Perfect Pitch

by Wolfie 03


The next morning found the white unicorn wearing a light-gray pony-blanket and began to wonder why she even bothered to move the furniture if one of them was still going to act as a blanket; not that Vinyl minded having Octavia draped across her chest with her head resting in the crook of her neck.

The white mare glanced at the clock and found that they were running late for practice; a fact that made Vinyl wish she could be like the wilder DJs and not care about appointments or getting up early. Octavia, on the other hoof, would most likely not appreciate being late and so this meant that Vinyl would have to ruin the cute scene she had woken up to.

“Tavi? Come on, Tav'; we have Equestrian Girls practice... Up and at 'em sleepy head.” As Octavia tried to remain asleep, she nuzzled closer to the white mare paralyzing her with pleasure at the feeling; almost all thoughts of getting up vanished from the DJ's mind.

“Did you say something Vinyl dear?” Octavia smugly asked while she kept her eyes closed, not having actually heard what had been said.

“Ahhh... Uh, something about... singing?” Vinyl tried to focus but her hooves showed where her mind was by wrapping themselves around a light-gray barrel.

Octavia smiled as the two pulled closer; though when the DJ's words slowly sunk in she found herself waking up much faster.

“Wait, what?” Octavia raised her head to try and look at the unicorn who was barely able to focus her gaze in return.

“Uhhhh, it's morning time... Good morning..” They shared a smile as Vinyl's eyes and mind slowly focused once more.

“Morning my love.” Octavia pecked a white muzzle as Vinyl nuzzled the gray mare in return..

“So uh, morning time.. singing practice.” Vinyl continued her train of thought slowly, though at the two simple words the couple woke up fully and quickly looked at the clock which showed that they were going to be late if they didn't get up right that moment.

The mares leapt apart and rushed through their morning routine, barely being only a few minutes late to practice.

After a few light heckling of the two lovebirds the ten mares dug right into work; they had a little over a month before the Finals, which would take place on April the 18th.

As the girls started to practice what they had decided for their performance, Pinkie Pie bounced over in one jump to land squarely in front of Vinyl who raised both brows at the sudden closeness.

“Why are you still wearing your glasses?!” Pinkie leaned forward as her eyes bulged out, causing the white mare to lean back slightly as she thought.

“Oh, Tavi and I were running late and it's habit. Besides, there's still ponies who don't like my eyes; I'd rather not wreck our chances with my eye color.” By the time Vinyl was able to think of a response, the others were paying attention as well; upon hearing the white unicorn dismiss herself they grew irate on her behalf with Octavia leading the way.

Before anyone else could make a comment Lyra stepped up and laid a hoof onto Vinyl's shoulder as she smiled to her.

“We like you for you and we've seen your eyes; they are a part of you and if they don't like it they can go on their merry way. I've seen others with very similar colors, it's not like you're the only one.” As Lyra spoke, Pinkie had backed up slightly to nod sagely with the mint-green unicorn's statement.

Vinyl looked around the room to find the others smiling reassuringly and nodding along when Claire stepped forward.

“The glasses are good for DJ Pon-3, but this is the time for Vinyl Scratch, A Cappella singer.” As Vinyl stared back slightly surprised at the cream earth pony, Claire smiled sheepishly back.

Octavia joined Vinyl's other side and removed the glasses carefully, freeing her eyes to look unhindered at the room. While the white mare half-expected flinches (the topic and emotions surrounding it caused her eyes to tinge slightly red) but found only growing smiles, bringing forth a timid one of her own.

After putting the glasses away carefully while thinking about DJ stage personas, the mares got down to business; though they were all amused by just how often the white unicorn's gaze stayed on a certain light-gray earth pony (something Vinyl wasn't aware of until she noticed Octavia's blush and the smirks the others wore). Vinyl had to remind herself constantly afterwards that others can now see what she was looking at; and while she didn't mind it, she had often taken to watch Octavia work passionately which meant that she had to actually focus on other things aside from her marefriend.

Since it was Saturday, the couple was able to return to their room after practice only to find that it was a mess since somepony had moved the furniture in the night. The two mares glanced at one another before getting to work straightening everything (with some extra cleaning on Vinyl's half).

They did some minor adjustments to the furniture but found that they liked being close to one another as they did anything in their room and only cleaned what had tipped over in the move, as well as general cleaning of wrappers and trash.

As the two mares settled down at their desks, Octavia felt the need to understand what exactly happened the night before and called to her marefriend.

“Vinyl, do you have a moment?”

“Of course Tav'; what's up?” Octavia noted with interest how cerise eyes focused completely on her before she had even called to the unicorn.

“Can we talk about last night? The magic you did; where did you learn to do that and why did you exhaust yourself? We could have moved everything around during the day... I was scared that it was much worse than exhausting yourself by using too much magic until you were barely able to explain.” White ears flipped back at the sight of the worried mare who stared at the ground with flattened ears; as Vinyl moved to give her mare a hug, Octavia looked up and saw the regret in the cerise eyes before submitting to the grip.

“I didn't mean to scare you Tavi; sorry.” As the two pulled apart they shared a smile and quick kiss to seal the apology.

“It's alright Vinyl. Can you explain though? I want to know in case you do something like it again.” Vinyl smirked at how the mare assumed she would do it again; which, upon reflection, Vinyl realized it was quite possible since she would do anything to help her marefriend.

The two mares settled next to one another in front of their desks as Vinyl stared at the wall in thought before starting her explanation.

“Alright, alright; I'll tell you... Guess I should start with how I can do magic like the barrier and sonic booms...

“Learning anything in the orphanage was hard to do; Hannigan made sure we knew basic stuff so she wouldn't get into trouble, but that was it. She's an earth pony, so aside from how she couldn't actually teach unicorns or pegasi, it would make it hard for her to control us if we could fight back or fly away. The older orphans taught what they could so the pegasi and unicorns wouldn't be completely unprepared for the world; but I never got any of that due to my eyes.

“I had to learn by doing and going with willpower; the first time I did the barrier was when I was younger and the others would beat me up to prove themselves stronger. In a fit of panic and some magic I made a bubble shield around me that prevented them from reaching me and soundproof so I couldn’t hear all the mean things they said.

“I experimented with it and found it works really well with headphones as well as irate roommates. The sonic booms came when I had made the barrier with me on the outside; I ended up filling it with magic by accident. In an attempt to move it I made it shake instead and it popped after a while, causing a loud bang and flash of light. While it wasn't all that powerful, in the orphanage it was noticeable and I got in trouble for it.” Vinyl's gaze was unfocused as she recalled the trouble her first few tricks had got her into.

Octavia pulled the white mare close for another hug; finding that any and all magic that the unicorn knew was self-taught and the reason why it was so was disheartening. The earth pony was starting to consider taking action against the place from the sounds of what little Vinyl was willing to talk about.

“It's ok Tavi; it's all behind me and can't hurt anymore. You still want to hear more about magic in general?” At the rapid nod Vinyl smirked before continuing with the less painful explanation.

“Unicorns can typically do magic that either relates or helps with their talent unless they either specialize in magic as a talent or work really hard to learn more. The magic store of a unicorn is like a muscle; the more you use it the stronger it can get, overuse it and it can exhaust you. I use it for little details, trying to do big things will tire you rapidly and vice versa; this is because you learn to use it in a certain way and overstretch when you do another way.

“Aside from the barriers and sonic booms, I use my magic in small ways or not at all; growing up in the orphanage where you don't use magic means we often did things the earth pony way.” Vinyl looked at her marefriend who's eyes gazed into nothing as she processed all this new information; the unicorn had described it well enough that Octavia was able to understand and see why Vinyl had become so tired the night before.

“I see...” Vinyl's smile faded as she saw the stern look in Octavia's eyes.


“You plan to go to any lengths for me aren't you?” Vinyl raised a brow but knew she couldn't dispute the fact.


“Even if you had to do a lot or really big magic?” Vinyl still couldn't quite understand where the gray mare was going with this so she stuck to simple answers.

“Probably?” A frown flashed across Octavia's face before settling into one of determination.

“Octavia?” Vinyl called worriedly to which the light-gray mare smiled reassuringly before standing up.

“If you insist on using magic no matter the reason or possible consequences then we shall get you in shape should you ever need it!” Vinyl could only stare in shock as Octavia thought of plans out-loud as she paced their room.

“We'll need to get you books that can teach you about magic and yours in specific... We'll need to make sure you exercise and use your magic often... Yes, this can work; I'll make it work. I'm off to the library!” As Octavia exited their room with a fire in her eyes, Vinyl realized the earth pony was serious and chased after her.

“Tavi, wait! You're seriously going to try and make my magic stronger so that if I ever overuse it again I wouldn't be so exhausted!? Oh, sure, that makes some sense but come on! I mean...” As the white mare kept up a steady stream of counter points (all of which were studiously ignored by the light-gray mare) Octavia went to the campus library and made Vinyl hold all the books they would need with her magic.

The library was rather large, having eight floors of books underground with each floor filled with various topics and subjects. The floor had light brown carpet to muffle noises and hoof-stools to help ponies reach the higher shelves. The only thing about the library was that it was in the center of the campus in order to be accessible for all, meaning that it was a decent trot to and from the building back to the music dorms.

After being 'forced' to carry ten different books on the subject Vinyl gave in and accepted that it was a good idea to learn more about magic as well as get stronger with hers; even if it was all based on her going overboard in an attempt to help the earth pony so therefore she should be prepared just in case.

As the couple settled down to learn more about magic back in their room, Octavia pointed out one last fact she had thought of when thinking of the DJ's habit of going overboard.

“Oh, and one last thing Vinyl; as much as I liked our date last night, it doesn't have to be perfect to be enjoyable.” Vinyl blushed as she stacked the books away onto her desk, thinking of how the date was almost ruined midway by a certain annoying noble. Octavia gave the mare a comforting nuzzle as she continued.

“I noticed how much you put into the date but even if we just 'hung out' I'd still enjoy it.” Vinyl gave a dramatic sigh followed by a teasing smirk.

“If you say so; though I do like a new type of activity available to us as a couple when we're alone...” Vinyl's smirk grew as she leaned towards the other mare who smiled back as a heated glint came into her eyes at the idea of what else they could be doing with a day off. The two leaned closer, and Vinyl could practically feel the other's lips on hers; excitement coursed through the unicorn as she thought of how she would reassure the light-gray mare with kisses.

Just as Vinyl was about to enjoy the next ten minutes with one of her new favorite activities, she was stopped by Magic 101, a book to learning the basics of magic. Vinyl glanced between the book and teasing lavender eyes.

“Ah, but we mustn't forget a new thing that could be done with quiet time.” Octavia barely held back her laughter as Vinyl pouted at the lost one activity for a less exciting one.

Using teasing, firm tones and even a few kisses to a sensitive neck (along with a promise of more kisses later), Octavia was able to convince Vinyl to start learning more about magic; in an effort to show that she wouldn't just be sitting around on their day off, Octavia did school work as well, sitting rather close to the white mare at their desks.

The month leading up to the finals were filled with different kinds of work; between work at the station, A Cappella practice, learning more about magic and it's corresponding practice, and actual school work, there was only so much time for dates that were now being done without as much planning as the first one but were enjoyable none the less.

Knowing that Octavia wasn't expecting anything fancy and rather enjoyed the simple things made dates much less stressful for the unicorn; both mares made sure they had time for one another as well as normal date-like things, like eating out and watching movies together.

The A Cappella Finals were going to be held at Canterlot, which was a five hour trip from E.U.C.C.. The Equestrian Girls were going to be leaving early in the morning for the performance that evening and depending on the results, may or may not stay the night in the posh city.

After sitting in one compartment for five hours, the team relished the chance to walk around the mountain city; taking in its multistory buildings, large bridges and artistic touches in both buildings and displays strewn about the area. While they didn't take one particular path or another, they received comments from the nobles (or ex-nobles) in their midst, giving the walk a tour-like feel.

They settled for a not so simple lunch at a cafe that only served the best with the fanciest names a pony could think of and rather small serving sizes (Pinkie insisted on the claim that she would have to eat forty-two of them for it to equal one whole piece). After their 'meal' the team decided that it would be better to head to the competition location.

Even the location of where they would be performing at was a grandiose affair with pillars along the front and a domed roof. The theater was three stories high with a small lobby that was practically meant only for ponies to drop off any coats before heading into the auditorium, which had a private box for any judges and side balconies; one of which was royalty only.

After getting checked in, the team went into the back where they found a much larger place for the actors and performers to wait; complete with multiple dressing rooms big enough for ten at a time; which was useful for the Equestrian Girls as they wanted to go for a different 'look' than the last time they performed.

Not only were they going to wear their scarves where they wanted, they also wore a few personal pieces to help feel more comfortable.

Claire still wore her scarf around her neck with her mane in a bun, much like when they first performed. Windy Day wore a dark-red tank-top with her scarf on her left hoof while Lyra wore the scarf along with others of similar colors on her neck. Aside from Claire and Lyra, the others wore their scarves on one of their fore-hooves in a much less restricted fashion.

Arpeggio and Cloud Kicker wore the white blouses, but open and tied together at the bottom as though it is an over coat.

Beautiful Composition and Blossomforth wore short-sleeved dark-blue over coats that were allowed to hang open, while Octavia and Vinyl wore their pendants predominantly; Octavia was rather pleased when Vinyl had left her glasses back in their room for the day and hoped it was another step in making her a confident DJ.

Pinkie Pie was the hardest to convince on how to dress, having pulled some kind of clown-like costume from somewhere that she had to be talked out of; she then went for the scarf around her hoof instead, claiming she would make up for it in dance.

The Equestrian Girls lined up behind the other teams as the performance was just about to start; the girls were last in line just behind the Treblemakers who were the favorite to win; who were also more than willing to boast about this fact. Vinyl noticed how this did not help the other's spirits and was about to try to cheer them up when she saw that two of their members where literally hopping in place.

Pinkie Pie was understandable for this since she seemed to only move in a hyper way and singing and bringing fun to others most likely was making her extremely excited; the unusaul part was to see Lyra also hopping with a mad grin on her face as she looked around the backstage.

“Lyra, why are you hopping like that?” At Vinyl's question the other mares also looked to the mint-green unicorn who paused in her frantic search of the area.

“Well, Pinkie said that 'humans' like watching big events and celebrations; so I'm trying to spot them. Are they around Pinkie? I can't see them!” Lyra resumed her hopping as she questioned the pink mare who nodded sagely before waving to the readers.

“Yep! They LOVE watching big parties and fun stuff! They're really excited for this chapter and they hope we win!” At this the whole team (aside from the now almost frantic mint-green mare) deadpanned the baker, unsure if this was worthy of a response or just plain ol' medical help.

While the two mares' actions did distract the team from their nerves, it didn't banish it completely and Vinyl tried a different tactic to rally the others.

“Alright you guys, we've made lots of progress and we're a new kind of Equestrian Girls; let's show them that.” Vinyl's grin was shared by the rest of the team as they psyched themselves up when Pinkie bounced forward and offered her own encouragement.

“Oh oh, I wanna say something dramatic too! I think this is the funnest group of singers and that we're going to show how fun A Cappella singing can really be!” Pinkie wore a huge smile as the others chuckled along and agreed; they were going to show the audience a performance that would wow them.

“We're on; let's show them how to rock!” Vinyl led the way onto the stage as the audience reeled in surprise at the new look of the Equestrian Girls; the team could practically feel the anticipation from the crowd as they listened for Vinyl's signal with the pitch pipe.

The white mare knew how much this meant to the team and focused completely on the set they were about to do; no zoning out or deep thoughts about a certain light-gray flank allowed. Not like the set they had prepared was going to be boring anyways.

“One... Two... Three.” At once the group started to sing slowly, providing background as Claire sang alone.

Seems like everypone's got a price,
I wonder how they sleep at night...

The team were standing on their hind-legs as they lifted one then both fore-hooves as they 'counted' as Claire sang, moving along with the words in their motions before joining in with the very last word before Octavia took over; still going slowly but with passion as they all moved as one, looking in one direction then the other along with the song.

Everypony look to the left, everypony look to the right...

They trailed off into a moment of silence, seeming to be slow and mediocre when Windy Day spoke alone in a firm voice; exploding their performance into lights and upbeat tempos.

“It ain't never about the money!”

As the stage lights flashed in brilliant colors to go with the sudden faster tempo and pacing, the girls all sang together with Lyra slowly but surely leading the way; finally being able to be free of her noble upbringing to sing what was practically a rap song.

It's not about the money money money,
We don't need your money money money...

The girls moved with sass, swaying their hips and waving a fore-hoof as though they meant every word and removed their own price tags. Moving in sync and singing with great passion, they shifted gears into a medium pace as Vinyl slowly gained the audience's attention by singing 'Hey hey hey hey' as the girls were trailing off with 'price tags'.

Won't you, come see about me?...

From the past experience with singing, Vinyl knew that the song may well have turned into a duet with Octavia; so instead they planned for this and as the girls (Octavia included) provided backup and synchronized extras, Vinyl made it seem as though she was talking about and to Octavia, who 'ignored' her for the most part. The white mare held a hoof out to the gray mare only to have her turn abruptly and walk to the other side of the stage; Vinyl following after and trying to get Octavia to look her in the face in an over dramatic fashion.

The girls slowly crescendo into the high point of the solo as Octavia smiled back to the white unicorn who raised a triumphant hoof into the air once their eyes met.

I said la, shhla la la laaa
la la la laaa
la la laa la laa la ...

The two danced towards the center as the others burst into individual dance as well before gathered towards the center of the stage. In a sudden shift of songs, one that brought many of the 'tight/strict' looking team members to loosen their look by either loosening scarves or manes, the girls stood close together as they pointed to the sky with their right fore-hooves.

I will love love you tonight!

With Octavia's new lower range of sound providing the bass, they sang making it seem both as a fast-paced and a slow one; they shifted the direction of their hooves with each pitch change Octavia did as they sang together, stressing it all the more and bringing the lower sounds to the forefront.

As they sang, the tight grouping slowly spaced themselves apart, making the next sudden change of songs more dramatic as they at first did the same movements but then shifted into three sections; right, center and left. The center moved with sass once more as the right and left sides moved in time with the beat-boxing.

Forget what they say,
All my cares they play.
I want you tonight...

Lyra stepped forward once more to lead the song with Pinkie Pie leaping into position behind her to add emphasis with her usual flair. The group condensed once more as the mint-green mare led the way, shifting from the far left of the stage to the right as they sang.

Take advantage of the night,
(what's up?)
'cause tomorrow I'm off to do battle...

The girls moved completely in sync once more as they mimicked pointing out special someponies and enticing them nearer before they followed Lyra who started going back to the left side with the rest of the team close behind her, bringing the group into position for another shift in song. Upon reaching the center, the team split up leaving three ponies blocking Pinkie Pie from view as the others formed a loose circle around them. As the hyper mare started her solo, the three others (Arpeggio, Beautiful Composition and Blossomforth) ducked down slightly while Pinkie stood on her hind-legs; the pink mare emphasized her every movement as she sang.

Excuse me! But I might drink a little more than
I should tonight!...

As Pinkie sang her solo, the others acted as they were getting drinks before calling over two others to 'drink' with as well as ponder the mysteries of drinks. The pink mare hopped from one side to the other only to cartwheel back as she accented certain parts of her solo with spins, over dramatic acting of taking drinks and spewing them out as well as hoof-pumping when describing how great it was going to be.

Once Pinkie finished, the girls gathered into the center of the stage once more as they all sang 'na' together repeatedly, speeding up their song for another crescendo of lights and sound. They all bounced slightly in place in time with one another before reaching the crescendo when they practically did push-ups in a circle motion before standing upright while bending their backs side to side as well as forwards and backwards together as Vinyl led the song once more.

Hooves uh-uh-uh-up
I put my hooves uh-uh-uh-up!

Don't you, forget about me!

As Vinyl held her last note with 'me', the others sang another snippet of a song that went well with the first and as they all landed on the last note aligning with Vinyl's; they made a hockey-stick shape with their bodies, going from laying on the ground to the mares on the far right pointing up to the sky as they stood to complete the shape. After holding their harmony for several beats, the mares exploded apart lining up along the rim of the stage and hop-danced in place.

I will love love you tonight...

As they came to the last line of their performance, they gathered one last time, acting out their 'hooves in' routine as part of their song. As they sang the very last word, they all faced the crowd excitedly.

'Cause you know, we might not get tomorrow,
let's do it tonight!

As the Equestrian Girls bowed to thunderous applause and standing ovation, they shared gleeful smiles; they weren't use to this kind of attention and appreciation, but they were sure going to enjoy and earn more. Vinyl in particular felt such joy at what they were able to do together that she turned to Octavia who was next to her and kissed her passionately in front of the whole crowd; earning even more applause for the couple.

“See? Singing A Cappella wasn't so bad; was it?” Octavia teased the white mare who now sported a blush at how her passions had taken her once they had parted though she smiled warmly back all the same.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Vinyl replied with an over dramatic eye roll in a teasing manner as the two mares led the others off the stage; by this point the whole team was laughing in excitement of their performance and amusement at the couple.

The Equestrian Girls sat in seats especially saved for the competitors in the auditorium as the judges made their final decisions before sending a pony to announce the winners.

A golden maned light-gray unicorn stallion with a microphone cutie mark stepped up onto the stage with the final decision. Once everypony was quiet, he opened the envelope in a dramatic fashion and began his announcement.

“Before we get to the top three teams, let's give everyone a hoof for making it this far!” After the polite applause for all the teams he continued to read the final decisions.

“In third place, The Flying Fancies!” A team of both stallion and mare pegasi went up to the stage to collect their trophy and stepped off with a bow to applause. The Equestrian Girls found themselves sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

“In second place.... The Treblemakers!” The stallion only group seemed surprised at receiving second place but graciously went up to get their trophy and accepted the applause given. By this point the other E.U.C.C. team was biting their nails in nervousness; hoping against hope that they were the winners.

“And in first place, winners of the Equestrian National A Cappella Competition.... The EQUESTRIAN GIRLS!” The stallion pointed to the team as they jumped up from their seats with shouts of joy amidst cheers and thunderous applause.

While most of the girls wore large grins and could barely contain their joy and excitement, Claire had broken down in tears at having accomplished her goal since her accident last year. The others noticed and gave her a hug and gentle shake before passing the large trophy to her bringing out a watery smile from the cream earth pony. The team bowed to the audience who were giving them another standing ovation before heading offstage; plans for celebration being called for and already being planned by Pinkie Pie herself.

With some extra kind of 'Party Sense' Pinkie led the team to Canterlot's nightlife; clubs, DJs and more. While some of the team was more liberal with drinking, others took part of the more sugary and non-alcoholic kind as they all enjoyed the current DJ's set; at least, some of them were.

“Come on Vee! You're a waaay better DJ than this guy!” Cloud Kicker stated loudly as the mares sat together at 'Club Pony'; the latest Canterlot Club with the latest tunes, or so its promotional ads stated.

Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth kept sitting closer and closer with each drink they had, and the pale-gray pegasus agreed with the statement as she nodded while she rested her head onto the persian-blue pegasus' shoulder.

“Yeah! Show us your DJ-self, DJ.” Claire slurred from her seat as Arpeggio looked up from her drink to rapidly nod in agreement before holding her head in pain. The last of the drinking mares sat at the end of the table; though no one could tell that Windy Day had been drinking anything since she remained silent and showed no side-effects of the alcohol whatsoever.

The non-drinking ponies gave each other nervous looks; their friends' drunken cries were attracting attention and even the DJ glared over at the claims.

“Shhhh shhh; look, I don't even have my glasses which would be part of my, er, 'DJ-self'. Come on; don't cause a scene you guys.” Vinyl waved to the others as she tried to get them to tone down their chanting for DJ Pon-3 to take the stage.

Pinkie Pie had been watching the argument with a confused tilt of her head; at the explanation of why Vinyl couldn't step up even if she wanted to the pink earth pony grinned and reached out a fore-hoof.

“Here you go Vee! Now you can take a turn at the turn tables!” Vinyl looked at the pink mare in shock as she saw her glasses held out towards her.

“What-bu-how?” Pinkie waved her other hoof in dismissive manner, cutting off the white unicorn's question.

“Pinkie Pie Super-Secret Numbuh 137!” Before Vinyl could react to this odd statement or even start to wonder at it when she knew she left the shades back in her dorm room, she felt a presence walk up to their group in an annoyed manner.

The DJ in question had enough of the backtalk and trotted over to the mares who in turn looked up in surprise; Vinyl could only face-hoof as she realized his pride had been stung and he wanted to prove that he was a better DJ than a couple of A Capella singing mares.

“What's this about a better DJ?” The rest of the crowd watched in anticipation, hoping for a face-off or at least an amusing show between two DJs.

“You can do it DJ Pon-3.” Octavia whispered to her marefriend before giving a good luck kiss on her cheek; causing the white mare to sit up and levitate the glasses onto her face before turning to the first DJ as confidence and a need to show off grew in her at the gray mare's touch.

“My friends think I am a better DJ than you are.” The stallion snorted through his nose and stood straighter as he gave the unicorn a small glare.

“And you are?” Vinyl crossed her hooves as she leaned back slightly before replying.

“DJ Pon-3; the one who's going to re-invent the style.”

“Oh really? Why don't you come up and prove it?” The stallion sneered at the white mare who smirked in response.

“Alright; don't say I didn't warn you.”

By the end of two hours of blasting beats, wubs, scratching, and new kinds of sound (influenced by a certain light-gray mare), the crowd chanted DJ Pon-3's name in unison at the end of the match. The first DJ bowed his head in recognition of her skill and wanted to know where she would be playing to request a rematch when he gained more experience.

“Haven't picked a permanent place yet; roaming with the winds of music and change. You'll see me around and I'll be waiting for ya DJ 3CH0.” Vinyl led the way with a smirk as the Equestrian Girls left the club to another round of applause; though it was just for the DJ this time.

While the team couldn't be prouder, they realized that they were rather drunk by this time and needed a place to stay for the night; the last train back to E.U.C.C. had left well over an hour ago. Luckily Lyra still had friends among the nobles of Canterlot even if she was on the outs with her family and was able to find somepony willing to let the team stay for the night.

The manor was spacious enough that each could have their own room (though Octavia and Vinyl as well as Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth opted to share); they came late enough that they had to be careful to not wake the rest of the household who were just settling down for the night. The team also had to promise to leave in the morning time since Lyra's friend Moondancer didn't want to have to explain their presence to her family.

Vinyl and Octavia settled into the large canopy bed as the night's adventures caught up with them and the white mare let out a pleased sigh.

“We did it Tav'; we won the competition.” Vinyl lied on her back as she watched the light-gray mare settle on her side next to her.

“Yes, we did; with a bit of help from the great DJ Pon-3.” Vinyl smirked as she thought about how the crowd liked her music at the club as well as the feel of Octavia pulling close with a smile of her own. Octavia had noticed the almost classical tones in the DJ's music and had a hunch at what influenced the sounds.

“Yeah, that was pretty cool how well my music was liked in the club; guess I don't need to worry about whether or not ponies would like it when I finish college.” Octavia couldn't help but shake her head at yet another doubtful side of her mare and thought of a way to get her priorities back on track.

“Vinyl, you know you are going to be successful; I just don't know how you can doubt it for a moment. And there is one thing that can make this evening even better.” Octavia gave the white mare a heated smirk as Vinyl looked into lavender eyes curiously.

“Yeah, and what would that be?” Octavia answered with a passionate kiss which Vinyl returned with closed eyes that opened rapidly as she felt a hoof travel farther down her chest to her lower half.

Octavia paused in her advance when she felt the white mare stiffen and looked into surprised reddish-cerise eyes.

“Do you not want to?” Octavia asked quietly as Vinyl gulped nervously as she remained in place under the light-gray mare.

“I-I wasn't sure if you would want to... And I've never done anything like, like that before....” Vinyl couldn't look away as Octavia became a little bashful though pleased all the same.

“Well, neither have I; I certainly want to do this with you, but if you don't want to-” Octavia's offer to stop was cut off with a love-filled kiss from the mare beneath her, answering everything at once and leading into a passion filled night for the couple as they learned more about each other than ever before.

The next morning found the Equestrian Girls on a train ride home where more congratulations and acknowledgment awaited them. They may have started out the year as the laughing stock of Equestria United Community College, but they now returned as its champions.