so good!”

It was an amazing feat that the two musicians were able to see the town at all as they were pulled around by their hooves; even harder was to listen to their tour guide as she rapidly explained every 'interesting' aspect of town. The citizens of Ponyville were slowly getting used to the hyper mare and didn't give all that attention nor reaction at the passing blur.

By the time the tour was over, the musicians were wind-blown and dizzy from the fast speeds of the hyperactive mare. Pinkie Pie showed no sign of being tired and hopped from one hoof to the other in excitement.

“ANNDDD, didja hear didja hear? Lyra is thinking about moving here once SHE graduates too! It's a shame that the others didn't want to live here, but still, it's going to be lots and lots of fun! I'll see you guys later at your welcome party I'm hosting at Sugarcube Corner tomorrow! BYE!!” Pinkie waved once before zipping off, leaving the two shocked mares behind as they tried to process the tour.

“I guess life will never be too quiet with Pinkie Pie around...” Octavia softly stated as the two went back inside and sat on their loveseat once more.

“Yeah, but I think it's part of the town's magic as well; seems to attract weirdness and all that...” Vinyl stared wide-eyed at the wall before the feel of her marefriend leaning into her brought her attention back from philosophic musings.

“Well, so long as we're together I'm sure we can handle anything...” Octavia stated as she nuzzled Vinyl's side.

“You bet.”

After Vinyl explained how the couple came to Ponyville and their reception the trio couldn't help but smile at Pinkie's actions. After a moment, Scootaloo realized she was supposed to not like sappy stories and stood up as she looked to the others.

“Yeah, great, more sappy stories; come on you guys! The day's almost over and the most we've done is listen to a few sappy stories and learn a little about music. Let's get out of here and do some real crusading!” The girls knew that Scootaloo was trying to maintain a 'tough' image and gave in to her demands; they had promised to do whatever thing she wanted next after all.

“Ok, let's go ahead and do some more crusading.” Sweetie Belle stood up along with Apple Bloom and followed the young pegasus towards the door after waving goodbye to the older mares.

“Thanks fer tellin' us how y'all learned tah sing A Cappella and how ya moved here; we'll be back fer singin' lessons later! Bye!” Apple Bloom called out to the older mares on her friends' behalf as they left the two storied house quickly.

The two mares could only shake their heads at the rapid exit before the light-gray mare turned to the white one in concern.

“Was the orphanage really all that bad? Is it still open?” Vinyl continued to sit in the loveseat as she kept her hooves crossed as she thought about a place she had long ago been willing to pretend never existed.

“Yeah, it was pretty bad and I don't know if it is still open.... It may just be time to find out though.” As Vinyl's face cleared with this plan of action forming in her mind Octavia decided on a different way to relieve the pain of the past; the gray earth pony snuggled close to the white unicorn on the loveseat and rested her head onto Vinyl's back.

“I agree and I can think of a few extra things to do concerning that... 'Orphanage'. However, let's just sit here for a moment so I can help remind you about all that good stuff you were saying earlier.” Octavia smirked at the bashful look on the unicorn's face at how sappy she had been; though Vinyl didn't mind the current plan at all and settled more firmly into the couch with the mare of her heart.