SCP Containment is Magic

by oirambale96

Chapter 1 - New job, new enemies

Chapter 1 - New job, new enemies.

It is a normal day at the SCP Foundation. Everything seems calmed. Today, a new member starts working here. A young, brave, blue-coated stallion who doesn't seem to understand very well the danger, fear, and the situation he's about to live everyday at the Foundation...

His name is... CleverBlue...

*** *** ***

*sigh* I'm just a regular pegasi with no magic... How I am supposed to help here. I'm not an expert with the equipment they have given me... But I'll do my best to help here. What could possibly go wrong…? -CleverBlue wondered-

*Suddenly, CleverBlue catches sight of another pony, this one isn't wearing the official equipment of the Foundation and decides to meet him*

Umm, hello. I work for the Foundation and I'm part of the Mobile Task Force. I'm also new here and just wanted to know how they allow you not to wear the official uniform and equipment… if you don't mind telling me. -asked CleverBlue, a bit nervous-

Simple. I don't work for the Foundation. -answered the suspicious stallion-

*confused* And how they allow you to be around here? -asked CleverBlue-

That's because I'm and SCP. Actually, SCP-709. -said the stallion, who revealed to be an SCP-

*even more confused* Y-you're an SCP?? How do you managed to escape from your containment chamber?! -asked CleverBlue, so confused and nervous-

Do the words "containment breach" sound to you? -said 709, not very amushed-

Ehmm… Well… You are one of those SCPs... and you're out of your cell... -CleverBlue began saying-

That's it. I can breach containment whenever I want. -said 709-

I guess you're right... *puts a helmet on* But you do understand... contract and so... nothing personal *grabs his psi-shield and taser* Please... could you return to your cell? I'd be very grateful. -said CleverBlue, more like threatening-

Hehe... ...No *concentrates a black aura around himself* Time to sleep... *the aura surrounds CleverBlue, and he, literally, starts sleeping, laying in the floor* Haha... sleep well, newbie, as you said, is nothing personal… -said SCP-709-

*** *** ***

*CleverBlue wakes up with a headache, shaking off some nightmare with pink pony torturing a cyan pegasi* Darn... they didn't mention THAT in the files... Why did adrenaline doser don't... oh right, battery's down. *changes batteries and all the gear and looks around* Great. Now I have to look for him...

//Meanwhile, SCP-709…//

*SCP-709 decides to visit SCP-096 and SCP-106* I wonder if a general containment breach would be a great party for the new staff…hehe…

*** *** ***

*CleverBlue suddenly receives a radio transmission about a containment breach in 3 cells. Looks at the numbers and shout* Oh come on! Give me a break! And this is only my first day at work! *Puts on a mirror shield against SCP-096, and activate dimensional anchor against SCP-106* Now... how the hay should I get those guys back in their cells? They didn't teach this at accountants course!

*709 starts talking with CleverBlue by telepathy* Hi newbie, this is your challenge: If you succeed in contain both SCPs, you'll have my respect. Don't worry, if the situation turns a bit bad for you I'll help. I just want to have a good time…

*facehoof* Great... I knew this was gonna be good. -said CleverBlue- Oh well, first to the chamber of SCP-106. *gallops through corridors, trying to remember where that freaking containment cell was* But if I do survive, I want a "bucking" rise...

*** *** ***

*SCP-709 goes to random places of the foundation* I wonder how is he doing... maybe I'll visit him later…

*** *** ***

*after an hour, CleverBlue hears a radio transmission. Some screams and shots*… *half an hour later, a series of explosions and more gunshots, followed by sound of electric lock*…*2 hours later, silence*…

I have an idea -said 709 to himself-, I'll play with the doors control a bit. This way it'll be more interesting *goes to the general control room* ... *enters the room and sees CleverBlue, bruised and bleeding. Helmet is cracked, rifle is broken in half. Breathing heavily, he throws SCP-709 a level 5 security card*

Heh... I... I did it... *cough* You can check the monitors. I finally solved the containment breach… -said CleverBlue, barely unable to talk-

It's ok. You've past the test. Now I'll return to my containment cell. But before, I have something to do with you... *SCP-709 approaches CleverBlue slowly… and points his horn at him*

*then CleverBlue passes out…*

*** *** ***

·· End of Chapter 1 ··