SCP Containment is Magic

by oirambale96

Chapter 2 - When all begins…

It's ok. You've past the test. Now I'll return to my containment cell. But
before, I have something to do with you... *approaches CleverBlue slowly… and points his
horn at him*

*then CleverBlue passes out…*

*** *** ***

…Hmf… It seems that he's just passed out… -started saying 709- *stops for a moment, then continues* Don't be afraid, I'm going to completely heal you. It'll only take a few seconds… *a blue aura covers CleverBlue's body. Suddenly he wakes up* Now you can move again…

*CleverBlue tries to wake up, slowly* Th-... thanks. I… I wasn't expecting you to do your part of the deal... *stands up, checking his body*

…Welcome to the Foundation,... what was your name? -asked 709-

My name's CleverBlue… Well, I guess it was a pleasure to meet you after all. But please... you could think of some more interesting dreams to imply...

-SCP-709 began laughing slightly- Haha... sorry, bad dreams and nightmares are my job. By the way, I'm SCP-709, but you can call me Beyond Nightmare or... whatever you want. *throws a page of paper to you* There's my info,

SCP-709 Containment Procedures and Description

. And I want you to be the supervisor of my containment zone. *709 leaves the control room and heads to his containment room*

*CleverBlue looks at the paper* Hey! I read about him! wait... containment supervisor? I got promoted! Yay! *heads to his quarter. As he enters it, checks on the map once again* Hmm.. I'm right next to his containment room. I guess that's ok... …wait... *reads the note again* You gonna be... No! Nightmares? Buck!

*SCP-709, from now on known as Beyond Nightmare, talks with CleverBlue by telepathy* Haha... So you finally got it... Don't panic yet. Check your new uniform, it's equipped with a kind of shield that prevents my interferences to disturb your dreams.

*CleverBlue checks out the new inventory* Oh, well, I guess that's fair enough. *he puts his old gear on the chair next to him, and locks the door.* So... how did you end up here? I guess you still can hear and talk to me. *takes his toolbox and starts repairing his gear*

*B.Nightmare talks with CleverBlue by telepathy* I can hear you clearly, but if not directly I prefer talking by telepathy. Comunication is much easier to me this way than shouting, so you can hear me perfectly.

*** *** ***

(flashback created in CleverBlue's mind by B.Nightmare)

The way I ended up here... well, I born with these powers. I
don't know if I had parents or not but I don't really care much
about that, you know, I'm not like other ponies... I was raised
by a couple of farmers that couldn't have children. When they
were affected by my powers they thougth I was cursed or
something and they left me alone in the world. I traveled from
town to town, but nopony allowed me to sleep where they lived...
Then, The Foundation found me. They brought me here and here
I've been living, for 8 years, since that day...

*** *** ***

*CleverBlue has seen the flashback inside his mind and heard the story* Oh my.... 8 years? That's... really long! *fixes the armor* So, what do you do here usually? Skip the "killing the guards" part please. And did you try to get out the peaceful way?

*B.Nightmare talks with CleverBlue by telepathy* I usually breach containment once or twice a day, that's because I can't be in my containment room for too long. It's so boring, so I scape sometimes. The rest of the guards say anything to me. They are used to see me around the Foundation. They just ignore me. They know I won't cause any trouble unless they make me angry. To explain the situation of before: It was a test, not only for you but also for every guard in the Foundation, to prove their skills. If they die is not
my fault, I don't kill anypony, they die due to the other SCPs… I've never killed anypony... I'm ketter because of my unknown and dangerous powers, but I'm normaly peaceful.

Wait, wait, wait... *CleverBlue puts the armor away when he hears that* So... you did let ponies die tonight? You mean.... everypony was in real danger? I thought you said you'd intervene if something happens.

*B.Nightmare talks with CleverBlue by telepathy* Hey, I said is not my fault. It was me or their supervisors the ones to cause the containment breach. You know, from time to time a spontaneous containment breach is caused without telling anypony. They have to be prepared for any situation. This time was a controlled one, so imagine if this one wasn't controlled... you have to become used to this. You have to be strong. Next time, I'll be more careful, but they have to be careful too... I'm sorry, but this is what could happen here anyday...

*CleverBlue puts his repaired helmet on his head* So, let me get this straight... it was a controlled breach, right? And the ones that loose, are simply dead, because they'd be dead anyway? I knew that little font in the employment contract was important... *gets to fixing his weapon*

*B.Nightmare talks with CleverBlue by telepathy* Yes. As I said, you'd better get used to this. *Walks around the room* If you wish, I'll protect anypony, you just have to tell me if you want. If I atacked you was because, as an SCP, it's my "job" in the controled containment breaches… I'm not a bad pony... well, I don't want to be a bad one...

...You know, if you allow me to,... could I be… your friend...?

*** *** ***

·· End of Chapter 2 ··